Review by JonWood007

"Get this if you like Super Mario 64 DS"

This game is very good. It is the first Rayman game I ever played and I thought it was awesome.

Story: 7/10

It's a little random. Razorbeard and other robot pirates take over the world and shatter some thing into 1,000 pieces, now Rayman needs to get all the pieces, free his captured friends, and defeat Razorbeard.

Graphics: 8/10

For a DS game it's decent, but not very impressive. Super Mario 64 DS and Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt had much better graphics. They seem a little more pixelated and all. It's still one of the best things I've seen out for DS though and it is about equal if not a little better than a N64 game.

Audio: 8/10

Suspenseful music and decent sound effects. Rayman speaks gibberish.


The controls may seem different at first (maybe because of constantly playing Sm64DS) but they are easy to get used to.

Game Play: 10/10

This game has awesome game play. The worlds are very diverse and you do many different things, you can even waterski and ride shells in many different ways (like horse and likes rockets) The levels themselves range from swamps, to cliffs, to jungle type things, to places with lava, to the prison ship in the sky. This game is also very long so it will keep you interested for a while. This game is hard, but it's not so frustrating hard you want to throw your new(ish) DS at a wall or something. It will keep you interested. It takes many hours to complete making it worth your money. This game is very fun.

Replayability: 10/10

First off, this game will keep you interested for a while. I already mentioned this. It will take probably 30 hours on average to beat the campaign (less with a walk through), and then more time to collect all 1,000 lums.

Overall: 8.8/10

This game is worth the $35 you can probably get this for at wal-mart. If you liked Super Mario 64 DS, you will like this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/23/05

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