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    FAQ by FunPika

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/18/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Pokemon Dash FAQ by FunPika
    Current version: 1.2 
    Table Of Contents: 
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. The Races
      3.1. Training
      3.2. Grand Prix
          3.2.1. Green Cup
          3.2.2. White Cup
          3.2.3. Blue Cup
          3.2.4. Yellow Cup
          3.2.5. Red Cup
    4. Pads, Balloons, and Lapras
      3.1. Pads
      3.2. Balloons and Lapras
    5. GBA Pokemon RPG cups
    6. Copyright Stuff
    7. Email info
    Note: To find a specific section of this FAQ use ctrl+f then type in
    the section number.
    1. Introduction
    This is my first FAQ. I will include tips to help newbies to this game out.
    I was confused sometimes about playing this game when I first 
    got it (especially with navigating the races). But if your new to this game and 
    confused, now you will understand better how to enjoy Pokemon Dash!
    2. Version History
    0.85- This is the first version of the FAQ. Mostly everything I need for 
    version 1.0 is ready. 
    1.2- Forget 1.0. I am going straight to 1.2. Now there is some multi-player
    info, training mode routes, and Green Cup routes.
    UPCOMING VERSION: 1.6: The next version I will write will be 1.6. 
    Basically I will be adding White/Blue cup routes.
    3. The Races
    This section of the FAQ will explain the races in this game. 
    The races will be put into more detail throughout the next few updates.
    3.1. Training
    Now I will give brief explanations for all the Training Races.
    Note: You will be forced to do this the first time you turn on Pokemon Dash.
    Then you may do it whenever you want via the main menu.
    Practice 1: 
    This race is pretty simple. Race on the brick path while reading 
    explanations in the training race. 
    Reccomended Route: From the Start go North to the first 2 checkpoints. Then
    proceed East for checkpoint 3. Go North from there for checkpoints 4 and 5.
    Go west then North for the goal. 
    Practice 2: 
    This race will explain the landscapes. Grass, sand, and forest will slow 
    you down. You CAN NOT cut through the ocean. Quickly cutting through swamps
    is acceptable. You can quickly go through a swamp but if you take too long
    you will drown (that will delay you and possibly cause you to lose).
    Reccomended Route: From the start go North for the first 4 checkpoints. You
    will go into a forest, on grass, and on sand to reach thest checkpoints.
    Follow the coastline to reach the 5th checkpoint. Head East for checkpoint
    6 then a little more east then northeast for checkpoint 7. Then just go north
    through a swamp and you have reached the goal! 
    Practice 3: 
    In this race, you will step on special pads to get you through the landscapes 
    from practice 2 easier. No pad will get you through the ocean though. This
    is where you use Lapras. Lapras will quickly get you across the ocean. 
    Reccomended Route: Just head North! You will once again enjoy the wonders 
    of landscapes. There will be forest, sand, and swamp padsready for you to use 
    to get through the forests, beaches, and swamps easier. Then comes the ocean.
    Just use Lapras and go North.
    Practice 4: 
    In this Training Race, you can learn about the balloons in this game. 
    You will use the balloons to go from island to island in the race.
    Pay close attention to your arrow and radar during this race. 
    Tip: You can pop your balloons with the stylus while landing to make 
    you go faster. 
    Reccomended route: Head North for the first checkpoint. Then just a little
    east to get a balloon, proceed north while using the balloon until you are
    over and island like the one on your radar. After the checkpoint proceed north
    on that island to get a balloon. Use it to go southeast to another island 
    on your radar. After going a little southeast on that island to get another 
    balloon, you can head north with the balloons to finish this race. 
    Practice 5: 
    This is like Practice 4 but you learn more about popping balloons (like
    when you should NOT pop them and where NOT to land).
    Reccomended route: Just head north! Go from island to island with the balloons
    and you can get through this easy! 
    3.2. Grand Prix
    The Grand Prix races will be explained now. Good luck with these races! 
    3.2.1. Green Cup
    The races in the Green Cup will be explained here. The races in this cup are 
    similar to the Practice Races.
    Race 1: Green Fields:
    This race is like a combo of Practice 1 and 2. Just follow the radar, 
    brick path, and arrows and you will be fine. 
    Reccomended Route: Follow the brick path for the first 6 checkpoints. Then head 
    east for then southeast for the 2nd last checkpoint. From there go south and 
    you will reach the goal! 
    Race 2: Running Through: 
    This race is like Practice 2. After the 3rd checkpoint run around the ocean 
    area to get to a brick path and the 4th checkpoint. After that you may have 
    to go from the brick path to landscapes (grass and forest) and back to 
    win this race.
    Reccomended Route: First head north to reach the first checkpoint. Then
    head northwest to reach checkpoint 2. Checkpoint 3 is just southwest.
    To get tcheckpoint 4 go south on the coastline then west. Follow the brick 
    path to get to the next 2 checkpoints. Then continue to follow the brick path
    until you see a checkpoint in the grass. Goto it then get back on the path.
    Just head East to get to the next 3 checkpoints. Then follow the brick
    path to victory! 
    Race 3: Beach Path:
    This race is like Practice 3. Follow the radar/arrows and get the necessary 
    pads and you will win this race.
    Reccomended Route: First head north for the first check point. Then get the
    grass pad and go around the sand area. From there go east for checkpoint 2.
    Head northwest for checkpoint 3. Head north through the forest for the next
    3 checkpoints (there is a forest pad just past checkpoint 3). Proceed 
    southeast to get a sand pad and get to the next checkpoint. Head south to 
    reach the next checkpoint. Then head south, go around the right side of the 
    water and you will reach the goal.
    Race 4: Footprint of Mankey:
    This race is like Practice 4. Use balloons to navigate the area. Balloons 
    are usually a short distance from goals.
    Reccomended Route: Head North to reach the first checkpoint and balloon.
    Then use the balloon to reach the next goal on an island to the northeast.
    From checkpoint 2 go southeast for a balloon then go southeast with the 
    balloon. Go around the water near checkpoint 3 like in running through to 
    reach checkpoint 4. Then go south on the brick path for balloons and proceed
    northwest. From the next goal just get the balloons and proceed northeast.
    Head south with balloons to the next island. Then head north to Pikachu island.
    Race 5: Pikachu Island:
    This race is a combo of Practice 3, 4, and 5. You use pads, balloons, 
    and Lapras to navigate the area. Like on the Footprint of Mankey Course, 
    the last goal is on a Pikachu shaped island. 
    Reccomended Route: Head north for checkpoint 1 and balloons. Then use the 
    balloons to head south to checkpoint 2. Lapras will help you reach checkpoint
    3 (head southeast). From there use balloons to get northeast. From the goal
    there, just run east. Use balloons to get northwest to a beach island. From 
    there go east to a lapras. Ride it top the northern part of the island
    for the next goal. Then just head southeast to Pikachu island to finish
    the race! 
    You've completed the Green Cup! Congratulations! 
    3.2.2. White Cup
    Now that you have done the Green Cup, you've unlocked the White Cup! Wonderful!
    This is the WHITE Cup because of all the ice around here.
    Now do these races to get the Blue Cup. Here comes the race explanations! 
    Race 1: White Snow land:
    This course introduces the ice terrain. Balloons and pads will play a major 
    part in this race. As usual trust yourself/radar/arrow and you will be fine.
    Also use any trick you can think of you beat your opponents and claim
    1st place. 
    Tip: One Balloon pop will allow you to land on ice landscapes faster.
    Race 2: Trial Swamp: 
    Use your balloons wisely here. There are also pads and a Lapras 
    available in this race. Good luck!
    Reminder: Short Range Swamp run throughs are possible without Swamp Pad. 
    Race 3: Lake of Mystery:
    This is just another course of use balloons, pads, and Lapras 
    to navigate. One of the goals is on an island with 
    nothing but forest. Use Lapras to get there whether you have 
    balloons ready or not.
    Race 4: Cracked Plains:
    This race can be navigated in a way similar to that of Lake of Mystery. 
    Remember to use your balloons wisely and trust the arrows and radar.
    Race 5: Luvdisc Island:
    I HIGHLY recommend that you be careful how you use your balloons here. 
    Other than that this course is similar to the rest here.
    Yay! Another Cup complete! Onto the Blue Cup!
    3.2.3. Blue Cup
    After beating the White Cup this is your next destination. Lets begin 
    the races! 
    Race 1: Zigzag Road:
    In this area you finally get a break from having to use balloons so 
    much. Just use them a couple times and use Lapras once. 
    Simple! There is easy landscape as well. 
    Race 2: Steering Stream:
    You can get lost here! Back to the wonders of using a few Balloons, pads, and
    Lapras to navigate.
    Race 3: Mud Plateau:
    Finally some Swamp action! Most of this course is same old same old. 
    But near the end you will get a forest pad to go into 
    the forest. Then go back for a swamp pad to get through a 
    couple swamps to finish the race. Good luck! 
    Race 4: Star Lake:
    The return of ice! Ice and swamp pads are around this area. 
    Because there are also swamps in this course. 
    Reminder: Only use one pop to speed up Ice landscape landings.
    Race 5: Jirachi Island:
    You may get lost here. If you get seriously lost just follow your opponents
    for a few seconds. More ice is around here also.
    Congrats! You are more than halfway through all the races in the game!
    Just 2 more cups to go! We are off to the Yellow Cup! 
    3.2.4. Yellow Cup
    The 2nd to last cup is here! 10 races left total! Come on you can complete this!
    Just a little more work...
    Race 1: Smeargle's Mark:
    Tons of water and islands. Some goals are in the middle of the ocean. Lapras
    is of course the solution. Balloons are needed as well to navigate this area.
    Race 2: Lava Island: 
    As the name implies, this place is full of Lava. Go in that and 
    you WILL get burned. The worst part is...there 
    are goals in the middle of the lava! Fortunately there are lava pads 
    ready now. As usual Balloon transport is efficient.
    Race 3: Glacier Island:
    Ice, balloons, and hills...sounds easy to get lost...well it is! 
    I got lost a couple times myself in this course. Just trust your 
    radar to find balloons. And there is always the retry button if you need it.
    Race 4: Sand Island: 
    It is just another basic course that you use balloons, Lapras, and pads 
    to navigate. Not so easy to get lost. 
    Race 5: Pallet Island:
    Another course with lava in it. But not much fortunately. 
    Remember to use a lava pad! There is water and Laprases as well.
    4 cups down! One to go! Onto the Red Cup!
    3.2.5. Red Cup
    This is the FINAL CUP! Just 5 more races! You can do it! There are a couple
    prizes other than trophies at the end of this one! 
    Race 1: Twiddle Meadow: 
    Yet another dumb balloon/Lapras navigation course...except for the end. 
    There is a big swamp. First cross over the goal from the north part. 
    The last goal will be accessed after getting a Swamp pad on the 
    southern end of the swamp. 
    Race 2: Heat Island:
    Oh it is so hot here! All that lava...Well we are going to use Lava Pads 
    here! As usual Balloons will be used as well. But be ready for bottomless 
    pits, hills, and lava.
    Race 3: Vortex Lagoon:
    Okay...just one of those use Lapras/pads/balloons to navigate courses AGAIN! 
    It is kinda easy to get lost around here so be careful. 
    Race 4: Freezing Spiral: 
    Ice, fire, and water, wonderful. Other than that it is 
    the same old navigational style. Not easy to get lost here.
    Race 5: Pokemon Park Island:
    THE FINAL RACE! You made it this far! Don't give up now! 
    All kinds of landscape exist here. Then it is Balloon navigation. 
    YOU HAVE BEATEN ALL 5 CUPS! CONGRATS! Enjoy the credits and the GBA Pokemon RPG
    feature (Pokemon shaped courses created by the 
    Pokemon GBA games)(more info in part 5 of this FAQ).
    4. Pads, Balloons, and Lapras
    This section will let you learn about Pads, Balloons, and Lapras.
    4.1. Pads
    The kinds of pads in this game are as follow: 
    Grass Pad: Gives a speed boost on grass landscape.
    Sand Pad: Gives a speed boost on sand landscape.
    Forest Pad: Gives a speed boost on forest landscape.
    Swamp Pad: Gives a speed boost on swamp landscape and prevents drowning
    in swamps.
    Ice Pad: Gives a speed boost on ice landscape.
    Rock Pad: Gives a speed boost on rock landscape.
    Lava Pad: Gives a speed boost on lava landscape and prevents burning in lava. 
    4.2. Balloons and Lapras
    Balloons let you float to anywhere in a course but there certain 
    things to learn:
    1. Don't pop over brick paths.
    2. Only pop once over ice landscape.
    3. You can't land in the forest or ocean.
    Lapras is good for getting from island to island and reaching water goals.
    5. GBA Pokemon RPG Cups
    After beating all 5 cups you can put in you GBA Pokemon RPG games to
    make special cups based on your Pokemon teams. You just do this alone. The 
    amount of time  (there is a time limit) you have to do the cup depends on high 
    leveled your Pokemon are. For example 6 level 60s would get you a full 
    6 minutes. There are 2 goals for each Pokemon. 
    6. Multiplayer info
    Basically to do multiplayer first you select multiplayer then select become 
    leader or join group. A leader may choose the cup and course to race on. 
    There is only multi-pak play in this game. Enjoy racing your friends! 
    7. Copyright Stuff
    This Faq is Copyright 2006 FunPika.
    Sites Currently allowed to host this FAQ:
    Pokemon Dash the game was published by Nintendo and developed by Ambrella. 
    E-mail me if you want this FAQ on your site.
    8. Email Info
    If you want to help me improve this or make comments you may email me at
    Don't send me anything offensive please. 
    Thanks in advance! 

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