Low Job levels/Good/Bad Jobs? (SEMI-SPOILERS)

  1. I have several characters with 2-3 jobs...appprox. 1 in the 30's, 1 in the late teens/twenties, and maybe a few levels in a curiosity job.

    What I want to know is....first off....is it a good idea to change to new jobs...or should I keep the same jobs I started with?

    Also, I wanted to know the power/usefulness of all of the jobs. I listed them for easy replies...under the spoiler tag.

    (******SPOILERS BELOW!****)

    Freelancer, Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, Ranger, Knight, Scholar, Geomancer, Viking, Dragoon, Dark Knight, Evoker, Bard, Black Belt, Magus, Devout, Summoner, Sage, Ninja, Onion Knight.

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  1. Freelancer- a very low stat job, should really only be used at the beginning of the game.
    Warrior- an offensive job that can equip a variety of weapons, mostly daggers and swords. Their effectiveness is lost when they stop being able to equip some of the later weapons.
    Monk- this is a possible game ending job. Even without weapons, if their job level is high enough, they can do massive damage at low levels.
    White Mage- an excellent support job, the only drawback is low defense and HP. But their magic makes up for that. In fact, a white Mage at lvl. 99 heals for more than a devout at th same level.
    Black Mage- same as white Mage, except that a black Mage uses offensive magic. I'm not sure if they do more damage than a magus, though.
    Red Mage- at the beginning of the game through about the middle, this is an amazing job. It can equip almosteverything that a warrior can and staves. It can also do both classes of magic up to lvl. 5. This job loses it's effectiveness for the same reason as the warrior.
    Thief- a high agility job. It cab steal which is very useful if you want gungnir. Their downfall is their vitality and intelect. I'd change when you get new jobs.
    Ranger- this job has small strength, but arrows can be effective in barrage. I don't use archers personally, though.
    Knight- this is a game ending job too. It has high vitality and amazing strength. It can use weak white magic but still useful. It also has a cover ability which saved me a lot. I'd recomend this job.
    Scholar- pointless job, only useful for one boss. The study is pointless when you get libra. The black magic is not useful at all once enemies get tougher, too.
    Geomancer- this job is pretty cool. It has amazing terrain power and attack, with the bells. Terrain is very useful when your job level is high enough.
    Viking- I don't like this job much either. It may have a cool provoke ability, but it rarely hit and even if it does it can only target one enemy at a time. Not cool.
    Dragoon- despite lower vitality, this is a great offensive job that can really be used at the endgame when you get a bunch a of high attack weapons. The jump is very useful for doing damage and avoiding getting hit by bosses.
    Dark Knight- though it has low HP, it's very offensive and is great for those annoying dividing enemies. Unfortunately it's obselete when souleater does less damage then actually attacking, and it takes away needed HP. Near then end of the game, most fight are against one enemy which makes souleater evn more pointless.
    Evoker- you really don't have any great summoning spells yet, so it's not that useful yet. You could save it for later, but by then you have a summoner.
    Bard- singing has saved my butt a lot in fights, and this job could be endgame worthy. The harps are useful and their defense isn't actually that bad.
    Black Belt- my favorite job, personally. With a high enough job level it has more attack power without weapons that any other job with weapons. Combine this with the 9999 obtainable HP and the 99 strength and vitality and you have a monster.
    Magus- extremely useful for those high damage lvl 8 spells. They might not do as much damage as a Mage, but they can cast a heck of a lot more of them.
    Devout- same as magus except white magic.
    Summoner- another one of my favorites, can easily destroy groups of enemies and even if there is only one, it can kill it . They have excellent intelect, too.
    Sage- this is useful if you only want one Mage, and not two. It can use white, black, and can summon. The bad part is they don't anywhere near as much as if you were in a job that actually specializes in a specific type of magic.
    Ninja- a high strength and agility job that can equip some pretty high level stuff. They might not have great vitality or mind, but the throwing of 200 attack shurikens makes up for that.
    Onion Knight- this job sucks until you're level 93 and up. Do not use it if you everwant high HP. After you get to lvl 99, this is the best job there is, as it has 99 of EVERY stat.

    Hope I helped!

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  1. Honestly you just want a well rounded team. you want 1 defensive character (whitemage/devout), and either 3 offensives OR 2offensives and 1defense/offensive (knight/viking). Your offense would be your damage dealers, and there are a wide variety of those so it's up to you how you want to do it. Personally, I went with a team of white mage, red mage, thief, monk and it went pretty well for me because RM was just used as support for WM.

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  2. If you want your party to have the most hp they can have then make them all black belts and level up in that job.

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  3. The Magus and Devout can use level 8 spells, the Ninja is awesome. The Sage can use all spells, but has little MP. Summoners have more control over summons than Evokers. Dragoons and Dark Knights are awesome. More of the Jobs are evened out for this game. If you want to use the exploit (put everyone in the back row in the first dungeon and defend for quick job levels) go ahead and change. Other than that, keep your jobs for max damage.

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  4. You should haveat least one healer everytime. I also recommend 2 damage dealers/tankers. The last one can be anogther tank-type damage dealer or a magic person.

    My group right now is a:
    Sage (Has black/white magic)
    Monk (damage)
    Dark Knight (Damage)
    Dragoon (Well, now he is a thief because his job turned lvl 99 and I wanted to train up JP for the theif to get the weapon from Odin, but he'll switch back)

    You definitely want to train up your ppl's job points for the final boss or the secret boss so you can get the master items.

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  5. Having a nice range of job levels is helpful if you ever need to change your jobs, but if you don't stick to a job you will never obtain the jobs full potential, you'll still be in the 30s when you should be close to maxing out the job.
    As other people have said, make sure no matter what job classes you want to use you need at least 1 healer and two offensive characters, preferably one with good physical defence to be your tank.
    Monks and blackbelts have good stats, be sure to keep them unequiped most of the time, it's rare the equipment will outstrip the monks natural powers.

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  6. High Job levels can make most any class effective in your party, and there are a number of setups throught the game you can use.

    Generally speaking you want at least 1 (preferably 2) front line damage dealers. Usually these will be melee offense specialists (Warrior, Monk, Black Belt, Ninja, Dragoon), but they might be tanks as well (Knights and Vikings can both do decent damage).

    You will very likely want someone who can heal as well (White Mage, Devout, Sage, Red Mage, or for a something different, a Scholar)

    You could use a Red Mage for both magic and melee if you wanted a touch of flexibility, although he won't be able to do either role as well as a dedicated class.

    The last position will probably be filled by a support class, although you could strengthen one of the above two if you like. Offensive magic could always be useful as well. Some of the oddball classes include Thief, Bard, and Geomancer. Thief is useful as a secondary class, and is capable of decent offense with high Agility. A good Bard is definitely a worthwhile consideration if you can get him the harps to make his party boosts effective.

    Do note that you will have a couple of times where you have to go through a level mini'd. You'll want to use magic classes for that time, as it renders melee/defense classes worthless.

    Personally, I prefer giving each character a small mix of jobs, so I can shift approach from time to time.

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