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"An addictive platformer with an arcade touch (no pun intended)."

Ever since I knew Nintendo's new hand-held system would sport dual screens and feature the bottom as touch sensitive, I knew I would play games on this system like no system has before. Though, not many games on the DS have really used the touch screen, dual screens, and mic that much. Super Mario 64 DS only focuses on the DS's touch gameplay in the minigames. Yes, those minigames are very addicting, but they're also just minigames. Wario Ware Touched! takes much more advantage of the DS's innovative enhancements; but that's still only, what, 2 games? Then Yoshi comes along and throws classic platforming and original and unique gameplay to create a full version of one of the most interesting tech demos I've ever heard of.

(By the way, taking into consideration this is an arcade-style game, I'm not reviewing its "Storyline.")


Basically, Baby Mario fell from the stork's beak and falls into the hands of Yoshi (but I guess Baby Luigi just hit the ground, I dunno). But, in this game, you have to help Baby Mario survive the journey down to Yoshi and then assist Yoshi in leading him back to the stork. Therefor, the basic game is split into two parts: the vertical gameplay where Baby Mario is falling and you must draw clouds for him to slide down and away from danger with, and the platforming gameplay where you help Yoshi by drawing clouds and throwing eggs. The act of drawing the clouds is simple: you just get out your stylus and draw those suckers. Making a decent sized circle of clouds will cause them to become a bubble and trap whatever is unfortunate enough to be within the circle. Then you drag the bubble to Baby Mario/Yoshi (depends which part of the stage you're on). You can use this method to turn enemies into coins and gain points to further upgrade the Yoshi that Baby Mario will soon fall into the hands of, as well as just racking up points or upgrading your Yoshi in another mode. Another unique addition is that you can clear the clouds on screen with a quick blow into the mic.
But anyway, in the vertical gameplay, Baby Mario is plummeting from the skies above. He is on the top screen, so you must prepare the road ahead for him, or else he is whisked away by a "dark shadow" and you won't be playing any Super Mario games. You can collect coins to, as I said, upgrade your Yoshi which will cause him to be faster and hold more maximum eggs. Once Yoshi catches you, the game will switch to a side-scrolling stage. In this stage, you can draw clouds as usual, but now you can do the following: touch Yoshi to make him jump and flutter kick, touch a random area on the screen to make him throw an egg, and make him eat fruit. Eating fruit adds to your amount of eggs your Yoshi is currently packing. You can use eggs to hit enemies and get combos, grab coins, ricochet eggs off walls, and any other weird stuff you want to do. And touching him to make him jump is nice because in this game, Yoshi has some sort of issue with his legs and is WALKING UNCONTROLLABLY!!!!111 OMG! Um... eh-hem. Yes, well that just means that you have no control over anything, really. He just walks and you make sure he doesn't trip over Shy Guys and fall down pits and you just generally make sure he stays out of danger. Because if he doesn't, he dies, and Game Over graces your screen.
Before I finish up this huge section, let me mention the game modes. Score attack and Marathon are available at the start. The first is simply you guiding the character through each of the two game stages until you reach the stork and your scores are calculated. The latter game is one in which it goes on forever and you see how many yards you can pass before you bite the dust. Time Attack and Challenge Mode are unlockable, but they're pretty much self-explanatory.


As I said in the sub-review above, your only controls are the touch screen and mic. They both work very well and respond quickly. You can even adjust the mic sensitivity as well as the direction Yoshi walks for you left-handers. My only complaint is that leaning up to blow into the mic constantly can be a bit tiring, especially when you're lying down. But, that's not really that big of an issue.


The graphics (sprites, whatever) in this game are faithful to the box artwork: they look painted with sketchy edges. They hardly ever look blurred, and the animation is smooth. No real complaints.


This game's 2P multiplayer mode is as addictive as the main game, which is surprising because games like this usually have "battle" multiplayer that was just thrown on. Yoshi Touch & Go multi is very fun. On the bottom screen, you guide your Yoshi and Baby Mario, while on the top screen, you can see your opponent leading Baby Luigi and their Yoshi to the 1,000 yard mark. But, you'll rarely ever reach it. You can get combos of 3 or more to send large, red, spiked balls to your opponents screen. There are enemies, coins, and pits as well, so that adds to it. So, the game quickly turns into the "last dinosaur standing"- er, walking -"wins." It might not sound like much when you read it, but once you play it you won't be able to stop. Oh, also, it supports Single Card Multiplayer, so that's a plus.


This game is a love or hate, so replayabilty really depends on how much the person wants to play it. I love this game and play it a lot. Each level is rendered randomly and spliced together with other level designs, so most of the time you're playing on completely different and new layouts.


Well, my rental stores around here don't have DS games for rental, so I bought it first. But, if you can rent it, DO SO. A good number of people have been disappointed and call the game simply a minigame (though, a good number also love this game to death- myself included). Considering its length, this game is a bit overpriced at a- oh, God, hide the children -$30 price tag, so you may not choose to purchase it as of now. But, I love this game a lot and hopefully you will too. Great job, Nintendo!



Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/25/05

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