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"A great game, with a less then great learning curve"

GamePlay: 10/10

In Yoshi's Touch & Go you guide Baby Mario around Yoshi's Island on the back of his popular dino steed. Many people think that this is the sequel to Yoshi's Island, a game that was made for the SNES(and later remade for the GBA) which was quite popular itself. But in fact it is not, T&G is more of a pick up and play game that has really addictive game play.

When you first turn on your DS the main menu pops up, stork holding the twin babies Mario and Luigi flying overhead. On the bottom screen there are 6 balloons holding the game modes and ranking section. You start off with the score attack and marathon modes but I will get to those later. When you first pick any mode the stork on the top screen is smashed into by Kamek the babies fall from its hold.

The first part of any mode consists of baby Mario falling through the sky with 3 balloons attached, meaning he can only take 3 hits from the various enemies. You need to draw clouds to guide Baby Mario into coins and away from danger, the higher amount of coins you get the better Yoshi you will land on (meaning color, egg capacity, and speed). By drawing circles around non spiky enemies or coins you can create bubbles that you can be thrown at Baby Mario so he can grab the coins inside.

When Baby Mario lands on the certain color Yoshi that you determined before by coin collection he starts off around the island (or to whatever the goal is depending on mode). You again draw clouds to keep the Yoshi from falling through endless pits and away from enemies. When you tap the screen Yoshi fires an egg in the direction of your tap, which can kill enemies or collect coins. By eating fruit Yoshi regains some eggs.

This may seem repetitive but believe me, its not. I have got to 8274 yards in marathon mode and I am still going back to try and beat it every chance I get.

Story: 3/10

Sadly this game is lacking in story. The only real story is that the stork delivering the baby twins Mario and Luigi to their homes was attacked by Kamek the koopa and it dropped them, which being the kind creatures that they are, the Yoshi's come in to save the day. But if you like to think on the bright side you could consider the game how Yoshi gets from one area to another in Yoshi's Island.

Variety: 8/10

You have 4 game modes in T&G (5 if you consider Vs. mode) and 2 of which you start with. The 2 modes you start with are Score Attack and Marathon.

Score Attack has you trying to collect every coin, defeat every enemy, and create combos out of the 2 by hitting 5+ in a row with your eggs. This is actually a lot harder then it seems because you can not just stop Yoshi while trying to create combos, by bubbling enemies and placing them in front of rows of coins then firing eggs at them, but you can make a cloud wall to stop him. The draw back of this is that if you are keeping Yoshi suspended over a gap with clouds then make a wall of them the ones under you start to give way.

Marathon is a never ending mode. The games set high score is 3000, which does take some time to get to until you get the hang of it. This in my opinion, is the best mode of the 4, you do not have to worry about running out of time or beating down enemies holding your twin brother.

The 2 unlockables (by beating game set high scores) are just mixes of the first 2. In Time Attack you are racing to get near the end of the level and defeat the flying koopas holding your twin brother Luigi thus saving him from harm. Challenge mode is just like marathon but has a time limit, you can increase the time by grabbing coins and killing bad guys, once the timer is out Kamek swoops in and grabs Baby Mario.

Replayability: 10/10

I love playing the Marathon mode over and over, its just so addicting beating your own high scores and seeing that yard meter hit every thousand where you get a brand new Yoshi. The other modes are also very good in replayability since they all of high scores of their own, challenge would have to be the 2nd best since it is very hard but you can never seem to stop hitting the retry button.

Sound: 7/10

The sound in the game is not bad, it really makes you want to play Yoshi's Island because the background music is all from the game. The sound quality is good also, I have not heard anything fuzzy or bad sounding. But the one thing that beats the score down 3 points is the clock ticking in time attack mode, every other step its tick tick tick tick tick tick IT JUST WON'T STOP.

Overall: 9/10

Overall the game is great and a good edition to any DS owners (most likely low at the time of the games release) library. A good fall back game to when you want a break from other games, or one that is good to challenge friends with. So play it, buy it, and love it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/06/05

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