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"Simple but ultimately pointless."

DS owners had it tough at the beginning. Your options were to replay Wario Ware Touched or Super Mario 64 DS several times, play through the horrendous other DS releases, buy import DS games that were expensive (they usually went for about $50-60) and tough to understand (if you don't know Japanese), or play Game Boy Advance games on it. Yoshi Touch & Go came in a Death Valley-esque drought on the DS. Most starved DS owners, like me, ran to get this game right away. Unfortunately it was hyped way more than it should have been.

Graphics - Most of the game just re-uses Yoshi's Island sprites. The others uses this awkward over saturated color scheme with poorly done artwork. They clash together poorly and is puzzling because its clear that no effort was made to make the graphics work well together. I'd rather Nintendo go the whole nine yards and had it straight up Yoshi's Island graphics. That or Nintendo could have used the 64 bit Yoshi's Story graphics since the DS is perfectly capable of them. Very lazy on Nintendo's part. Score: 3/10

Sound - I liked it. Again, most sound effects come from Yoshi's Island but some new sound effects thrown in there too. A lot of new music but of course, its all based on Yoshi's Island. Mostly remixed music from the game. Any Yoshi's Island player will recognize the music. Some Yoshi's Story music is thrown in for good measure. Score: 4/10

Gameplay - The game is simple, using the stylus, you create a pathway of clouds for Yoshi to walk on. You swallow various enemies for their eggs to get coins, special items, and defeat other bad guys. Its very reminiscent guessed it...Yoshi's Island. The stylus allows you to create Yoshi's own path but be warned, the screen moves. So you cannot just go back. If you mess up an opportunity to get a bunch of coins, well, tough. If you mess up on a cloud path, blow into the microphone and the clouds go away. Nice touch.

The meat and potatoes of the game is the marathon/endless mode. After every 1000 yards, you get a new Yoshi. The White Yoshi is the best one you can get in this game. To do that requires to you last through 10000 yards. Its easier said than done. Trust me. There are other time trial modes and high score modes. These are fun and quick little diversions but I feel the endless mode is the most important mode in the game. There's even wireless multiplayer in there for those who want to play head to head with these challenge modes.

This is Yoshi Touch & Go in a nutshell. Its ridiculously simplistic and obvious that this is a tech demo meant to show off some of the DS's capabilities using the stylus and microphone. Nintendo probably released it because they didn't have much to offer early adopters for the first few months and threw us gamers a bone. Score: 6/10

Difficulty - Hard - Thats right. Despite its cream puff exterior, this game is vicious and brutal when you get past usually the 3500 mark and it never lets up. All too often it seemed like I got past certain points out of dumb luck. The game requires some serious skill and often times, memorization of how the level is set up so you can set up some kind of strategy to win. Score: 7/10

Overall - 5/10 - This game is arcade like in nature so its all up to the quality of the game to see if its worth playing once or becomes your new gaming addiction. Gaming Addiction this game ain't. This game will be fun for most people for a few days, maybe a week tops. I played through this game for a month just to nab the White Yoshi and then the game lost all value.

This game is a fun little mini game but it wasn't worth full price ($30-35 USD) when it was released in the US in March 2005. Now with better DS games out, Yoshi Touch & Go is completely forgettable. If you aren't some Yoshi fanatic or have money to burn, I'd skip this title and look at the DS's better offerings instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/26/05

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