1. Do you get to keep the invincible? How many airships are there? Do you eventually get an airship you can walk around inside?

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    rebeldsa - 8 years ago

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  1. 1 ) Obtain Cid's airship near Kazus.

    2) Lose Cid's airship after using the mythril ram to destroy the boulder blocking your way out.

    3) Obtain Enterprise after appeasing Nepto in Viking cove. It is a sea vessel only at first.

    4) After freeing everyone from Hein, you can get the engine in Castle Argus and take it to Cid to upgrade the Enterprise to an airship that can land in water.

    5) After getting the Water Crystal, you find the Enterprise has been chained down and can't be used. Defeating Goldor allows you to reclaim the Enterprise.

    6) The Enterprise is permanently lost over Castle Saronia when it is shot down.

    7) You obtain the flying ship Nautilus after freeing Saronia from Garuda. It cannot land on water, but it can reach Doga's Manor. You never lose the Nautilus

    8) Doga upgrades the Nautilus to allow it underwater access.

    9) Unei helps you retrieve the Invincible from the Ancient Ruins. The Invincible is a mobile city, complete with bed, shops, moogle, and fat chocobo summoning location. The Invincible is also capable of flying over thin mountain ranges. The Invincible allows you to enter the final areas of the game.

    After you acquire the Invincible, you can switch between the two ships, provided the location of the swap is within walking distance of Saronia.

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  1. Okay, I'll start with the first question. Yes, you get to keep the Invincible. The only airship that you lose is the Enterprise. There are three airships, the Invincible, the Enterprise, and the really fast one (can't recall the name, sorry :D). You can walk around the inside of the Invincible.

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  2. The third one is the nautilus, it is really fast and dive underwater. And to politely clarify, you do not really lose the enterprise, it is actually upgraded into the invincible. The invincible will be used later to fly over small mountains.

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  3. There are actually four airships through the course of this game. The first is Cid's airship which you get at the beginning of the game and lose soon after. The next is the Enterprise, originally a sailing ship that belonged to the vikings. It is completely destroyed during the Saronian war. After the war, the Saronians give you the Nautilus, a super-fast ship that is later upgraded to go under water. This airship is never destroyed. Finally, there is the Invincible, a big airship found in the Ancient Ruins. It is slow moving, but it can fly over mountains and inside of it are some beds to restore HP and MP, some stores with decent items for sale, the Fat Chocobo, and a moogle. This airship is not destroyed either.

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