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"You probably won't like it at first but my God THIS GAME IS FREAKING BRILLIANT!"

Gameplay /// 9.9/10

Great. Amazing. Addictive.

The *only* reason I took of that .1 is because the game starts with the hardest part. First of all, baby Mario is falling from the sky with three little balloons gently floating him down. YOU have to draw cloudy slides to steer him from harms way and collect coins. Harder said than done.

Once that's all done there is a small cut-scene with Yoshi catching baby Mario on his back. And then Yoshi starts walking. You can tell him to jump and throw eggs to get the mean old Shuy Guys out of the way, and you can also draw clouds just like in the falling bit for him to walk on, but unlike Mario, Yoshi will actually climb them too, instead of just sliding down them.

Control /// 10/10

Great! You tap the screen in the direction you want to throw the egg, tap Yoshi to make him jump and slid the stylus to draw clouds 'n bubbles. It sounds easy, but once you pass the 5,000 mark you have to be VERY fast, and once you get to 10,000 there really is no time to think; just act. And FAST. So you'd better build those tapping skills =D.

Story /// 10/10

Ok, I'll be blunt. There *is* no story. Baby Mario is falling, Yoshi catches him and takes him for a ride.

Why did I give it a 10?

Because they don't even need a story. Its *that* good on its own.

Sound /// 9/10

Pretty darn good. It has nice wind instruments in it, but I prefer this game without the sound. Don't get me wrong, its done quite nicely, well made an everything. But once you get to 7,000 + you will be throwing A LOT of eggs, and after a bit the sound of throwing them starts ringing in you head. Over and over and over and over and- well, you get the point.

But other people say its fine, so mabe its just me. I dunno. Its alright, whether you want to listen to the music or not. Whatever floats your boat. -shrug-

Graphics /// 9/10

Well done. Its mostly pixel drawing, and its very good, but the DS can handle a lot better than that.

However, I also think that it looks best in pixel drawing. I'm trying to imagine the game in 3D, and I honestly would hate the game like that. It looks just fine as it is, so I'll still give it a 9/10. I have played this game a lot and haven't found any glitches where the images screw up too, the whole thing is very smooth.

Replay /// 10/10

This is the kind of game that keeps you coming back, no matter what. The whole thing is on high scores. You always want to beat your own, your friends, ones you see on the internet (Who cares if they mare made up? Its fun anyways.). Its like the never-ending goal, you know? And yet, you never get tired or worn out by it. Usually if I beat a score I've been working on for a while, I spend a day gloating a bit on the web and just plain feeling proud. The next day its back to the DS, trying to get to my next goal. Its always going to be there, that next 1k, so close you can almost taste it. And it will always keep you coming back for more.


- You'll stay up till 3 A.M. playing it
- The drawings aren't bright and won't hurt your eyes like some other games


- You'll stay up till 3 A.M. playing it

Verdict /// 10/10

Buy. Buybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuybuy.

If your really not sure, rent it at the least. Then buy, kay?

Oh, and just to warn you... if you have a lot of time, be prepared to kill it. =D

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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