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Reviewed: 06/27/05 | Updated: 06/28/05

Forget what Gamespot says. Forget what IGN says. Even forget what Nintendo Power says. This game is great and one of the best in the DS library.

When the N64 was getting the highlights, two games stood out: Mario 64 and Rayman 2. Now, let me ask you this: which one is best? The answer is that no one knows. People have been going around saying that Mario is better. Others said Rayman is. Now, the war has come back to haunt us. You probably are saying, "Oh no. Not again." But get this: Mario won! Who said this? Well, just about every "professional" review person out there. Let me tell you something: they lie!!!! This game is great, and while I can't give it a 10, an 8 is sufficient. Read on.

Story(10/10)- I've never played the N64 version, so I wasn't very familiar with the story. But now I am. Basically, Rayman lives in a world that has been visited by pirates. No, not sea pirates. No, not town pirates. No, not video game pirates. Robot Pirates. These guys have come down and enslaved everyone. In an attempt to ambush the pirates, he became captured. After escaping, he set out to find Globox(his friend) and the fairy Ly. While doing so he must evade the pirates' attempts in thwarting him. His main problem is Razorbeard. That's the captain of the pirates. So the adventure begins....
As for characters, they are well thought out and each has a unique personality(most of them, some you don't really see too much). Rayman is heroic, Globox is nice but clumsy, Ly is mysterious and brave, Razorbeard is pure evil and wackiness, and the rest provide even more humor.

Gameplay(9/10)- Solid platforming. You'd do the normal stuff a platforming hero would do: Run, jump, attack. But you have a bunch of extra powers. For your attack, you shoot energy spheres. That hairdo of his can be used to hover safely to the ground(and even fly in one level). And his lack of limbs make him a very flexible hero. You're goal is to finish the level with all of the Lums and all of the cages broken. Not much of a problem except control. While touch control is better than Mario's(you have a digital D-pad) the control pad is better for me. But, you can work around it(You don't need Y to run, so that may be why it's awkward).

Sound(7/10)- I won't lie: I don't really know many songs from this. If I were listening to one of the songs, I'd end up not recognizing it. When the characters talk, they talk in a gibberish sort of way. It's cool. And if an enemy is around, you can tell where it is(besides getting hit by it).

Graphics(8/10)- The big hitter. What is better: Jaw-dropping graphics or being able to at least tell what you're doing? Depends on gameplay. The latter is what this game does. While not nearly as good as the N64 graphics(I've seen screenshots) it's better than some games are. If you are in the light of day though, it's a bit hard to see.

Replay Value(9/10)- This game boasts a variety of levels: About 19 standard and 21 secret. However, very little has been added to this game. Still, it should last you a while. To get 100% you must find all of the cages, all life bar upgrades, all levels and all Lums. You'll last a while.

*Solid story
*Gameplay is almost flawless
*Ported from the N64 game
*Gibberish sounds when the characters speak

*Control is a little clunky.
*Graphics could have used some touching up.
*Not very much touch use.
*Nothing new was really added.
*Music should have been a bit more recognizable.
*I've thought of too many cons!

Overall Score: (8/10)
Game Rating: Everyone
Price: $30

Bottom Line- It appears that many community reviewers share my opinion. Well, Ubisoft, keep up the effort and if you make another DS Rayman game, make the graphics a bit better, control less clunky, more use of the touch screen and you're there. As for the rest of ya', show Ubisoft how much you like this game. Fight the "Professional Reviewers"!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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