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"I dont see why this game is getting so many low ratings"

Note: This is the only Rayman game I have ever played before, so I have no other versions of this game against which to judge this one.


The game is a whole lot of fun. The levels are all different, and at a good difficulty level - hard enough that you won't beat them the first time, yet easy enough that they won't make you too frustrated. The story is also interesting - pirates invade Rayman's world, and he has to defeat them to save his friends and regain his powers. Sounds kinda boring, right? Wrong. The pirates are robot pirates, which probably sounds really weird, but it's actually quite funny once you see them. There is only one major flaw with the gameplay - you cannot save your game during a level, which can be quite lengthy. Luckily, if you need to do something during a level, you can simply put your DS is sleep mode, but it is still quite annoying.


For a DS game, the graphics are simply amazing. Fully 3D, the colors are great too. I have heard complaints about the graphics not being bright enough, but I have experienced nothing of the sort. Maybe it's because I'm used to GameBoys :P As in the gameplay, there is one problem with the graphics - the frame rate can be shaky at times, causing jump to be tricky. However, it doesn't really affect the gameplay that much as the game is usually slow-paced.

SOUND - 10/10

I just love the sound on this game. The music is great and matches with what's going on in the game. I also love the way the characters talk - they don't speak any language, but make sounds that are similar to speech that sound really funny to me, especially Rayman's


This game will last you a long time - it takes me about half an hour to get 1.5% through the game. [But remember, I'm new to Rayman so you might go through it a little faster.] And it's always fun to play a good game over again (:


This game is awesome; it's even able to compete with Super Mario 64 DS in my opinion. The next time you go to buy a DS game, make it this one. There are some flaws, but the game is still great.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/15/05

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