Review by TheSaladCaper

"Maybe a bad port, but a good game!"

Personally, I haven't played the original Rayman 2 or any previous Rayman games, so this probably has affected my review score. I've only been told that this is just a watered down port.

GRAPHICS - (7.5/10)

The graphics for this game are absolutely amazing for the DS, very nice to look at. The colors could be a little brighter, however. The only flaw, albeit quite major, is that there is constant frame rate problems, and I do mean constant. You will find maybe only a few areas that are less item-filled and less detailed where you'll experience no slowdown. Ubisoft should have put some serious work into optimizing this to run on the DS's 67/33 mHz processors.

CONTROLS - (9/10)

I think the controls are this game are fairly well done. While the touch-screen controls are good, I prefer the classic controls using the d-pad. Most of the game is fairly laid back, however, so you'll find that it won't matter whether you use the d-pad or the touch screen. No major flaws here, just a little improvement on the aesthetics of it all would have been nice, as there are times when you'll have to reach for two or more buttons at once.

STORY - (8/10)

Alright, this is a little weird. As mentioned above, I have not played any Rayman games, so I thought the story was unusual. So, Robot pirates invade Rayman's world, and he's captured by them. He has to fight, save all his friends, and then the world, etc. But.. robot pirates? That's some of the weirdest combination work I've ever seen done, however, it does very closely remind me of Metroid's space pirates. Still, the story does flow well throughout the game.


Wow, this is probably one of the longest handheld games I have seen. Of course, the main object of the game is to collect all 1000 (!) Lums in 45 different worlds, requiring a certain amount to move on and such. It'll take you quite a long time to run through the entire thing at 100%, this is not a one-sitting game. I imagine that this will remain one of the DS's longer games for a while, if not until Metroid Prime: Hunters is released.

OVERALL (9/10)

This game is definently worth a buy if you haven't played the original Rayman 2. To tell the truth, I wasn't looking forward to this game, but gave it a try anyways, and was very pleasantly surprised.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/28/05

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