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    Boss FAQ by 2Lazy4You

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                      _______ _________ _        _______  _       
                     (  ____ \\__   __/( (    /|(  ___  )( \      
                     | (    \/   ) (   |  \  ( || (   ) || (      
                     | (__       | |   |   \ | || (___) || |      
                     |  __)      | |   | (\ \) ||  ___  || |      
                     | (         | |   | | \   || (   ) || |      
                     | )      ___) (___| )  \  || )   ( || (____/\
                     |/       \_______/|/    )_)|/     \|(_______/
             _______  _______  _       _________ _______  _______          
            (  ____ \(  ___  )( (    /|\__   __/(  ___  )(  ____ \|\     /|
            | (    \/| (   ) ||  \  ( |   ) (   | (   ) || (    \/( \   / )
            | (__    | (___) ||   \ | |   | |   | (___) || (_____  \ (_) / 
            |  __)   |  ___  || (\ \) |   | |   |  ___  |(_____  )  \   /  
            | (      | (   ) || | \   |   | |   | (   ) |      ) |   ) (   
            | )      | )   ( || )  \  |   | |   | )   ( |/\____) |   | |   
            |/       |/     \||/    )_)   )_(   |/     \|\_______)   \_/   
                              \__   __/\__   __/\__   __/
                                 ) (      ) (      ) (   
                                 | |      | |      | |   
                                 | |      | |      | |   
                                 | |      | |      | |   
                              ___) (______) (______) (___
    Boss FAQ
    Introduction: Hey, my name is 2Lazy4You (obviously not my real name) and 
    welcome to my first FAQ. I wanted to write this guide because I finished the 
    game, and thought it was great. In this guide, you will find all the bosses, 
    tips on the game, and others. I hope you will find this FAQ useful! 
    P.S This guide may contain spoilers!
    P.P.S If you need to contact me, please do so. My e-mail is 
    psycho.spaz@hotmail.com. You may contact me if you find a mistake in my guide.
    I'm sure there will be. You can also ask questions about my guide, and if you
    find that you have a better strategy than me, you can mail me it and I will add
    it to my guide and put you in the Credits section =P. Also, if you want to ask
    anything else, feel free to unless it's inappropriate got it? OK =D. 
    Also, I know it's a bit late to submit this guide seeing how this game came out
    ages ago, but I actually started ages ago, I just didn't finish. Now I have to
    finish otherwise there was no point starting it, so yeah. Why would you stop 
    halfway? You'll be wasting so much time cause I was halfway through the guide 
    so I'm not wasting years doing nothing. OK enough blabbering and on with the 
    guide! Also, the guide is in chronological order, in which you will face the 
    bosses in. 
    1. >>>>>>>>>>>>> How to use the Guide                                      {HG}
    2. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Useful Tips                                               {UT}
    3. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Land Turtle                                        {BLT}
    4. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Djinn                                              {BDJ}
    5. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Bahamut                                            {BBT}
    6. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Giant Rat                                          {BGR}
    7. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Medusa                                             {BMA}
    8. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Gutsco the Rogue                                   {BGE}
    9. >>>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Salamander                                         {BSR}
    10. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Hein                                               {BHN}
    11. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss-Kraken                                              {BKN}
    12. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Godlor                                             {BGO}
    13. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Garuda                                             {BGA}
    14. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Hecatoncheir                                       {BHR}
    15. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Odin                                     {OBON}
    16. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Leviathan                                {OBLN}
    17. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Bahamut                                  {OBBT}
    18. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Doga                                               {BDA}
    19. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Unei                                               {BUI}
    20. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Titan                                              {BTN}
    21. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Amon                                     {OBAN}
    22. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Kunoichi                                 {OBKI}
    23. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- General                                  {OBGL}
    24. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Scylla                                   {OBSA}
    25. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Guardian                                 {OBGN}
    26. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Xande                                              {BXE}
    27. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Cloud of Darkness (first meeting)                {BCDFM}
    28. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Ahriman                                  {OBAM}
    29. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Echidna                                  {OBEA}
    30. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- 2- Headed Dragon                         {OBHN}
    31. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Cerberus                                 {OBCS}
    32. >>>>>>>>>>>> Boss- Cloud of Darkness (second meeting)               {BCDSM}
    33. >>>>>>>>>>>> Optional Boss- Iron Giant                               {OBIG}
    34. >>>>>>>>>>>> Version History                                           {VH}
    35. >>>>>>>>>>>> Credits and Thanks                                        {CS}
    36. >>>>>>>>>>>> Copyright                                                 {CT}
    37. >>>>>>>>>>>> End                                                       {ED}
    1. How to use the Guide                                                    {HG}
    Like many guides, you may just want to know about one thing only, so it is a
    pain to look for it in all those words yeah? So to make it easier, I created a
    shortcut. The {??} on the right side of the contents is the 'subtitle' of that
    subject. If you only need to know about that particular subject, then just hit
    ctrl+F, which brings up the auto find window. Then type in the {??}, and then
    there are fireworks, so congratz!
    2. Useful Tips                                                             {UT}
    General Tips
    Tip 1- Final Fantasy III is an RPG, like Adventure Quest (0.o). RPG stands for
    Role Playing Game. It is called this, because one person attacks, then the 
    other attacks. If you AFK for 60 days and come back, the enemy you are battling
    against will still not attack you. Your levels, HP/MP, armour, attack, defence,
    etc. are all important. If they are low, then you may have trouble defeating 
    certain enemies or even bosses. 
    Tip 2- Jobs are also important. If you are having trouble beating a very hard
    boss, try changing jobs. They are usually the answer to certain obstacles you
    can't pass. 
    Tip 3- Different jobs use different types of equipment. For example, a Knight
    may use swords, but a Dragoon uses spears, lances and pole arms. So if you are
    thinking about changing jobs, don't sell your stuff! This applies to armour as
    well. (So you get money). 
    Tip 4- Just after you have switched to a different job, you will be under a 
    time called the Job Transition Phase. During this time, your strength, agility,
    vitality, intellect and mind will be yellow, and slightly lowered. This is seen
    on the menu, and there is an arrow next to the character. Also, if you are 
    switching from a job that does not use magic to a job that does, be careful 
    because your mp will remain at 0 so you cannot use magic! Just go to a nearby
    inn or wellspring and heal up. 
    Tip 5- In a battle, your enemy may use curses like Toad or Mini. You must be 
    prepared to cure these ailments or you won't be doing very well in battle. 
    Tip 6- Having a healer in your party is a tremendous help in a battle, or even
    on the world map. They are usually more help than potions, so that makes them
    very valuable. 
    Training Tips
    Tip 1- It is always best training in dungeons than on the world map at most 
    times, simply because they give more exp, and they spawn faster. However, you
    may have access to more than one dungeon at once so choose the one you like! 
    Tip 2- When training or even defeating enemies, do not use items on them, 
    unless you really want to get rid of them. WHY NOT? Because you will not be 
    wasting it if you use it on a boss. Using it on monsters is just a waste. 
    Tip 3- It is best to train in a dungeon with monsters that you can kill in 1-2
    rounds. Anything more than that is not the quickest way to level. 
    Tip 4- Look out for weaknesses. Some enemies have weaknesses such as fire or 
    lightning. Using fire or lightning on these monsters can be extremely effective
    obviously, cause they are weak to fire and lightning (obviously). 
    Boss Tips
    Tip 1- Most bosses are found at the very end of dungeons )which doesn't make 
    sense) so don't waste all your mp if you have mages. Also, if you want, you can
    flee from all the enemies that you meet. That way, you don't waste any mp at 
    all! :). But then that's not always good cause you won't level up anymore :(
    Tip 2- Always fully heal your party before starting a battle. If your party is 
    on half- health and the boss gets the first strike, it's all over. 
    Tips 3- As listed above, some bosses have weaknesses! To find this out, you 
    need either a Scholar using Study, or a white mage using Libra. 
    Tip 4- Using items is very effective too. If you have a very powerful one, then
    it will deal tons of damage (again obvious). 
    Tip 5- It is necessary to heal after every round in a battle, because your 
    enemy might take the first hit in the next round. Unless your party is already 
    fully healed. 
    Tip 6- Some bosses may have no existing weaknesses, but may be weak to physical
    attacks or magic attacks (which is still a weakness don't forget). 
    Tip 7- If you cannot defeat a certain boss, try and gain a couple of levels. 
    This will give you at least an extra 100hp to your characters, depending on the
    vitality. Your statuses will also increase (strength, agility, etc.). 
    Tip 8- Most bosses attack 2 times per round, but some attack 3 because they are
    really fast! (Haha get it)? Also, some bosses can use a special attack, and 
    they usually use it when the battle lasts more than 3 rounds. If you want to 
    avoid these attacks, just try and kill it as soon as possible. Also, most 
    bosses can use magic. Although they can attack 2 or 3 times per round, they can
    only use magic once. The rest of their attacks are physical attacks. 
    Tip 9- If you have a mage in your party, avoid using spells like confuse, raze,
    warp, and etc. because they do not work on bosses (duh!). Stick to the 
    offensive and the defensive ones, not the ones that inflict ailments. 
    Tip 10- After a boss battle, your party will be fully healed. Since most bosses
    are found at the end of dungeons, it is recommended that you buy Ottershrooms, 
    or use the spell: Teleport (white magic). If you have neither, then it is still
    great to backtrack to the entrance of the dungeon because you get more exp like
    this, and your party is fully healed anyway.
    Tip 11- After you defeat a boss next to a crystal, new jobs are unlocked, and 
    your kicking fat ass lvl goes up by one. 
    Further Tips
    Tip 1- As said many times already, most bosses are found at the end of 
    dungeons. There are enemies inside the dungeons, of course. To have an easy 
    time fighting these bosses, make sure that you can kill the enemies inside the
    dungeon in on round (with the exception of Land Turtle, Garuda and The Cloud of
    Darkness). Otherwise, you will find it harder to defeat the boss. 
    Tip 2- Always explore the dungeons well, for they contain many useful 
    treasures. Items found in dungeons always help you to defeat the boss at the 
    end. (Usually). 
    Tip 3- Save often! Before you enter a dungeon or fight in a battle, always 
    remember to save, because you may never come out! In that case, you will have 
    to do all that crap again. 
    Tip 4- Always remember to heal after every battle, unless your party is already
    on full health or near full health (geez I'm sure u already know this stuff but
    anyway) otherwise you could die after meeting strong monsters. 
    Tip 5- You shouldn't have trouble buying equipment and potions. The currency in
    this game is called Gil. You shouldn't run out of Gil. And if you do, fight 
    some monsters and you will gain heaps (another thing that doesn't make sense is
    that monsters don't use Gil, so how can they have them?). 
    You've finished reading these tips that most of you already know (keep in mind
    I said most of you, not all of you so don't be so proud of yourself), so 
    congratz. You may now 'play' O_____O ok I'll stop...
    3. Boss Battle                            Land Turtle                     {BLT}
    LVL- 4                                    HP- 111                        
    Attack- 8                                 Defence- 6                   
    Gil- 500                                  EXP- 20                          
    Weaknesses- (none)                        Recommended Level- 2+
    Strategy- You're first boss is a very easy boss to defeat. If you have properly
    explored the cave, then you would have two Longswords, potions, and some 
    armour. Do not use the shield in this battle. An extra 10 damage is better than
    a mere 1 defence. 
    You will also have 2 Antarctic Winds, but I suggest you to only use one, and 
    save one on the coming battle against the Djinn. They will deal about 45 damage
    to the Land Turtle. After that, just keep attacking him. If your HP falls below
    12, you must use a potion, because if you don't, the enemy might strike a lucky
    critical shot. 
    Please do not whine about dying on the first boss and saying everything in the
    world is rigged and you have to start a new game again cause it's not. 
    4. Boss Battle                            Djinn                           {BDJ}
    LVL- 7                                    HP- 600                          
    Attack- 20                                Defence- 8                        
    Gil- 1400                                 EXP- 200                     
    Weaknesses- Ice                           Recommended Level- 6+
    Strategy- This boss is even easier than the previous one. You will have 
    Princess Sara in your party, and she may cast Cure or Aero. Djinn is weak to 
    ice, so you know what to do! If you have saved an Antarctic Wind from the 
    previous battle, then use it here. That will deal about 400 damage, which is 
    almost enough for you to defeat the Djinn in one round. Make sure you have 
    equipped the Wightslayer sword onto a character. You may also use the Blizzard
    spell (found in the Sealed Cave). 
    Djinn usually attacks you with his knife, but his magic attack will deal a lot 
    of damage to your entire party in one go. Using cure is enough, to get you back
    to full health, or potions. 
    5. Boss Battle                            Bahamut                         {BBT}
    Strategy- Well strictly speaking, this isn't really a boss battle at all. Why? 
    Yes you can go and try and beat him, go ahead! You will eventually find out 
    that this boss is not impossible to beat, but extremely hard for your level. 
    However, if you want revenge on this dragon, you can. Later on in the game, you
    will face him again (you don't have to, it's optional). So what do you do? Run 
    away! Press the flee button! You can also press L & Y at the same time if you 
    didn't know.
    6. Boss Battle                            Giant Rat                       {BGR}
    LVL- 11                                   HP- 900                       
    Attack- 24                                Defence- 29                      
    Gil- 1500                                 EXP- 1200                         
    Weaknesses- (none)                        Recommended Level- 11+
    Strategy- Oh no! Your party is minied! For this battle, magic is the way to go.
    If you have any physical attackers, just use Guard, or use potions to heal 
    other party members. Remember to put them in the back row! 
    I suggest you go to this battle with at least 3 mages; a Black Mage, Red Mage 
    and White Mage. Your black and red mage should be using black magic on the 
    giant rat, while your white mage should be constantly be healing any injured 
    party members. You may have picked up the Fira spell (level 3 black magic), and
    using this is extremely effective. Also, using items like Zeus Wrath are also 
    good against this rat. You may also have found the Cura spell, which is an even
    more powerful healing spell than Cure. 
    With these strategies, this boss should go down in 3 to 4 rounds. 
    7. Boss Battle                            Medusa                          {BMA}
    LVL- 17                                   HP- 3000                         
    Attack- 35                                Defence- 32                     
    Gil- 2600                                 EXP- 1680                           
    Weaknesses- (none)                        Recommended level- 14+
    Strategy- This battle is a little bit hard, but it shouldn't be impossible. You
    should have a White Mage in your party, as always. Magic is effective against
    this boss, and will usually deal more damage than the physical strikers at this
    point of the game. Also, this is a fire- based monster so do not use weapons or
    spells that do fire damage. However, it has no weaknesses. 
    Medusa can also inflict Silence, which makes the inflicted unable to use magic.
    Medusa will sometimes but rarely try and turn your party to stone, but usually
    it is a miss. Make sure that you stock up with Echo Herbs and Gold Needles! 
    Lastly, Medusa may use Stare, which is a really annoying ailment that you will
    get pissed off at. What does it do? It confuses one of your characters in your
    party. After this, you cannot control him/her and he/she will either attack 
    himself/herself or another party member. You cannot get rid of this thing 
    unless after 3 rounds or getting hit. 
    Antarctic Winds are effective on this boss if you got them, and heal with your
    white mage every round. Otherwise, this boss should be no problem at all. 
    8. Boss Battle                            Gutsco the Rogue               {BGR}
    LVL- 17                                   HP- 3500                      
    Attack- 35                                Defence- 24                   
    Gil- 3500                                 EXP- 2304                   
    Weaknesses- (none)                        Recommended level- 15+
    Strategy- This battle is not hard, but isn't easy either. Gutsco will usually 
    use his physical attacks, and that's the biggest threat he poses to go. He can 
    cast Mini at your party, so be careful! (If he casts Mini at your mages, ignore
    it cause it does no effect)! He will also start using Cure when you are close 
    to finishing him. 
    Heal with your White Mage always, and this battle should not be a problem at 
    9. Boss Battle                            Salamander                      {BSR}
    LVL- 19                                   HP- 5700                            
    Attack- 41                                Defence- 25                         
    Gil- 3700                                 EXP- 2744                           
    Weaknesses- Ice                           Recommended Level- 19+
    Strategy- Oh, it's Gutsco again, what a loser! He wants revenge as he stomps 
    towards you, making the ground vibrate. The good thing is that he is standing 
    next to the fire crystal! Beat him, and new jobs will be unlocked! Anyway, he 
    transforms into a powerful Salamander, which is weak to ice (that's smart). 
    Of course, use Blizzara with your black mage or red mage. If you have properly
    explored the Molten Cave, then you should have the Freezing Blade, which is 
    also good to use on this boss. 
    Salamander will use his normal attacks, and be quite annoying sometimes, 
    because he seems to go for the same character per round, which might kill them.
    He will also use a Fire Breath attack, which will damage your entire party, 
    with a good amount of HP. 
    Use Cura to get your party back on top. Again, magic is the way to go against 
    this boss, and especially the ice attacks. You should not have a problem with 
    this boss, with those strategies listed above. 
    10. Boss Battle                           Hein                            {BHN}
    LVL- 22                                   HP- 4500                   
    Attack- 47                                Defence- 26             
    Gil- 4300                                 EXP- 3464                          
    Weaknesses- (changes)                     Recommended Level- 20+
    Strategy- This battle may be hard, but it won't be if you know what to do. 
    Firstly, Hein can change his weaknesses by using Barrier Shift. For example, 
    first his weakness is fire. He uses Barrier Shift and Ta-da! His weakness has 
    changed to something else. Well how do you find out what weakness he is 
    currently suffering from? You have just unlocked new jobs, and a Scholar is the
    job that finds it out, by using Study. There is also another way; White Mages 
    can find this out too by using Libra (level 4 white magic found at the magic 
    shop in Gyshal). 
    Having a Geomancer is probably almost essential. The Terrain ability is 
    outstanding at this stage. And also, there is a trick. If you're lucky, you may
    hit him with Shadowflare, which is 1-hit KO attack! A Scholar is also excellent
    because they're so smart; they double the effects of items they use. A White 
    Mage is still important though, so don't give it up! Even if you are fail at 
    detecting his weakness, you can still beat him; it just takes an awful long 
    time. Going into this battle with your party at level 22 is excellent. 
    11. Boss Battle                           Kraken                          {BKN}
    LVL- 24                                   HP- 8000                            
    Attack- 57                                Defence- 27                        
    Gil- 5500                                 EXP- 5280                           
    Weaknesses- Lightning                     Recommended Level- 23+
    Strategy- What?! The water crystal already? Well, yes. It's time for a showdown
    with Kraken. He is weak to lightning like many of the monsters in the cave. His
    physical attacks are not too strong, but if you are under level, it may cause
    you trouble. 
    Do not use a Scholar- they are useless. A Geomancer is still extremely good,
    and Shadowflare still works. The only annoying thing is that it might use 
    Whirlpool and that does nothing at all. A Black Mage is also very good, 
    especially if you are using Blizzaga, which is found somewhere in the cave. A
    White Mage is always a good idea. 
    However, Kraken may cast Blizzara himself. He can also cast Blind, which makes
    your physical strikers screwed. If you go into this battle at level 25, you 
    will have an immensely easy time like I did. I killed this boss on the second
    round, first turn. 
    12. Boss Battle                           Godlor                         {BGO}
    LVL- 26                                   HP- 9000                  
    Attack- 53                                Defence- 28                  
    Gil- 9900                                 EXP- 6560                          
    Weaknesses- (none)                        Recommended Level- 26+
    Strategy- Oh no, magic doesn't work! And even worse, items that work like 
    spells don't work either! Physical attackers are how you are going to win this
    battle. Magic does 0 damage to Godlor. But the question is WHY? 
    Anyway, Geomancers are an exception. You also have new jobs, so Dragoons and 
    Dark Knights are an excellent choice. White Mage too, of course! He will mostly
    punch you, which shouldn't cause you too much trouble. And horribly, HE gets to
    use magic. 
    He will try and cast Blind and Silence, but he's not very good at it. He will
    also cast Protect on himself, but that doesn't do much effect. Other than this,
    he is hardly a threat, so you should beat him quite easily, and unlock your 
    ship =D. 
    13. Boss Battle                           Garuda                          {BGA}
    LVL- 28                                   HP- 10000                    
    Attack- 57                                Defence- 28                    
    Gil- 10200                                EXP- 8800                      
    Weaknesses- Wind                          Recommended Level- 30+
    Strategy- This is probably the most annoying boss in the whole game. At least, 
    that's what I think. He is also an extremely cheep boss. He does the same spell
    Lightning over and over again every round, and Lightning is a horrible attack 
    that deals heaps of damage to your ENTIRE party. Do not underestimate this 
    boss. Many people face this boss at level 28 or so, and sadly, they lose. 
    Note: This is IF you have one dragoon only. If you have NO dragoons, then, no 
    chance at lvl 30. If you have two, then easy. Three is a bit too much, so yeah.
    Do not use any more than ONE physical attacker, cause they are disgraceful 
    against this ugly bird. Apart from Dragoons, which is the best job to use 
    against this boss. It is good to use MORE than one Dragoon, because in the 
    Dragon Spire you will find the same equipment twice (two Dragon Mails for 
    example). Evokers are also good, or any other job that is capable of dealing 
    more than 2000 damage each turn. Geomancers and Black Mages with Blizzaga is 
    also a good choice. If you are using an Evoker, only summon Heatra and Hyper; 
    the rest are useless. Hyper deals 2000+ damage all the time, while Heatra is 
    the same, but sometimes he will HEAL your entire party with Curaja (about 
    2800hp restored to the entire party)! Also, make sure your party is on the 
    highest magic defence as possible, because if they are not, then they will not 
    survive the lightning attacks, which he uses 50% of the time! 
    His normal physical attack will also deal plenty of damage. If he does a combo 
    which is Lightning then physical attack, then he might as well kill one of your
    party members. He does not do any other attacks- just these two. 
    Remember, if you are using Dragoons, always use the Jump command. Do this EVERY
    time. A white mage will have to use Cura every time definitely. I wish you good
    luck against this horrible bird. 
    14. Boss Battle                           Hecatoncheir                    {BHR}
    LVL- 43                                   HP- 28000               
    Attack- 89                                Defence- 32              
    Gil- 8000                                 EXP- 14400                          
    Weaknesses- (none)                        Recommended Level- 35+
    Strategy- This boss is actually really easy. If you have a Dark Knight, then 
    you have a slight advantage, cause they are good on this weirdo. Hecatoncheir 
    will use his extremely weak normal physical attack which is disgraceful. 
    However, he can use Earthquake, which does the same effect as Quake (level 7 
    black magic spell) and Earthen Drums (item). This magic attack can be quite 
    powerful if you are under level, but otherwise, you won't have a problem with
    this boss. 
    15. Optional Boss Battle                 Odin                            {OBON}
    LVL- 40                                  HP- 31000                         
    Attack- 81                               Defence- 35               
    Gil- 16800                               EXP- 20000                           
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended Level- 40+
    Strategy- Odin is not a hard boss. He is, in fact, very easy, despite being 
    called the Legendary Knight (my ass). He will ride on his horse and mostly use
    his normal attack. He cannot use any magic, which is good for you. However, 
    once half his health is gone, he will use Zantesuken, which is a skill he uses.
    It isn't an ordinary skill! At level 40, my physical attackers were almost dead
    (their HP bar turned yellow), so don't face this boss before level 40. Anyway,
    that's as far as he goes, and you should be able to kill him soon after that. 
    A Dragoon is good against this boss if you use Jump. A white mage is still 
    good, to heal your party after he uses Zantesuken. All physical attackers are 
    good, so choose anyone you like! 
    When you beat him, you get the Catastro Summon, which isn't very good apart 
    from the Slash skill. 
    16. Optional Boss Battle                 Leviathan                      {OBLN}
    LVL- 43                                  HP- 32000                   
    Attack- 85                               Defence- 36                         
    Gil- 17100                               EXP- 20000                         
    Weaknesses- Lightning                    Recommended Level- 45+
    Strategy- No, this is not an easy boss, so don't go to this battle under level
    45, or you'll have a hard time. Of course, you find this fish at the end of 
    Lake Dohr, so it is weak to lightning (like you guessed). 
    A Viking may be good, because they're hammers deal lightning damage. A black 
    mage is good if you have Thundaga. If you don't, Heavenly Wraths are items that
    do the exact same thing. 
    The boss' normal attack is pretty strong so watch out. This fish can also use
    Protect (on itself, duh). She also uses Tidal Wave, which is a Tidal wave that
    comes 250 km/h towards your party. It will wipe out more than half of each 
    character's health, so watch out. 
    Physical attackers will cause a lot of damage to this boss, and as stated 
    above, use lightning attacks if you have a mage. That's it. The only thing you
    need to watch out for is the Tsunami, and always use Curaga to fix it up. You 
    may even have Curaja, but that's pointless because it over heals your party. 
    After you defeat the fish, you get the Leviath Summon! 
    17. Optional Boss Battle                 Bahamut                         {OBBT}
    LVL- 45                                  HP- 34000                           
    Attack- 90                               Defence- 37                         
    Gil- 16500                               EXP- 20000                          
    Weaknesses- Wind                         Recommended Level- 45+
    Strategy- A little more HP than Leviath, more Attack and Defence, and looks 
    slightly harder than the fish, but really isn't. Well that's my opinion, and it
    should be yours too. But before you fight, remember you saw him last time at 
    Dragon's Peak? Well now you can slap him in the face. 
    Anyway, the key to this battle is a Dragoon. It will do 9999+ which is probably
    20000+ damage with Jump, cause dragons can fly. And because he is a flying 
    enemy, he is weak to Wind. 
    Bahamut will attack you with his normal attack, which is bad, and needs 
    improvement. However, he can use Mega Flare when he is about to die. You really
    don't need a White Mage if you have a Dragoon, but it is still good, just in 
    Do you see how it works? First you will attack with your physical attackers and
    probably using Aeroga with your white mage. Your Dragoon will be using Jump, 
    and should be in mid air. Then your Dragoon will come down on the second round
    jump on top of the dragon (which is kinda slack) and you will win the battle.
    So that's what you will do, when you fight Bahamut. Absolutely too easy, 
    probably even as easy as the Djinn. But without a Dragoon, it will be much 
    harder, because you need to cover up 20000+ damage with your other characters.
    After the battle, you get the Bahamut summon!
    18. Boss Battle                           Doga                            {BDA}
    LVL- 45                                   HP- 22800                 
    Attack- 89                                Defence- 40               
    Gil- 12000                                EXP- 13600                  
    Weaknesses- (none)                        Recommended Level- 45+
    Strategy- What, you're fighting the strongest two people you've met so far in
    the game already? It doesn't matter, they're not too hard. At level 45, you 
    should be able to rip them. Anyways, let me tell you that you have to fight 
    Unei after Doga, and you don't have time to heal in between. Also keep in mind
    that your party does not get full health after defeating Doga. 
    Doga can use a wide range of attacks, which are all fairly strong, but not too
    strong to completely wipe you out. His normal attack will deal 400-500 damage 
    to you, and always use Cura or Curaga with the White Mage. 
    Physical attacks work on Doga a lot, especially the Dragoons Jump ability. A 
    black mage is also good, seeing that you can now use level 6 and level 7 black
    He may cast Thundaga, Blizzaga or Firaga on your whole party, or just a single
    character, which is bad because it will get them less than 1000HP. (A physical
    attack after that might wipe them out). He will also cast Flare, which is level
    8 black magic. (Oh no!). Beside from that, he shouldn't be a problem for you. 
    After you defeat him, Unei steps up onto the platform and attacks you!
    19. Boss Battle                           Unei                            {BUI}
    LVL- 44                                   HP- 21800         
    Attack- 86                                Defence- 42                
    Gil- 12600                                EXP- 16000                         
    Weaknesses- (none)                        Recommended level- 45+
    Strategy- She's about as strong as Doga, so use the same tactics. But SHE has 
    more tactics however, and are all white magic. Her normal attack is stronger 
    than Doga's. She can use Haste, Protect, Aeroga, Holy and Tornado. Tornado puts
    a character's HP to less than 10, but it doesn't always work. She can also use
    it on your entire party. She has less HP than Doga, but only by 1000, and that
    hardly makes a difference. She is slightly stronger than Doga, but use the same
    strategies and you should beat her in about 3 rounds (I did!). 
    20. Boss Battle                          Titan                            {BTN}
    LVL- 49                                  HP- 29000                     
    Attack- 96                               Defence- 44                       
    Gil- 13500                               EXP- 27600                      
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended level- 45+
    Strategy- Yes it's the Earth crystal! Time for new jobs! But first you have to
    have a showdown with Titan. What, Hecatoncheir?! He looks exactly the same as
    him! Fortunately, he is also as easy as him. He also uses the same attacks as
    They must be brothers of course, what else? But they both fail lol. Tryhard 
    family. They probably spent like 24/7 working out and buffing their 
    insignificant muscles.  However, Hecatoncheir was worse off, because he is 
    tanned, and weaker than Titan, which proves he has been trying to work out 
    heaps. Titan is the more built brother. OK, ENOUGH SAID!
    Just use the normal tactics. The Jump ability on Dragoons is always good, and a
    white mage is essential, of course. Titan's physical attacks are strong, if you
    are not properly equipped. He is really the strengthened version of 
    Hecatoncheir, so he uses the same attacks. You can just scroll up and go to the
    Hecatoncheir section if you need refreshment. 
    21. Optional Boss Battle                 Amon                            {OBAN}
    LVL- 48                                  HP- 33500                           
    Attack- 96                               Defence- 46                          
    Gil- 20350                               EXP- 26800                           
    Weaknesses- (changes)                    Recommended Level- 50+
    Strategy- This boss is annoying. I mean, really annoying. He can use Barrier 
    Shift, which is pointless (for him); because it just gives him a weakness (he 
    doesn't have a weakness until he uses Barrier Shift lol, so stupid. Wonder how
    he got educated). 
    You shouldn't be using a Scholar, but you should be using a White Mage. Use the
    Libra spell (level 4 white magic) which does the same effect as Study. Amon has
    a very high defence, and his attack is actually pretty good. Use Curaga to fix 
    this problem (or Cura), and you will be fine. He can use Protect, which will 
    make his Defence even better. 
    Use a Ninja and a Black Belt. A Black Belt should Boost for 2 rounds then 
    attack on the 3rd. Boost on 3 times and you will self destruct, which is highly
    embarrassing. Use a Devout of course, and the other place can be a Magus or a 
    Summoner. In my opinion, Summoners are better than Magus. 
    This boss will last more than 5 rounds, so get ready for a long battle! (You 
    should be using a Devout instead of a white mage. The same applies for other 
    jobs that can be upgraded to a better form). 
    You get a reward for winning! No, not just Gil and EXP, but a Moonring Blade! 
    22. Optional Boss Battle                 Kunoichi                        {OBKI}
    LVL- 48                                  HP- 29000                            
    Attack- 96                               Defence- 46                         
    Gil- 14500                               EXP- 29200                          
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended Level- 50+
    Strategy- Kunoichi is Japanese, and she can attack 3 times per round! (That's 
    fast!) To make this worse, she will also use Haste on herself, which makes sure
    that she hits your party 3 times before you land a hit on her (she gets her 
    goes before you(even faster!)). She has terrible defence though, so just keep 
    attacking her with your physical attackers. 
    Don't throw Shurikens (if you have any) with your Ninja, but you may throw some
    weapons that you don't need like spears. Don't throw too much either, or you'll
    run out. Summon Bahamut and Leviath with your Summoner. Wait, shouldn't Bahamut
    and Leviath be dead? Oh well, doesn't matter. A Magus should use Flare, not 
    Death or Meteor. 
    Kunoichi will also use Aeroga on your party or one single character, which will
    do heaps of damage. That's all, and she should not be a problem at all. 
    For winning, you get the Masamune! Drools*
    23. Optional Boss Battle                 General                         {OBGL}
    LVL- 48                                  HP- 35000                     
    Attack- 105                              Defence- 46                   
    Gil- 15600                               EXP- 30000                       
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended Level- 50+
    Strategy- This guy is a powerful physical attacker. You can tell, by looking at
    the axes that he's holding. He's not going to kill you, so just use Curaga to 
    cover that up. 
    General will also cast Bio on your entire party or just one person, which is no
    good. He can also use Death, and if it does manage to kill you, then just 
    revive the fallen soldier and keep on fighting. Revive them with phoenix downs
    or Raise. Even Arise, if you have it. Lastly, he can use drain, which doesn't 
    drain much health. 
    Use the same party as before, and healing with your Devout every round. 
    After you beat him, you get the Excalibur! Cause he's a General, so that makes
    24. Optional Boss Battle                 Scylla                          {OBSA}
    LVL- 49                                  HP- 35000                   
    Attack- 105                              Defence- 46           
    Gil- 16200                               EXP- 30800                     
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended Level- 50+
    Strategy- Fugly with 6 heads I think. Just attack like normal. Don't do 
    anything silly. Unfortunately she is one of the harder bosses in the Eureka 
    Area (in my opinion), so be careful, someone in your party may die (hehe). Just
    do what you did before; there is no need to do anything outstanding. 
    Scylla attacks twice per round, and her physical attacks are OK in strength, 
    but are deadly because she can make you stoned sometimes. Use gold needles or
    Stona to fix this ailment. 
    Do whatever you did before, the same thing works here. Also, don't forget to 
    use the weapons you've found so far in this area, because they are really 
    strong and make bosses heaps easier. 
    You get the Elder Staff after winning. Many people say it's good, but I think 
    it's useless cause it casts Cura not Curaga. But anyway, it's good if you want
    to heal up after fighting monsters in a dungeon without using MP. 
    25. Optional Boss Battle                 Guardian                        {OBGN}
    LVL- 49                                  HP- 33700                 
    Attack- 107                              Defence- 46                  
    Gil- 16500                               EXP- 31600                       
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended level- 50+
    Strategy- The last boss of the Eureka section. He is almost the same as Scylla
    (similar attack power and defence), but instead of inflicting stone he inflicts
    confuse. Which one is worse? It's your opinion, although I think confuse is 
    worse cause stone causes one of your characters not to attack, while confuse, 
    the character attacks, but not for you. 
    His physical attack is actually more formidable than the other bosses here, so 
    be watchful. Also, pay attention to what he is doing. If he casts Reflect, then
    you can't use magic. Use physical attacks when this happens (obviously). Same 
    strategy as you did before. White mage heal unless you don't have to. If you 
    are lacking HP and he has casted Reflect, your Black Mages should use Hi- 
    Potions or something like that. 
    You get the Ragnarok after the battle. Another great weapon. smiles* o.o
    26. Boss Battle                          Xande                           {BXE}
    LVL- 50                                  HP- 49999                  
    Attack- 110                              Defence- 48                
    Gil- 25000                               EXP- 34000                      
    Weaknesses- (varies)                     Recommended Level- 58+
    Strategy- Hey looks, it's Xande. Xande is the bad person of the game, but he is
    actually quite easy. (If you've been in the Forbidden Land). Why do you have to
    be above level 58? Because Square Enix tries to make the game more interesting
    by making more bosses, which are tons stronger than this one. 
    Anyway, back to the battle. You have new jobs, of course, which are not new 
    anymore cause you've spent ages training to get to a higher level. A ninja is 
    good, because he is the best job in the whole game. Just throw some Shurikens 
    at him, and they will deal 9999+ damage. A Black Belt is the second most 
    powerful job in the game. Always use Boost for 1 or 2 rounds before attacking. 
    In that way, you can also deal 9999+ damage. A devout is an awesome version of 
    a White Mage, so please get one I beg you (o.O). You may also use a Sage, but I
    reckon that a Devout is better. In my opinion, a Summoner is better than a 
    Magus cause Leviath and Bahamut are really aggressive. Of course, Leviath and 
    Bahamut are able to deal much more damage than Flare and Meteor. But that's my
    opinion; you can do whatever ya like! 
    Now let's talk about the attacks Xande uses. He has a wide range of attacks 
    including Barrier Shift, which is so pointless it's not funny. He may cast 
    Meteor on your party, and sometimes he will hit himself (such an unco). Xande 
    will also cast Blizzaga, Thundaga and Firaga on your party, or just one person.
    His normal attack is no problem to you, so take advantage of it. He also uses 
    some white magic such as Protect on himself. 
    Xande was probably obsessed with magicians when he was young cause he has too 
    much magic attacks. Anyway, this battle should be easy as ever, cause you are 
    lvl 55+ (hopefully).
    27. Boss Battle          Cloud of Darkness (first meeting)              {BCDFM}
    Strategy- Out of all the living things in the world, this Cloud is the most 
    built cause you can't even do 1 damage to it. I reckon he would be world 
    champion weightlifter and win like all the gold medals at the Olympics. It 
    says, 0 damage. Don't waste any shurikens please cause you will be wasting 
    them, duhh. Every attack does 0 damage so you might as well just Guard. 
    This cloud of Darkness will eventually show off his muscles by using particle 
    beam, which does 9999+ damage to your whole party. Yes you will all die no 
    jokes. Please don't rage quit. Yet. You will watch a scene where you get kicked
    off to some World of Darkness where you fight MORE bosses. FAR. Don't you just
    hate it when you're fighting the last boss then lose and fight another 5 
    bosses? Geez. 
    28. Optional Boss Battle                 Ahriman                         {OBAM}
    LVL- 55                                  HP- 99999                      
    Attack- 107                              Defence- 46                        
    Gil- 66666                               EXP- 66666                          
    Weaknesses- Wind                         Recommended level- 58+
    Strategy- He has 99999 health points, but you should know that you have to be
    around lvl 60 to have a comfortable win over the Cloud of Darkness. So you 
    should be around lvl 55, so 99999 HP is not that much to you. Unfortunately 
    Ahriman knows how to use Curaga, which can annoy you sometimes. (Reminds me of
    the Chaos boss in Final Fantasy I where he heals half of his health back). 
    Ahriman (what a name) can turn you to stone with his attacks, but they are very
    rare. I've played this game like 5 times and only about once I got turned to 
    stone. As for the damage, it's not formidable so don't worry about taking major
    damage from an attack. 
    Anyways, you might have noticed he is a flying monster. If you have kept a 
    Dragoon in your party, then you are in heaven during this battle. Just jump 
    him. A devout is good, heal when necessary. In my opinion, summoners are a very
    good choice, because Leviath and Bahamut deal loads of damage every time. 90% 
    of people will have a Ninja in their party, so in that case just throw an 
    appropriate amount of Shurikens. Don't throw too much cause its dog, and you 
    won't have enough for other battles. If you have a Magus, then use Flare or 
    Meteor, which will sometimes damage your own party. A black belt? Just charge 
    then attack, over and over again. 
    And that's all, very easy boss =D.
    29. Optional Boss Battle                 Echidna                         {OBEA}
    LVL- 55                                  HP- 99999                           
    Attack- 117                              Defence- 46                  
    Gil- 66666                               EXP- 66666                     
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended level- 58+
    Strategy- Same HP, same lvl, same number of EXP and Gil, really similar. 
    Echidna dances around a pole, and attacks you upside down. Her attack power is
    better than Ahriman, so you might want to be careful. She can inflict Silence 
    with her attacks though, and to solve this just equip Ribbons, found in the 
    chests in the dark world. 
    She occasionally uses death. Be careful, cause she is actually quite good at
    using it, much better than other bosses that use it. She also uses drain which
    again is a waste of her turn. She also has Tornado and Quake. No boss can use
    two magic attacks in one round so don't worry about it. I think that's all her
    At this point, in my opinion physical attackers are much stronger than mages. 
    Only the Summoner is an OK choice. If you want to be on the defensive, having 
    two sages is good, one to heal and one to attack. If you party is really low on
    health then use both sages to heal. A ninja should throw some of its remaining 
    Shurikens (you should have had around 30) and they do heaps of damage to the 
    boss. If you have a black belt, just do the normal tactic, Charge, then attack.
    If you don't want to charge then just attack -.- A Devout has to heal when 
    necessary of course, and finally, a Summoner should only summon Leviath and 
    Bahamut cause the others are useless. What other jobs are there? Magus will use
    Flare and Meteor. I reckon that's it. You shouldn't have a problem with this 
    boss with your high level. 
    After the battle, you have weakened the Dark cloud or whatever it's called and
    regained all your HP and MP =D. 
    30. Optional Boss Battle                 Two- Headed Dragon              {OBHN}
    LVL- 55                                  HP- 99999                            
    Attack- 151                              Defence- 46                           
    Gil- 66666                               EXP- 66666                       
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended level- 59+
    Strategy- Look at his beast attack! That's not a mistake, his attack is 
    actually that good. Now you might want to actually consider healing every 
    round, or even, having another character healing as well. Because, if he 
    attacks the same person twice in a row, they could die! (OMG!!) Anyways, just 
    be careful. 
    Fortunately he doesn't have any magic, but he can inflict Silence with his 
    attacks. So before you go into the battle, make sure your healer is wearing a
    Ribbon. Is it too late? Sorry hehe. Just throw a fair bit of Shurikens at him.
    Make sure his down as quick as you can, or you're screwed. After the battle, 
    you're fully healed. 
    Now the final boss is weakened AGAIN! See, it was so strong before. 
    31. Optional Boss Battle                 Cerberus                        {OBCS}
    LVL- 55                                  HP- 99999                           
    Attack- 123                              Defence- 46                          
    Gil- 66666                               EXP- 66666                      
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended level- 59+
    Strategy- It's up to you whether this dog is stronger or the dragon. The dragon
    had two heads, and attacked two times. So, 3 heads = 3 attacks per round. He 
    can inflict poison on your characters with his attacks, like the other bosses 
    in the dark world, which all inflict ailments. In my opinion, he is an ailment
    His only magic attack is Firaga. Just get Bahamut to kick his ass my nuking him
    and throw Shurikens at his head. In my opinion, he is easier than the dragon. 
    Remember, Ribbons stop EVERY ailment, so having them for the 4 bosses here is 
    good and in this case it saves you from getting poisoned. 
    Do the same like you did with the other bosses, but keep an eye on your party's
    For the final time, the Black Cloud will lose its health. You may now fight it
    as you wish, =D. Good luck!
    32. Boss Battle         Cloud of Darkness (second meeting)              {BCDSM}
    LVL- 60                                  HP- 120000                         
    Attack- 120                              Defence- 55                       
    Gil- 70000                               EXP- 99999                      
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended level- 60+
    Strategy- By killing all the 4 bosses in the Dark World, The Cloud of Darkness
    will be weaker. Dunno why. The Cloud can do craploads of attacks which are
    mostly all strong, offensive attacks. She can also attack twice (herself twice,
    and the two tentacles once each). The Cloud of Darkness cannot heal herself
    thankfully, unlike other highly disturbing bosses that can.
    Well, you should be in the same party as you were when you fought Xande. In the
    middle of the World of Darkness is not a suitable place to switch jobs. The
    best party you can have for this battle is a Ninja, Black Belt, Devout and a
    Summoner. Just use the obvious technique (Ninja= Throw Shuriken, Black belt=
    boost then attack, Devout = Heal and Summoner= summon Leviath and Bahamut. You
    don't have to use the new jobs, you can use old ones. I found that the Knight
    was quite useful with the Excalibur and the Ragnarok. A Dragoon is also good,
    using Jump. 
    As I mentioned before, she has so much attacks, so let me list them all. By the
    way, the Cloud has two tentacles growing from her (Eww). One cannot be damaged
    with physical attacks, and one cannot be damaged with magic. You do not need to
    kill these tentacles, but if you want to, go ahead, I'm not stopping you.
    Well back to where we were. The Cloud of Darkness can use; normal attack,
    Particle Beam, Lightning, Bad Breath, Protect, Haste and Tornado. Particle Beam
    killed you earlier, and it will kill you again. Aajokes! Now it is weakened so
    don't worry. If you have defeated all the dark bosses, then it will deal less
    than 1500 to every character (which is still a lot :(). One of the tentacles
    will use Lightning on your whole party (dealing under 1000 damage), so always
    use Curaga and mostly Curaja (you should be able to use it 10 or more times,
    and this battle won't last more than 10 rounds). 
    She will also cast Protect and Haste on herself, so in total she attacks 4
    times per round. Bad Breath will turn a character into a toad, but if you are
    wearing Ribbons (found in the Dark World), then this will not be a problem.
    Tornadoes will put you under 10 HP so that's dangerous.
    And that is, all I have to say. I wish you good luck on this boss, and if you
    beat it, you finish the game! (Duhh). I hope you will enjoy the ending, cause I
    didn't! :( 
    33. Optional Boss Battle                 Iron Giant                      {OBIG}
    LVL- 81                                  HP- 199999                           
    Attack- 255                              Defence- 150                       
    Gil- 99999                               EXP-99999                         
    Weaknesses- (none)                       Recommended level- Um... about 90?
    Strategy- I've never actually fought this boss before. But I know it's really 
    strong. You have to be... around level 90? Not sure. But what I do know is that
    you have to send a few mails to people to unlock the dungeon. What I also don't
    know is who you have to send the letters to -.- 
    Well, the Iron Giant can attack 4 times per round. He uses Meteor a lot in the
    beginning, probably until he runs out of MP. His physical attacks are pretty 
    strong, and can inflict ailments sometimes. After a while, he starts using 
    Slash, which damages the entire party for a BIG LOAD OF DAMAGE. Be careful. 
    There is a hidden job called the Onion Knight. I think this job may be really 
    useful, because they can equip Onion Helms and stuff. You may also want to have
    a Ninja; they are still a really good job. A Devout is pretty much essential, 
    because if you don't have a healer there is no way you are actually going to 
    win. You may also want to try using a Monk. Use Retaliate, and you will do 
    serious damage. Remember, that's if you get hit. Another strange tactic is to 
    give a Viking two shields, put them in the back row, and just Provoke them. A 
    Scholar may also be useful, because they double the effects of items they use.
    So try use items like Arctic Wind. Anyway, good luck! 
    After you defeat it, you can go back and fight it again, as much times as you 
    want. There is no limit =P. 
    Thanks to Mykas and Arkfullofsorrow I was able to write a strategy for this 
    boss! =D
    34. Version History                                                        {VH}
    Version 1.00                                                                
    Guide was completely finished. 
    Version 1.10
    Recommended levels for some bosses changed. 
    Version 1.11
    Nothing much, just forgot to change the 2010 to 2010- 2011 in the Copyright. 
    35. Credits                                                                {CS}
    I would like to thank:
    Square Enix, because they made a fantastic game,
    My uncle who bought me the game o.o, 
    Mykas0 for providing me with some info on bosses and especially the Iron Giant,
    Arkfullofsorrow for providing me a lot of info on the Iron Giant,  
    Everyone who supported me in this guide,
    And you, for using it!
    36. Copyright                                                              {CT}
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright. (C) 2Lazy4You (Ken Huang), 2010- 2011. 
    37. End                                                                    {ED}
    Yeah well, this is the end of the guide, o.o Thank you for using it and please
    E-mail me if you have any questions on this guide. I hope you enjoyed the game,
    and my guide. And my E-mail and other info are stated on the first page. Oh 
    yeah, and try put the subject as FF3 Guide, or something similar. And that's 
    about it, so goodbye! =D 

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