Review by Zeek_The_Cat

Reviewed: 05/09/05

Yoshi Touch & Go: Your new favorite DS game or just another lousy "tech demo"

Introduction: Yoshi Touch & Go is a game unlike any other I have played, and one that could only be pulled off on the DS. But is it any good as a game? Is it fun? Is it long lasting? You may have heard it called a 'tech demo,' is it really that shallow of a game?

Graphics: The sprites and animations are well done, and in the style of Yoshi's Island or Yoshi Story. The enemies are familiar ones from Mario games and the other Yoshi games, and they're represented well. You won't find any sprites you think weren't well done, but a lot of them are borrowed from other games. They aren't anything spectacular, but they work very well for the game. They're good, but nothing to call home about.

Sound/Music: Again, nothing amazing. The sound is good, Yoshi makes his 'noise' when he does his flutter kick, and everything is as expected. The music isn't that varied, and it's nothing special. One of the many games I play with music on instead because it's just doesn't really add much to the experience.

Controls: The controls are perfect for what the game is for. The stylus is used to do everything in the game. But it's precise, and does just what you want it to do. Being a side scrolling game there isn't any problems with camera angles. So as long as the controls are sharp, which they are, this category can't get anything less than a 10.

Game play: This is where the game really shines. It is a 'beat your high score' type of game. Trying to beat your own score or your friend's score is where the fun lies. The game is divvied up into two parts, Baby Mario and Yoshi. The baby Mario stage consists of leading baby Mario down to the ground from the sky by drawing clouds to safely lead him to the ground, all while collecting coins and dodging enemies. Whether you do well or not in this decides what color of Yoshi you get. The better you do, the better, and faster the Yoshi. There are four game modes, all with the same stage structure, but each have different objectives. Score attack mode is trying to get a high score in a certain distance, Marathon mode is trying to stay alive for as long as possible, Time Attack is reaching a certain distance in the fastest time possible, and Challenge is a mix between Marathon and Score attack.

Replay Value/Satisfaction: This game relies solely on replay value. If you can't stand to play a game through more than one time, this game will last you all of half an hour. Fortunately, this game is a lot of fun and has lasted me through many hours, and I don't see myself stopping trying to get better scores any time soon. There are a few goals to reach early, but later you will find yourself just competing against yourself to try to reach certain marks. Like, “I’m sure I can get at least 8000 on Marathon!”

Summary/Final Impression: This game is very fun and uses the DS's features very well. It even includes a pictochat finder so when you're playing, you'll get a little alert telling you when someone enters pictochat. It's not a spectacular or groundbreaking game by any means, but it's a great purchase at $30.
Overall Score: 9/10

Buy? Yes, maybe rent first to see if it lasts you the week. I think some people might get bored of this game within an hour or two, but after a rental it should be clear whether or not you should buy this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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