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    Eureka Guide by Dylan Hinds

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        _ ,                            _ ,                                    
      ,- -                ,,         ,- -               ,                     
     _||_   '         _   ||        _||_    _          ||    _                
    ' ||   \\ \\/\\  < \, ||       ' ||    < \, \\/\\ =||=  < \,  _-_, '\\/\\ 
      ||   || || ||  /-|| ||         ||    /-|| || ||  ||   /-|| ||_.   || ;' 
      |,   || || || (( || ||         |,   (( || || ||  ||  (( ||  ~ ||  ||/   
    _-/    \\ \\ \\  \/\\ \\       _-/     \/\\ \\ \\  \\,  \/\\ ,-_-   |/    
    				_-_, _-_, _-_, 
    				  //   //   // 
    				  ||   ||   || 
    				 ~||  ~||  ~|| 
    				  ||   ||   || 
    				_-_, _-_, _-_,
     _______                    __            _______         __     __        
    |    ___|.--.--.----.-----.|  |--.---.-. |     __|.--.--.|__|.--|  |.-----.
    |    ___||  |  |   _|  -__||    <|  _  | |    |  ||  |  ||  ||  _  ||  -__|
    |_______||_____|__| |_____||__|__|___._| |_______||_____||__||_____||_____|
                		       Written by Dylan Hinds 
    Game Copyright Square-Enix
    Written By Dylan Hinds 
    E-mail: dylanhinds (at) ffempire (dot) com
    MSN: hyndz (dot) wm (at) msn (dot) com
    Date Written: February, 24th, 2007
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    	Eureka! It's a Eureka guide! Yes, hello, and welcome to my
    Guide for SQUARE-ENIX's Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS. This guide
    will tell you how to get to Eureka, what is in it, why you should go there,
    you know, that kind of stuff. Along with that information, I will also 
    provide help with the bosses you will face, as I am going to take you 
    through the entire place, as I do it again, so there will be little, if 
    no mistakes (other than gramatical errors that I don't really care about).
    And for those people who cannot read directions (I haven't forgetten you),
    I've recently added maps that I drew with Paint. Hope you can easily follow
    them :D . When you open the link into your browser, and you cannot follow 
    due to poor quality, either right-click to enlarge the picture slighty,
    preserving the quality of the original, or save the picture, and open it
    up with whatever program you use, and view it that way. Thank you.
    -----------------------Table of Contents-----------------------------------
    	To find what you are looking for, simply look at what you need from
    the provided list, and then copy the code that follows in the "find window",
    by pressing Ctrl+F. Or just scroll through the guide, because it is not very
    NAME OF SECTION                                             CODE
    10 Plagairsim Commandments ................................ 10pc
    What? Where? Why? ......................................... w?3
    Using the Guide ........................................... utg
    Eureka's Treasure ......................................... etl
    Eureka's Enemies .......................................... eel
    The Bosses ................................................ bos
    Eureka .................................................... ehg
    Credits & Thank Yous ...................................... caty
    Legal Info ................................................ lgli
    ------------------10 Plagiarism Commandments [10pc]------------------------
    	These are the 10 plageriarism commandments. You shall read these,
    and you shall live by them. Should you choose to neglect these commandments,
    I shall come and smite you off the planet, and probably inflcit massive pain
    by ripping your.. Well.. Let's not even go there, as I suppose some readers
    are young, and I don't want this guide to contain spoilers, or nightmares.
    	Come, read them aloud with me.
    1) Thou shalt have no other names on this guide before me. 
    2) Thou shalt not maketh thy guide your own.
    3) Thou shalt not take the name of the lord Dylan in vain; 
       for the lord will show no mercy for those who taketh thy guide as your own.
    4) Remember the sabbath day of Dylan's guide writing, to keep it holy.
    5) Honour thy true author.
    6) Thou shalt not kill thy guide by putting your name upon it.
    7) Thou shalt not commit plagiarisim, unless thou wishes to lose thy gift 
       of functioning/breathing.
    8) Thou shalt not steal my work, for should you, thou shall eat the rest of
       thy meals through a tube.
    9) Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour, should I taketh
       thy plagairists ass to a stick o' dynamite.
    10) Thou shalt not covet to steal these holy manuscripts.
    	Now that thats settled, we can get into the guide. Thank you for
    your cooperation.
    -----------------------What? Where? Why? [w?3]-----------------------------
    	Now you may be thinking, "What is Eureka?" "Where is it found?" And 
    "Why should I waste my time going there?" The answer is simple. It contains
    treasure beyond your comprehension. It's a great way to spend a rainy day
    or if you feel the need to complete everything in the game. It is a dungeon
    that contains bosses, with very nice spoils. It contains items that you may
    need, and it contains a shop of all the best magic, and the summons which
    you would normally need to defeat.
    	Eureka is located in the Final Dungeon, which is the Crystal Tower.
    It is only a few seconds away from the entrance, as well. As soon as you 
    get to the tower, just go straight up, past the flight of stairs, into the
    next room and then THAT is the door to what this guide stands for. If you
    cannot find Eureka, then you can scroll down to the Eureka Section (ehg), 
    and there is a map from the Crystal Tower to Eureka that should be able 
    to point you in the right direction.
    	As previously mentioned, going to Eureka is a wonderful idea for 
    players who want another of Odin/Levaithan/Buhamut. Players who desire the
    need to become an 'FFIII Sephiroth' and claim the most powerful magic in the
    game. You must go here and fight the bosses if you wish to complete a 
    besitary. And, hey... Its Final Fantasy, so you'll want to get a bang for
    your buck and just do the dungeon because you should ;) .
    ---------------------------Using the guide [utg]---------------------------
    	If you are going to follow this guide step by step they way I tell
    it, then you should note a few things. I will explain where to go with terms
    like, North, South, East, and West. For example, you are looking at your DS
    screen, and you do not know where to go. You are supposed to go "up" on the
    screen, so I will say North. If you needed to go Left, I would have said
    West. And so on. Or again, if you don't know anything about directions, you
    can copy and paste the link in your internet broswer to take you to a map
    I have drawn of all the areas, which is probably a better idea for most 
    players who cannot read (laughs), or if you just want a refrence.
    ------------------------Eureka's Treasure [etl]----------------------------
    	This is a checklist of ALL the treasures found in Eureka. So if you
    are not sure whether or not you want to venture into this land, read this
    to see if it is worth your while. The items will also be labeled on the
    maps, so you'll know where to look for them, and where not to go if your not 
    intrested in a certain item.
    1. [ ]		Chocobo's Wrath		
    2. [ ]		Fuma Garb
    2. [ ]		White Musk
    3. [ ]		Elixer
    4. [ ] 		White Musk
    5. [ ]		Ribbon
    6. [ ]		White Musk
    7. [ ]		Chocobo's Wrath
    8. [ ]		Phoenix Down
    9. [ ]		Shuriken
    10. [ ]		Elixer
    11. [ ]		Shuriken
    12. [ ]		Phoenix Down
    13. [ ]		Moonring Blade
    14. [ ]		Phoenix Down
    15. [ ]		Omnirod
    16. [ ]		Masamune
    17. [ ]		Excalibur
    18. [ ]		Elder Staff
    19. [ ]		Ragnarok	
    20. [ ]		Shuriken
    21. [ ]		Shuriken
    22. [ ]		Elixer
    23. [ ]		Elixer
    Eureka's Shops:
    	Yes, the dungeon has shops, and here is what they sell, and 
    how much they cost.
    WEAPON SHOP         
    Shuriken ...................... 65,500 gil
    Apollo Harp ................... 60,000 gil
    Crystal Shield ................ 50,000 gil
    Crystal Mail .................. 50,000 gil
    Crystal Gloves ................ 50,000 gil
    Crystal Helm .................. 50,000 gil
    Flare ......................... 60,000 gil
    Death ......................... 60,000 gil
    Meteor ........................ 60,000 gil
    Tornado ....................... 60,000 gil
    Arise ......................... 60,000 gil
    Holy .......................... 60,000 gil
    Catastro (Odin) ............... 40,000 gil
    Leviath (Leviathan) ........... 50,000 gil
    Buhamur (Buhamut) ............. 60,000 gil
    -------------------------Eureka's Enemies [eel]----------------------------
    	The following is a besitary on all the enemies that can be faught
    in Eureka.
    Level: 42
    HP: 6970
    Experience: 8,000
    Gil: 2,700
    Attack Power: 93
    Defense: 29
    Level: 44
    HP: 13,600
    Experience: 12,000
    Gil: 6,600
    Attack Power: 102
    Defense: 29
    Level: 43
    HP: 7,200
    Experience: 8,000
    Gil: 2,900
    Attack Power: 93
    Defense: 29
    Level: 47
    HP: 24,000
    Experience: 28,400
    Gil: 14,400
    Attack Power: 96
    Defense: 46
    Level: 44
    HP: 13,200
    Experience: 12,600
    Gil: 6,800
    Attack Power: 100
    Defense: 29
    Level: 43
    HP: 7,000
    Experience: 8,000
    Gil: 2,800
    Attack Power: 94
    Defense: 29
    ---------------------------Bosses [bos]------------------------------------
    N I N J A 
    	Ninja is the same as the random encounter version of 
    Ninja, but here's a strategy anyway... Have someone who can cast
    Curaja, because Ninja can, and does attack twice per turn with his
    blades. If you want to take a Dragoon with you to use Jump, and evade 
    these attacks, then go ahead. MAYBE a party of four Dragoons can take 
    hime out without being hit, but I haven't tried this so I'm not sure.
    	But yeah, bring someone who can heal everyone, and then bring 
    your hardest moves, Ultima Weapon (read my other guide on it for info 
    on how to get it) is a nice choice, accompanied by another strong 
    weapon. I used a healer, 2 physical attackers and someone who used
    black magic. It worked quite nicely, and won without difficulties.
    	Have your healer cast her best white magic on everyone EVERY
    TURN. You get fully restored at the end of the battle, so don't be 
    afraid to waste up MP. So heal every round and have your other 3
    characters blast away with damaging moves, and Ninja should fall 
    without delay.
    A M O N
    	Pretty much same strategy for Ninja (As well as for all the
    other bosses), use 3 hard hitters (2 physical attackers and 1 mage)
    and one healer. Although bringing a Scholar isn't a bad idea, because
    Amon might use "Barrier Shift", and his weakness will change. 
    	If you do decide to bring in a Scholar, get rid of one of 
    your physical attackers. Use Study and when you find his weakness,
    blast away with the magic. He shouldn't be too hard, so keep this
    up and he shall fall before you in shame.
    K U N O I C H I
    	Use brute force here, the 2 physical attackers and 1 mage, 
    accompanied by a healer, will work nicely. Just blast away, and have
    the mage heal every round, to allow the team to recover from 
    Kunoichi's attacks, that will come at you three times per round.
    	Sometimes Kunoichi might inflict poison or blind with her
    attacks. If this is the case, have your healer quickly use an 
    antidote or eye drops to cure the effect. But if it is blind on
    either of your mages, then just let it past, for they will not be
    attacking anyway.
    G E N E R A L
    	Alright, bring your 3 attackers and the healer again for another
    fight. Heal every round while your attackers pummel the General into
    submission. Be careful about General's magic spells: Bio, Death & Drain.
    Should Death happen to someone, imediately revive them. Preferably with
    spells, as Phoenix Downs are limited in Final Fantasy III.
    	Just blast away at him, healing anyone the second they get hurt
    or a status effect inflicted on them, and you should do fine.
    G U A R D I A N
    	Guardian is slightly easier than General, with the exception
    of petrification. Yes, Guardian can sometimes petrify your characters.
    Should any of your party members succumb to this evil ailment, quickly
    use a soft to restore them back to normal.
    	Bring the usual party of three attackers and one healer, and 
    attack as hard as you possibly can. Unfortunatly, Guardian has the
    ability to cast Reflect. If this happens, hold off on the magic assault,
    and continue with the physical attacks. If he casts reflect on a party
    member, just heal them with items.
    	Guardian should fall fairly easily provided you know what you
    are doing. So follow the strategy and you should win.
    S C Y L L A 
    	The last boss of Eureka is probably the hardest boss... Only 
    because this one has a brain. This is the only boss that will heal
    itself. Once Scylla loses a certain amount of HP, she starts to cast 
    Curaga on herself. She will attack with spells such as Blizzaga,
    Firaga, Thundaga, and SQUARE threw in Holy and Flare to boot. 
    	Keep blasting away at her with attacks, and when she starts 
    casting Curaga, cast Reflect on her, and halt your black magic assault.
    Like Guardian, Scylla can inflict petrification with her physical attacks.
    Should this happen, quickly use a soft on the victim to recover and 
    continue your tactics.
    ------------------------------Eureka [ehg]---------------------------------
    	Finally, time for you to get through the map of Eureka. Now I'm not
    skilled at drawing maps with text, so I appologize for no maps :(.... But, 
    I will take you step by step through the map as I go through with it myself,
    so you shant worry about wrong directions.
    Mike Green eMailed me that the guide had skipped the information about the 
    key to Eureka. I appologize for any inconvienience this has caused and I 
    could have sworn it was in here, but I must've erased at one point or
    Anyway, in order to get the key, you must descend into the cave that is
    found in Doga's Manor, and fight Doga and Unei. Once you have the
    Invincible, just hop into your faster Nautilus, fly against the wind into
    Doga's Manor, and upon entering, you will be shown the path.
    	Here we go, once you unlock the door to Eureka found in the Crystal
    Tower, you are ready to follow my expert directions through Eureka.
    **At the request of FinalRoxas_XIII, I've attempted to make a map from the 
    entrace of the Crystal Tower, to the entrance of Eureka.**
    	Here is the link to the map, 
    	Just copy and paste it into your internet browser.
    	*R O O M   O N E*
    	You may go South-West to get a Chocobo's Wrath and a Fuma Garb, and 
    on the exact side of the symetrical room is a White Musk and an Elixer. Once
    you have looted the items, head South to the exit of the room.
    Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/2ccwb3
    	*R O O M   T W O*
    	Head South until you come to a fork in the road. Head West, and 
    enter the up the stairs here. In this small room you will find a White Musk.
    Backtrack back to the crossroad, and this time head East, up the stairs you
    see into another small room, in which you will find another White Musk, a
    Chocobo's Wrath and a Phoenix Down. Leave the small room, and head a bit
    South-West from the stairs and you'll find a pathway to a chest containing
    a Ribbon. But beware of this chest, opening it will activate a boss fight 
    with Ninja (see the Bosses section [bos] for help on this). 
    	After you've claimed your Ribbon, head back off of this path, and 
    head further South-West, and down some stairs. Here you will find a Shuriken.
    Head back to where you came from, and head East, then South down the stairs.
    Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/2fcxxb
    	*R O O M   T H R E E*
    	Head south untill you can head West. Do so and claim an Elixer.
    Now turn back and head South. Follow the path, claiming a Shuriken and a
    Phoenix Down on your way out.
    Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/2g6bne
    	*R O O M   F O U R*
    	Follow the path South-East and grab the Moonring Blade. But, hey...
    It comes along with a free boss fight with Amon (See the bosses section [bos]
    for help on this). Once you've won, continue the pathway into the next room.
    Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/2hvnfg
    	*R O O M   F I V E*
    	Head South, and then at the fork, head West to obtain the Omnirod. 
    Now head straight East to and grab the Masamune... But nothing great isn't
    worth fighting for, right? Have some fun playing with a boss called 
    Kunoichi (See the bosses section [bos] for help on this). After the 
    encounter, head South, and let the Phoenix Down hit your arse on your 
    way out.
    Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/yo9qko
    	*R O O M   S I X*
    	Head East and follow the pathway to fight the General, in hopes of
    gaining the Excalibur (See the bosses section [bos] for help on this). Once
    that is over, turn around and follow the winding pathway to the next room.
    Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/232uhz
    	*R O O M   S E V E N*
    	Head North, and then go East to do battle with the Guardian (See
    the bosses section [bos] for help on this). Take your newly won Ragnarok,
    and head directly West to now fight with the final boss of Eureka, Scylla.
    After winning, do what you will with your brand spanking new Elder Staff, 
    and hop onto the Teleport device at the top of the platform.
    Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/2hrrjc
    	*R O O M   E I G H T   (FINAL ROOM)*
    	Head North and search the room for two Elixers and two Shurikens.
    Purchase your magic and summons from the two sages. After your done 
    shopping, scout the East wall to find a secret passage. Follow this
    passage to find the Weapons and Armor dealer. After your finished, you may
    leave Eureka, for you have gotten everything out of it as possible.
    Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/2alp68
    -----------------------Credits & Thank Yous [caty]-------------------------
    1) Thanks to Dr. Pepper, for your pop (and all of its 23 flavours) have 
       kept me satisfied while writing this.
    2) Mike Green for pointing out that information regarding the Key to Eureka
       was missing.
    ---------------------------Legal Info [lgli]-------------------------------
    	          This guide is copyright (c) Dylan Hinds 2007. 
      The only places where this guide can currently reside, are the following
    		www.GameFAQs.com / www.GameSpot.com
                     If you have any comments, complaints or whatever,
    	       give me a shout at dylanhinds (at) ffempire (dot) com.

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