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"A solid idea with a beautiful presentation"

This is one of those games that comes along and brings a new idea to the table. The DS is a system with a lot of potential to revolutionise gameplay, and this game presents that idea.

Yoshi's Touch & Go in itself is simple. Baby Mario is to be delivered to his parents, who they are I have no idea, but the stork drops him along the way. After three balloons appear tied to him, you must guide him to the ground saftly as he free falls to the ground. This is accomplished with your trusty stylus, which you use to draw clouds, giving Baby Mario a safe path. Enemies along the way can produce coins. Draw a solid circle around them and drag the bubble it forms to Baby Mario to get coins. Also, try to collect as many coins in the air as possible on the way to the ground.

After Baby Mario reaches the ground, he safely lands on the back of Yoshi. Now it's your turn to protect Yoshi. The Yoshi's color depends on the number of coins grabbed in the previous level. The color of Yoshi changes how fast and how many eggs he has. Baby Mario's level is downscrolling, but Yoshi's is sidescrolling. The added bonus is Yoshi can throw eggs, which can be replenished with fruit along Yoshi's journey. You don't control Yoshi. He continually moves as you help form bridges and incase enemies in bubbles. Also, if you click on Yoshi, he jumps. While in the air, touching him again results in a double jump, leaving the possibilities Yoshi can do endless.

That's it. That's the whole gameplay. While it seems short, many different modes are available. The game starts out with two modes. One to see how many points you can achieve, and another to see how many yards you can travel. Two more modes, a time trials mode and a Challenge mode are unlocked after you recieve the top scores in the previous modes. This will take some time, as this game can be difficult.

One feature that Yoshi's Touch & Go brings to the table is a Pictochat search feature. If you choose to turn this feature on, while playing the game it continually searches for any people using Pictochat in the area. When it finds someone, a Pictochat icon appears in the upper left corner of the touch screen. There you can touch it to go to Pictochat. A very handy feature I hope Nintendo features in many of it's games to come.

Overall, Yoshi's Touch & Go delivers a unique experience that is a great game to add to a growing collection of DS game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/19/05

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