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"Clouds, bubbles, and eggs, oh my!"

There I was, bored to death. I was craving a new game. I had some extra cash, so I figured I'd pick me up something. I had heard a lot about Yoshi Touch and Go. I was wary of it at first, but, I decided I'd give it a shot. I bought it and fell in love with it. This game is simply amazing. Allow me to justify that remark.

The story isn't a big part of the game, just tells what is going on. The stork was carrying two newborn twins, the Mario Bros., when Kamek, the wizard Koopa, comes in on his broom and startles the stork, thus making him drop the newborns. Can you guide baby Mario down to the ground safely? If so, can you then guide baby Mario and Yoshi back to the stork?

The most important aspect of any game to me.The gameplay of this game is stunningly simple, hard, and fun, all in one! While guiding baby Mario in the sky, use the stylus to draw clouds as a way to direct him from danger and net some coins. Be careful, 3 hits and it's game over! Draw circles around baddies to turn them into coins. The more coins you get, the better the yoshi you get when you reach the ground. Better, as in, larger egg capacity. On the ground, tap the screen to have Yoshi throw an egg. You can also do everything on the ground that you could in the sky. Be even more careful on the ground, get hit just once and it's over!

There are 4 modes in this game. 2 are given in the beginning, which are Score and Marathon. In score, the object is to just get the highest score you can, which is the sky mode and ground mode added together. Getting the high score in Score unlocks another mode, called Time Attack. In Time Attack you are to save Baby Luigi in the fastest time possible from the Toadies (flying Koopas things). In Marathon, your goal is to just keep going on and on for as long as possible. Your score is measured by how many yards you go. Getting the high score there gets you another mode, Challenge. In this, you are to see how far you can go before the timer runs out. Get coins and get rid of baddies to add to the timer. If you can get a high score in all 4 modes, a balloon popping mini-game is offered on the menu.

A single cart multiplayer is offered in this game. You appear on the touch screen, your opponent on the top screen. The objective is to reach the goal first. You play as baby Mario, your opponent as baby Luigi. If you get hit at all, or fall into a hole, it's game over and your opponent wins. Hit your enemies with eggs to defeat them. Defeat 3 or more with a single egg and put enemies in your opponent's path.

The replayability in this game is incredibly high. You will always keep coming back, trying to top your score, your friends' score, scores you see on-line. You will never get bored with this. Not only is this game fun to play over and over, it's also a nice time-sink.

Rent or buy?
This is a definite purchase. If you love having fun, killing time, beating your friends' best scores, or all of them, get this game! You will not be sorry.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/18/05

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