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"An OK game"

Yoshi Touch and Go is a really unique and creative game. It was a really good idea for the DS, and showed what the DS can do by using only the Touch Screen to play. It made playing the game easy and fun. Unfortunately, the game is lacking things that are normally needed inside a game, an adventure mode for starters. Because of this, the game sort of falls apart.

Because of easy controls and different game-play from other 2-D side-scroller, the game really leaves an impression when playing the game. There are two basic levels of play, sky levels as Baby Mario, and ground levels as Yoshi. Sky levels consist of drawing clouds to keep a slowly descending Baby Mario out of harms way. Drawing clouds around enemies can turn them into coins to throw to Baby Mario, as well, but this does not work for spiked enemies. Baby Mario also only has 3 balloons keeping him a float, and by hitting a enemy one of them pops. Losing all three balloons ends the game. Sky levels require more thinking then skill, and are probably the hardest parts of the game. Once Baby Mario reaches the ground, however, the ground level begins.

In ground levels, you don't have to think as much. More skill is required for drawing cloud walkways for Yoshi over pits, throwing eggs at spiked enemies, and drawing circles around normal ones for points. Though if you draw one circle around two enemies, then you'll get extra points. Sometimes you can get blitzed with a lot of enemies and it gets really difficult to pull through, but it still is fun.

There are 2 modes of play available at the start of the game. One is Marathon Mode. This mode goes on forever seeing how far you can go. The other is Score Attack mode. This is the same level every time to see how much points you can score by the end of the level. By beating the computer's high score, then you'll unlock new modes to play, like Challenge Mode and Time Attack Mode, but I won't go into detail about them.

If you were to ever play the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, than you'll recognize this game right away. The water color paint like background is charming and fits the game very well. Plus the enemies and Yoshi look smooth and quite impressive. Game also runs quite smoothly with no technical problems to be seen. It's definitely easy on the eyes.

Although the game does have superb game-play and control, it has a not so enjoyable soundtrack. Tunes for the game aren't really that catchy and the same ones are heard a lot. I'm not saying that the tunes are annoying, but they aren't enough to make you start humming along. As for sound effects, Yoshi never really says anything other than a few "huts" and that sound you hear when he eats stuff. Baby Mario doesn't say much of anything different either. In fact, Baby Mario says almost nothing at all during the game.

The game only has 2 modes of play and a mini-game to unlock, so once that is done, then there really isn't much to go back to. You can always try and beat your high score, but that always gets old fast. Just think of it as a rollercoaster. Its really fun, but the rides over real soon.

What could have been an outstanding game turns out to be just an OK game, due to it's non-existing adventure mode. It definitely isn't worth $35, and it would be safe at a rent at first, and then a buy if you like if you like what you see.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/20/05

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