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"Another DS Port. Does it stand the test of time?"

Rayman 2: The Great Escape was a game that reaches back to the days of the Playstation and Nintendo 64. After a basic 2D platformer on the PS1 from the now famous Rayman, developed by French Company "UBI-SOFT", a sequel spawned. Back in the day, my personal opinion was that this was a great game, almost as good as Mario 64. It had bland graphics, but it was all about the Gameplay. It was fast paced, and had many levels. The play time was fairly long, and for the age I was at the time, I found the game to be challenging. Pure gaming Bliss. Even though the title leaves you unsure which one this is, it's official: This is Rayman 2.

So when the exact same game is released on the DS, what do I think of it?


All the same gameplay is still there, and still feels new. I hardly remember each and every single detail, but every so often I say to myself "Oh yeah, this bit!" which is always nice. I suppose you'd appreciate the gameplay more if you had played the original. There is a new feature, where all of the health bars and technical details and so on are now on the touch screen, leaving much more space on the top screen for the gameplay. This is excellent, a wonderful idea. I can see this being copied. Also, there is a virtual analogue stick on the bottom screen and you can control Rayman on the screen using it. Whether you want to use this or the pad really depends on your style, and if whether you'd like to use the control pad, or the analogue stick. The "stick" gives more degrees of control over the pad, but I often found my finger gets stuck to the touchscreen, and doesn't feel as nice. This isn't a fault of the developers, though. It's simply the way the touchscreen is. It's designed more for tapping over sliding. You can always use the stylus if this happens, anyway.

They don't seem to be touched up since the last version, but who cares? They were best left the way they were, even if they do seem a bit bland. Like I said before, it's all about the gameplay. If anything, this is where the game is slightly let down.

The sound is pretty much on par with the original version of the game, and how where they then? Above average. The music changed when it got tense, everything fitted in with the enviroments. The music just wasn't as memorable as, say, Zelda.

Replay Value
There isn't much to keep you coming back in this game, unless you want to collect all of the lums you didn't get first time. It's sad when the game ends, because you won't enjoy it as much. The gameplay in this game, as I've said before, is superb, so it really depends. The good thing is, you can select the levels you want to play as you play through them, so if you want a quick play of a level you enjoyed, you can. If you complete a level with enough Lums, you can access a bonus level. All the more reason to replay the game.

Rayman DS is a good rehash of a (in my opinion) classic game. This is one of the top five DS games on offer at the moment. This is a case where it doesn't matter if you've played the original, just go get it. It's nearly as good as Mario's DS outing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/10/05

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