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"Nintendo is going down the right path"

Why can't all games be creative and unique like this? Too many developers have been caught in the loop of making unoriginal games. Too much time is spent on trying to make the graphics present itself as eye candy, the visuals to be top notch and the same gameplay which constantly is recycling worn out ideas. Fortunately, Yoshi Touch & Go for the Nintendo DS is a game that follows its own path. It is without a doubt the most unique game on the DS and one of the most unique games to ever be released. And the best part? Its fun!

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is what makes this game great. There are two modes when the cartridge is first loaded, and two more that can be unlocked. Every mode features two stages, a sky stage, and a ground stage. The sky stage is where you drag your stylus across the touch screen to make clouds and these clouds "guide" the falling Baby Mario to coins and away from enemies. You can also draw circles to make bubbles to help bounce Baby Mario away from his current path. The enemies can be enclosed in bubbles which turns them into coins, and Baby Mario can pick up these bubbles as well. Enemies that are spiky cannot be bubbled, however. Some enemies are worth more coins than others. Baby Mario has 3 balloons, and each time he touches an enemy one is popped. If all 3 are popped, the game is over. If Baby Mario reaches the ground safely, its time to move onto the ground stage. He hops on Yoshi's back and Yoshi starts moving. The ground stage is just like the sky stage, you can draw clouds to close gaps and enclose enemies in bubbles, but there is one difference. Yoshi can throw eggs by tapping on the screen. He can hit out of reach enemies with eggs for points and also hit coins too. These eggs are both for protection and offense. The color of the Yoshi, which is determined on how well you do in the sky stage, determines how many eggs Yoshi can carry. Fruit restores eggs. Once the ground stage is over, you have your score and if it is good enough it gets entered in the high score chart, which makes this game fun. Trying to beat your high score is a great formula for fun. My favorite mode is avaliable from the start, Score Attack, where you try to get the highest score in a set distance. Also there is Marathon mode, which you try to go as far as you can before getting a game over. You can also unlock Challenge and Time Attack modes by setting the high scores in the other two modes.

Audio: 10/10

The sound is happy, the title screen, sky stage, and ground stage all have different "happy" music. Nintendo fans will recognize the ground stage music from Yoshi's Island on the SNES. The music fits each area well and there is nothing wrong with it.

Visual: 10/10

The graphics don't sport the graphical power of the DS, but they are perfect for this game. It proves that games don't need bleeding edge graphics to be good. They are SNES/GBA style graphics which are colorful and bright. The developers get the job done here because the visuals are flashy and fit the game perfectly.

Execution: 10/10

This game executes itself very well. There are no errors or complaints, the touch screen is very accurate, the microphone's sensitivity is perfect, and the game is responsive.

Replay: 10/10

It will take a while to get high scores in all 4 modes, plus trying to beat your high scores is fun. Only thing I could redo is the high score chart to where a name can be entered rather than just an icon, but there are plenty of icons to choose from. Sharing this game with friends and trying to beat each other's scores brings the game back to the arcade days, which is a very good thing.

Buy or Rent? Buy, this game will never get old and will keep you busy.

Overall Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/28/05

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