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"Remember Rayman 2 for the PS1? This is basically it..."

Rayman 2 was a fantastic multi-console platformer back in the days of the PS1-N64-DC battle. It expanded the series in many ways, most notably turning a simple side-scroller with a gimmick into a beautiful 3D world. The DS version is almost a direct-port, but unfortunately, it's slightly worse than the original incarnations of the game...

Graphics: What happened? The game is very, very dark and is almost impossible to play outside during the day. The most commonly used colours are green and brown - not very appealing to the eye. Also, the framerate suffers heavily in parts. The graphics are decent, but these flaws should DEFINATELY have been ironed out, especially as it was delayed so long for a US release... 6/10

Sound: Satisfying, if fairly simple music and sound effects. Nothing special, but nothing bad either. 8/10

Controls: Now this is more like it. The touchscreen is implemented BRILLIANTLY, and the touch-analogue-pad on the screen is FAR better than the one used on Mario 64. You can place it where you want, and it'll STAY there. Unline Mario, where the anologue circle kept slipping off the screen. Props to Ubi-Soft for bettering Nintendo on this one. The rest of the controls are as you'd expect and work fine. 10/10

Lastability: Getting all the lums and mini-games will take you quite a while. 8/10

Innovations: None of note. Aside from perfecting touch-anologue-control, there's really nothing new here. Ubisoft could of come up with all sorts of crazy stuff for the dual-screens, but maybe they're holding out for an all new DS-exclusive Rayman game? Time will tell.

The Bottom Line: If you like platformers, get it. If you want one of the better DS games available at the moment, you might as well get this, there isn't much else out there as of writing. If you own the original Rayman 2 though, you might want to skip this. However, if you look past the graphics flaws, this is still a great game and it's nice to have it in the palm of your hand. 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/15/05

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