"My hopes were high that the games developers had scored a touch down, but instead they dropped the ball."

Having been a fan of Rayman games ever since Rayman 2 was released for PC in the late 90's, it goes without saying that when I heard about a portable version of Rayman coming to the DS I was excited. Unfortunately that excitement was all to soon turned into disappointment upon the games release when game site, after game site, were handing out low scores like they were going out of style. None the less, being in disbelief, I decided to buy the game anyways, to see for myself just how accurate these negative reviews truly were. Read on to find out.

Game Play 6.0

Sure, the games level designs are just as great as the first time I played Rayman 2, however... sloppy, unresponsive controls, as well as a poor camera considerably bring down game play. Additionally the games save system is not at all portable friendly, forcing you to play through an entire world before you will be given the opportunity to save your game.

Graphics 6.0

Yep, It's 3D. It's also some of the worst 3D I have seen in quite some time. The engine is pulled off smoothly, but the graphics have a very rough, blocky look to them. And at times I would even say textures are a bit dark, and blurry.

Sound 7.5

Sound is probably the best thing this game has going for it. The well known Rayman gibberish, and sound tracks all sound good, and the games sound effects were also done cleanly.

Replay/Value 7.0

It's a lengthy adventure that will take you a while to finish, and if you are interested in the bonus content, you may have to play through multiple times.

Conclusion 6.0

I truly wanted to like this game, and I began playing it with a totally open mind. I expect more than this from a company like Ubisoft, and I certainly hope they have their act together for possible future Rayman games. The game needed more time in development, it's that simple. I think it could have been an awesome game had the developers not ignored the games obvious flaws.
But alas, they rushed it onto the market anyways, leaving this game unrecommended to all the but the biggest of Rayman fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/03/05

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