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"Rayman is back! But the ports are killing me..."

Hello, and welcome to my review for Rayman DS for the Nintendo DS. I will be talking about 4 different aspects of this game; Gameplay, Controls, Graphics and Audio/Sound. Enjoy my review!

Game play 9/10

Good game. Good times. Your objective in this game is to collect all 1000 "Lums". Thats right I said 1000. Now considering there are only 50 lums a level, you can tell right off the bat that this game is going to be long. There are 45 huge and vivid levels in this game that you can explore. Also what else you have to do in this game is find cages scattered through-out the game that contain lums. There are 80 of them, and it is always rewarding to break one of them. You have to face many enemies through the levels. Pirates to be exact. Of course, they shoot back at you, which is always fun to jump around and dodge. Now to say a quick note, the top screen is your "main screen" where you see Rayman and do all your stuff. And your bottom screen serves as your stat screen.

Controls 8/10

Controls are good. I don't see what everyone is complaining about. I mean using the touch screen is VERY hard to control, but I don't use the touch screen at all. The D-Pad is great, maybe sometimes its hard, but you get used to it. A button is to shoot your "energy orb". B button is to jump, and B while in the air is the helicopter move. Y button is the first person view. X button serves as nothing. R button is side-step mode.

Graphics 9/10

I real thought the graphics were awesome. I did not see anything wrong with them, they seem very crisp and clear. I don't understand why it is very foggy and the graphics are very dark. I mean how could it be dark, the screens have a back light on them that allow you to play in the dark. Also, the graphics look even better in first person mode.

Audio/Sound 7/10

I did find the music and sound pretty decent. But I did not find anything great or even good about them. There are just your average noises and music. I don't know if this is good or bad it all depends to you.

Well thats my review. I gave it a 8. I really wish that Nintendo would stop with the ports and make a real game. But I still like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/11/05

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