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"Get Yoshi's Island instead..."

While Yoshi's Touch & Go isn't the worst Yoshi game ever, ((Yoshi's Topsy Turvy is the worst)) It still is pretty bad...Featuring the same graphics as Yoshi's Island, You control Yoshi with Baby Mario using nothing. Yes, Nothing. They move along the screen endlessly with you using the stylus to form clouds that turn into bubbles, Grab enemies, Throw eggs & Make cloud bridges for Yoshi to pass...I don't see the fun in that.

Graphics: 4/10.
The backgrounds are the same as Yoshi's island and probably have the most detail. While Yoshi & The enemies look downright Awful. Yoshi looks even worse than in Yoshi's island! They should have atleast added some 3D parts in it as the DS is capable of 3D Graphics...WarioWare had a few 3D Minigames, SWEIII Had some 3D Parts too So why Shouldn't this game have some...? It would certainly make me rate the Graphics higher. But it is what it is...And I give it a 4.

Controls: 10/10.
The reason I gave it a 10 is because it has one of the most easiest controls ever in a Videogame. It doesn't require you to use the (A), (B), (Y) or (X) Buttons. And doesn't require you to use the D-pad! You can only use the Stylus and/or Thumbstrap located in each DS box; With the stylus you get to form 2 types of clouds...The first one is Circular clouds which trap enemies & the second one is Cloud Paths which guide Yoshi & Baby Mario.

Gameplay: 1/10.
Now I'm not trolling or bashing this game by giving it a one...That's my opinion on the Gameplay. This is one of the worst games ever to come out of Nintendo, It's too simplistic & Boring, There are modes like Marathon which is endless, You get to guide yoshi to the next yoshi and to the next etc. Where's the fun in that? What's the point? Getting High Scores? Pfft...There's also Time-Attack which you have to unlock. Ugh...I wouldn't even want to play the game to unlock it. And last but not least there's Score Attack which is a 1-level mode. Where you have to get the most coins before the end of the level. I can't believe there's a game worse than Pokemon Stadium...

Sound: 5/10.
All of the Yoshi sounds are here and all of the Yoshi's Island tunes are here too, Some have been altered. Why did they alter some?

Replay Value: 2/10.
Um...The whole game is replay value heaven. Too bad it sucks. I don't even like getting high scores. Waste of time...

Difficulty: 6/10.
It is kinda difficult in the beginning where Mario falls and you have to guide him down, And the later stages get alot more harder as you progress. I give the Difficulty a 6.

Lifespan: 10/10.
Heh, It's endless! It's all about the High Scores. But in terms of playing the game you'll probably play for a week or so...

Overall: 2/10.
I rated this game a 2. The lowest I ever rated a game. As I said before, it's too Simplistic and boring to get any fun out of it. Getting better scores is a waste of time. This is probably the worst game I have for any console...At first with SM64DS coming out I thought the DS had better games than the PSP...Now the PSP has Fifa 2005, NFL Street, Metal gear Acid, Twisted Metal...hmm...

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 06/12/05

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