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"Limbless to the RESCUE!"

Rayman 2 The Great Escape. Very good multi-system game back in the day of N64s, Dreamcasts, and PS1s. It was also ported to PS2. Now brought to you again on your DS by LightSpeed Briefs - Futurama.

Gameplay (9/10)
This game play is awesome. Very nice obstacles and such. It's especially all the extras that really make this game fun. You can fly on a shell, ride a shell, water ski, fly, and many other things that I can't remember at the moment. The fighting style is also very nice. You hold R to strafe and stay locked-on to a bad guy and you shoot with A. The strafing helps to dodge enemy fire. The one major flaw in this game play is no extras. Well there is one where you are one of Globox's kids and you button mash A and B as fast as you can in a race. But, in the end the whole 1 player adventure makes up for it.

Story (10/10)
A good story. You start out as Rayman locked up in the prison ship. (in which you later return) Your friend Globox comes with a silver lum (silver lums are the lums that give you powers. You get your shooting power back and you bust outta there. Against all odds, Captain Razorbeard tries to stop you. I say against all odds because that guys small, but he has big weapons. Anyway, in order to stop the pirates and Razorbeard you have to awaken Palokus with 4 masks in which you collect. It doesn't seem to explain much about Rayman in the beginning...or Globox. But as you collect lums their pasts unfold somewhat, and it explains where they came from and such. Overall, a good story, an interesting story, but most importantly a story that kept my interest.

Graphics (7/10)
One major good thing about this is that it's one of the only like 3 actual 3D games out on the DS right now. The one problem is though that it is a bit blocky in some parts. Not quite as appealing to the eye as SM64DS, but still very fun too look at. Environments look pretty good from grassy fields and hills to mountainous mountains. It honestly did loose a lot of it's color since the other ones. I saw some pictures of like the Cave of Bad Dreams and such on the old one and it's a lot more colorful. But, it kinda makes sense doesn't it? I mean the pirates sucked out all the energy in the world. It shouldn't look like The Wizard of Oz. (outside the big scary castle, and that was a weird movie). Reviews said it got dark, but I could see fine and I had never played a Rayman game before this one. All in all, good 3D, but somewhat blocky graphics.

Sound (9/10)
The games sounds are very good. From the gibberish talk of Rayman, and his pals/enemies to the fitting music. This game is just fun to listen to. I also like the little tune it plays when you solve a puzzle, like blowing up a door with the explosive barrels. The flying music, riding music, and spider music are also very fitting. The one bad thing with the music is that it sometimes stop when you die. Overall, gibberish is fun to listen to, and music is usually pretty fitting.

Lasting Value/Replayability (9/10)
This game, being a collecting game, can be very long if you don't know the right places to look, and don't notice things. (especially on The Iron Mountains) Just getting through the levels is at least 10 hours if you just try a little to collect everything. After you pass the levels, however, going back and getting everything, the levels aren't as long probably because of less cut-scenes, or bosses, or less stuff to collect. Overall in the lasting value section, the game is about 20-25 hours if you don't use guides and collect everything yourself. This game is also very replayable. It's still very fun, but not quite as fun, for now, you would know where everything is. I've only been through it once, but I'm planning to again. I just kind of got discouraged because I missed a lum on the second level (i think) so I don't want to go back and get it. Oh well, maybe I didn't miss it. Overall, very replayable.

-Good fighting style
-Lot's of things that you have to do that are fun (like flying and shell riding)
-Good story
-3D game
-Very scenic areas
-Gibberish talk!
-Fitting music
-Long and challenging at some points

-No extras or mini-games
-Somewhat blocky scenery
-Music sometimes stop when you die
-Lost some of it's color appeal through the process of porting to the DS

Ending Statement
If you've passed Rayman 2 before and miss it, I suggest getting this game. If you already own it, and still own it, I'd say you might be a little disappointed with this one. Unless you travel alot. Also, if you've never played it before, I highly recommend this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/10/05

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