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Yoshi's Island: The Ultra Interactive Sequel

Yoshi Touch & Go

Yoshi Touch & Go brings you arcade style action using the DS’s touch screen and microphone. With two methods of control, Yoshi Touch & Go gives you everything you need to protect both Baby Mario and Yoshi as they travel through the sky and other perilous areas. Shoot for the best score, run as far as you can, save Baby Luigi, and avoid Kamek to make it through four fast-paced modes of game play in this unique adventure.

Storyline: 6.9

Yoshi Touch and Go borrows tremendously from the storyline of Yoshi’s Island. As a stork travels to take Mario Mario and Luigi Mario to their parents, a strange creature comes from the sky and takes Baby Luigi. In the confusion, the stork drops Baby Mario towards the ocean.

It turns out that the strange creature was Kamek, an evil Magikoopa that cares for Baby Bowser. He knew that the Mario brothers would one day cause trouble for the Koopas, so he wanted to get rid of them. When he learns that he only captured one of the babies, he sends out his Toadies to retrieve the other baby.

Baby Mario falls through the sky, and it appears that he will fall into the ocean and die. However, as he falls through the clouds, Yoshi’s Island appears beneath him. When he reaches the ground, he falls onto the back of Yoshi, who determines to help him save his other brother.

Actually, that was the storyline of Yoshi’s Island, and most of it is not in Yoshi Touch and Go anywhere. Once you have read through the first paragraph in this section, you know all that Yoshi Touch and Go tells you. The rest is from Yoshi’s Island, but evidently the storyline is nearly the same as Yoshi’s Island. The additional information is just there to let you know what is going on. If you have played Yoshi’s Island you will understand this storyline just fine; if you have not then you will be somewhat lost as to what is going on (well, now that you have read the storyline of Yoshi’s Island that last remark is nearly irrelevant). Of course, the game is mainly comprised of arcade style adventures, so the storyline does not matter much.

Controls: 8.7

Yoshi Touch and Go throws out the buttons and only uses the touch screen and microphone. Playing arcade-style adventures with just a touch screen and microphone is different, but it is definitely entertaining. Using your stylus, you have nearly complete control of the environment. You can pinpoint the exact enemy you want Yoshi to throw an egg at, or you can aim in a general direction to eliminate enemies on the top screen.

Along with throwing eggs, there are a number of other things you can do with the touch screen and microphone. You can draw clouds to guide both Baby Mario and Yoshi, or you can use the clouds to keep enemies away. Should you dislike where you placed your clouds, you can simply blow them away by blowing into the microphone. This is not only useful, but fun as well. Of course, the microphone feature for blowing has one disadvantage. Because it relies on blowing action, it must feel the breath in order to respond. To figure out how well it will work, perform this simple task: put your hand close to your mouth, and blow on it. Move it farther and farther away until you can barely feel your breath. Unless you have exceptionally powerful breath, you will not be able to feel your breath from very far away. This is sometimes annoying during game play, because the DS will not register your blowing unless you are fairly close. When you first attempt to blow away the clouds, you may not be able to do it, and you may get frustrated. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. Just lean forward when you wish to blow away the clouds, and you can continue your game without missing a beat.

Also, you can cause Yoshi to jump, flutter kick, and flutter kick again and again by simply touching him. You can draw bubbles as well, which can trap enemies, coins, and fruit. You can move these bubbles wherever you want on the lower screen, and you can throw them towards things at the top screen. This is particularly useful when you get a valuable coin that you want to toss Baby Mario’s way.

The controls of Yoshi Touch and Go are simply wonderful. Using features that are only available on the Nintendo DS portable gaming system, they show people why the touch screen and microphone are so useful in gaming. Not only do they use innovation, they are also superb at giving gamers the control they need. Without the touch screen and microphone, you could not get high quality gaming controls such as these, making the controls of Yoshi Touch and Go even better.

Game Play: 8.1

Yoshi Touch and Go has game play that is both unique and exciting. There are four different modes of play, and each mode has a sky area and a land area. While the four modes of game play offer variety and entertainment, the downside to this game is that it lacks a main game. It would have been nice if this game had some levels and possibly even some bosses, especially since it has such a great control scheme. However, Yoshi Touch and Go still provides plenty of entertainment.

The first mode of game play is Score Attack. In the first part of Score Attack, you must guide Baby Mario down to the ground using clouds and bubbles. Should you get hit by an enemy, one of your balloons will pop. If all three of your balloons pop, you will fall into the clutches of the evil Kamek. The clouds allow you to guide Baby Mario towards coins and away from enemies, and the bubbles let you capture enemies and coins. When you have imprisoned a coin or an enemy in a bubble, you can toss it towards Baby Mario to receive points. The main goal in this mode is to collect points so doing well will obviously help your overall score, but collecting points in the sky area is also useful because you receive a better Yoshi if you have more points.

Once you have completed the sky area, you must guide Yoshi to the end of the area. As you travel, you should collect as many points as you can by defeating enemies. With a full supply of eggs and bubbles, you need to gain as many coins as you can before you reach the end of the area. When you reach the end, you will receive a rank depending on how well you did.

The next mode is Marathon, where you want to go as far as you can without dying. As you travel through the sky, you must collect points to determine which Yoshi you will ride. After you have completed that area, you must trek as far as you can through the land without dying.

The third mode of game play is Time Attack, which is the closest thing Yoshi Touch and Go has to a level. The sky area is there to decide which Yoshi you will have the pleasure of riding, but you must go quickly since you are timed.

As you reach the ground, the race begins. This mode forces you to quickly race after the Toadies that hold Baby Luigi captive and defeat them before they get away. Its fast paced action will give you two challenges: trying to finish the mode and trying to finish the mode quickly.

Finally, the last mode is Challenge. As you fall through the sky in challenge mode, you must only concentrate on getting points so that you can have a better Yoshi. Once you make it to the ground, the main challenge begins.

On the ground, you must travel as far as you can with Yoshi before Kamek comes. A timer on the screen will let you know how much longer you have. Using the touch screen, you can defeat enemies and collect coins in order to increase the timer. When it reaches zero, Kamek arrives and the game is over.

Yoshi Touch and Go has a variety of game modes. All the modes follow the same general guidelines, but each mode also throws in additional twists to keep them game new and exciting. You have a challenge ahead of you if you wish to unlock and beat all four modes of game play, but it is worth the effort.

Graphics: 7.2

Yoshi Touch and Go has simple yet stylish graphics. The graphics are all in 2-D, but they are rendered nicely and give you an excellent look at what is going on. There is nothing fancy in the graphics, but they serve their purpose well. Simple and useful, that’s all they are and that’s all they need to be.

Sound: 7.1

Yoshi Touch and Go does not offer much in the way of sound. Yes, it has little sound effects and musical scores, but not much that stands out. Each mode has its own song, and Marathon’s song changes depending on where you are, but the music is neither impressive nor suspenseful. The same applies the sound effects, as each enemy has and action has basic, dull sounds that accompany it. The varying background music and basic noises do enhance the game play some, but you will be disappointed if you are expecting a amazing musical journey.

Replay Value: 7.8

Surprisingly, Yoshi Touch and Go has an enormous amount replay value in comparison with the length of each individual game mode. Even though it only has four modes of game play, you can replay those modes over and over again. The first thing you will want to do is to get high scores. While it will take a few hours to get the top score on every mode of game play, they modes will not get boring after you get a high score. If you set goals for yourself, you can try to reach much higher scores, leading to longer game play. Since this game has great game play style, you will no doubt want to play for hours, even after you get the high score. The environments are also full of variety, so the game does not become tedious.

Also, the multiplayer mode lends much to the replay value. Since the multiplayer only requires one cartridge to play multiplayer against someone else, all you have to do is to find another person with the DS to play it. The multiplayer is fun, and you will be able to play it for hours against various people.

Multiplayer: 7.7

Yoshi Touch and Go has a great two-player multiplayer mode. To begin, the multiplayer is download play, so only one person needs the game for two people to play the multiplayer. This makes it easy to find someone to play against. The goal for the multiplayer is simple, yet it makes for entertaining game play. The goal is to make your Yoshi go one thousand yards before your opponent’s Yoshi does. Each player plays his or her game on the bottom screen. On the top screen, you can view your opponent's progress. As you progress through the area, you must defeat enemies and move quickly. If you defeat enough enemies, additional enemies will appear on your opponents screen to slow him down. The winner is the person who goes one thousand yards first, or, if someone dies, the person that is still alive. The only negative thing about the multiplayer is that there is little interaction; you only affect the other player when you defeat a lot of enemies. Despite that, it is a great way to have some friendly competition and a great addition to this game.


Personally, I would highly recommend that you place this game near the top of your must have list. I love the amazing amount of things that you can do with the touch screen, and the gaming engine is phenomenal. However, that is just my opinion. I know several people who strongly dislike Yoshi Touch and Go. If you can play through thrilling environments over and over again to gain high scores, this game is for you. If you need more structured game play where the game gives you specific tasks to complete, you might want to check out some of the other games on the market.

Overall Score: 7.8 of 10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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