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"A surprisingly fun and addictive game."

When first playing this game, you will immediately be reminded of Mario 64 DS, more specifically the mini games that were in it. Many feel that it is the same exact game with a different title slapped onto it. However, this is a fallacy, to me it's an entirely new game that deserves a buy. Memories of pac man, dig dug, and other such classics were brought about while playing this. To those that have already purchased it, if you're bored with it…please...give it a chance, you will realize that it is worth it.

The game is divided up into 4 modes, along with multi-player capabilities. Each mode consists of 2 types of game play: Vertical Scrolling and Side Scrolling. In Vertical scrolling Baby Mario (BM) is falling off the Sky, he is held by three balloons which act as his ‘life', lose all three and it's buh-bye Baby Mario. You act as the savior here, playing as Yoshi you draw clouds to guide BM safely to the ground. Also implemented is a point system. After the completion of each stage you will be given a prize for getting a certain amount of points. For example, earning 60 points will get you a different colored Yoshi. Different colored Yoshis are earned with the more points received. Also directly relating to the score is how many eggs Yoshi can hold. You are also able to unlock two more types of game play, challenge and time attack. In these modes you can get stars that will transform Baby Mario into Super Baby Mario for a short period of time, giving you invincibility like in Yoshi's island.

The other half of the game takes place on the ground, once again playing as Yoshi. You can do all that you could in the sky, but a considerable amount more can be found. The point in this varies on the mode you're playing. For example, in score attack, you have to get as many points as possible. In another game, marathon, it is more like a survivor mode, after scoring 100 points you will get Super Baby Mario. Time attack is seeing how fast you can save Baby Luigi (BL). Challenge is like Marathon but in this one you have to kill enemies in order to be able to proceed.

IMO (In my opinion), this is a great DS game to buy, especially if you're desperate to play DS games and want something to pass the time. Like when you're waiting at the Doctors, Dentist, and other such bothers. Don't expect too much of this game though, you may be disappointed at the outcome of the game. Lastly, you may also find it bad because this is a game that you either love it or hate. In conclusion, I recommend a buy, it has helped me pass the time quite a bit.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/23/05

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