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    Level Up Guide by 2Lazy4You

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    	                  _______ _________ _        _______  _       
                     (  ____ \\__   __/( (    /|(  ___  )( \      
                     | (    \/   ) (   |  \  ( || (   ) || (      
                     | (__       | |   |   \ | || (___) || |      
                     |  __)      | |   | (\ \) ||  ___  || |      
                     | (         | |   | | \   || (   ) || |      
                     | )      ___) (___| )  \  || )   ( || (____/\
                     |/       \_______/|/    )_)|/     \|(_______/
             _______  _______  _       _________ _______  _______          
            (  ____ \(  ___  )( (    /|\__   __/(  ___  )(  ____ \|\     /|
            | (    \/| (   ) ||  \  ( |   ) (   | (   ) || (    \/( \   / )
            | (__    | (___) ||   \ | |   | |   | (___) || (_____  \ (_) / 
            |  __)   |  ___  || (\ \) |   | |   |  ___  |(_____  )  \   /  
            | (      | (   ) || | \   |   | |   | (   ) |      ) |   ) (   
            | )      | )   ( || )  \  |   | |   | )   ( |/\____) |   | |   
            |/       |/     \||/    )_)   )_(   |/     \|\_______)   \_/   
                              \__   __/\__   __/\__   __/
                                 ) (      ) (      ) (   
                                 | |      | |      | |   
                                 | |      | |      | |   
                                 | |      | |      | |   
                              ___) (______) (______) (___
    Training Locations Guide
    Introduction: Hello everyone I'm 2Lazy4You and welcome to my second guide for 
    the same game (I’ve only ever written two guides). The reason I wrote this was 
    because after the boss guide I realised that wasn’t enough so I went on to 
    write this one. This will only be a brief, straight to the point guide so it 
    won’t be lengthy. In this guide, you will find all the tips on training and 
    where to train when you are stuck. 
    P.S This guide contains spoilers!
    P.P.S If you need to contact me, please do so. My e-mail is 
    psycho.spaz@hotmail.com. You may contact me if you find a mistake in my guide. 
    I’m sure there will be. You can also ask questions about my guide, and if you 
    find that you have found a better training place than me, you can mail me it 
    and I will add it to my guide and put you in the Credits section =P. Also, if 
    you want to ask anything else, feel free to unless it’s inappropriate got it? 
    OK =D.
    P.P.P.S Yes, the previous paragraph is the same as the one in my boss guide? 
    You have good observation, and the reason for it being the same is that I 
    couldn’t be bothered to write an extra 50 words when you can just copy paste. 
    P.P.P.P.S (O.o) This game just recently came out on iPhone/ iPod Touch so more 
    people are browsing through the internet for these guides, so I decided it was 
    a good time to start this guide, because the game was actually made ages ago. 
    However, this guide is made for the DS version, but the iPhone one is almost 
    the exact same; only minor changes that won't affect you, and slightly easier. 
    1. >>>>>>>>>>>>>How to use the Guide                                       {HG}
    2. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Training Tips                                              {TT}
    3. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Levels 1-8                                                {1-8}
    4. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Altar Cave                                                 {AC}
    5. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Castle Sasune West Tower                                 {CSWT}
    6. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Sealed Cave                                                {SC}
    7. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Levels 8-20                                              {8-20}
    8. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Dragon’s Peak                                              {DP}
    9. >>>>>>>>>>>>>Tozus Tunnel                                              {DTT}
    10. >>>>>>>>>>>>Nepto Temple                                               {NT}
    11. >>>>>>>>>>>>Tower of Owen                                             {ToO}
    12. >>>>>>>>>>>>Subterranean Lake                                          {SL}
    13. >>>>>>>>>>>>Molten Cave                                                {MC}
    14. >>>>>>>>>>>>Levels 20-24                                            {20-24}
    15. >>>>>>>>>>>>Elder Tree                                                 {ET}
    16. >>>>>>>>>>>>Cave of Tides                                             {CoT}
    17. >>>>>>>>>>>>Levels 24-45                                            {24-45}
    18. >>>>>>>>>>>>Sewers                                                     {SS}
    19. >>>>>>>>>>>>Godlor’s Mansion                                           {GM}
    20. >>>>>>>>>>>>Dragon Spire                                               {DS}
    21. >>>>>>>>>>>>Cave of the Circle                                       {COTC}
    22. >>>>>>>>>>>>Sunken Cave                                               {SC2}
    23. >>>>>>>>>>>>Temple of Time                                            {ToT}
    24. >>>>>>>>>>>>Ancient Ruins                                              {AR}
    25. >>>>>>>>>>>>Falgabard Dungeon                                          {FD}
    26. >>>>>>>>>>>>Cave of Shadows                                           {CoS}
    27. >>>>>>>>>>>>Saronia Catacombs                                         {SC3}
    28. >>>>>>>>>>>>Lake Dohr                                                  {LD}
    29. >>>>>>>>>>>>Bahamut’s Lair                                             {BL}
    30. >>>>>>>>>>>>Doga’s Grotto                                              {DG}
    31. >>>>>>>>>>>>Ancient Maze                                               {AM}
    32. >>>>>>>>>>>>Levels 45-60                                            {45-60}
    33. >>>>>>>>>>>>The Forbidden Land, Eureka                                {FLE}
    34. >>>>>>>>>>>>The Crystal Tower                                         {TCT}
    35. >>>>>>>>>>>>Levels 60-90                                            {60-90}
    36. >>>>>>>>>>>>Questions and Answers                                      {QA}
    37. >>>>>>>>>>>>Version History                                            {VH}
    38. >>>>>>>>>>>>Credits                                                    {CS}
    39. >>>>>>>>>>>>Copyright                                                  {CT}
    40. >>>>>>>>>>>>End                                                       {END}
    1. How to use the Guide                                                    {HG}
    This may be the millionth time you’ve seen this kind of paragraph, but I’ll 
    just refresh your memory. The {??} on the right of the contents is the 
    ‘subtitle’. Let’s say you only want to check a specific section, like training 
    tips. Then you type in ctrl + f which brings up the auto find window, and type 
    the subtitle in there, press enter, and you know what to do next. You might not
    even need it because this guide won’t be lengthy as already stated above -.- 
    There are also stats about each dungeon. These stats are, levels, length, spawn
    rate, watch out for, look for, and overall rating. Here is how each stat is 
    Level- Basically the level you should be and level up to be in that dungeon
    Length- The length of the dungeon. Tiny<Short<Medium<Long<Huge
    Spawn rate- Terrible<Bad<OK<Good<Excellent
    Watch out for- Monsters or traps to watch out for
    Look for- Monsters that give the best exp
    Overall rating- Rating of the dungeon from a scale of 1-10
    Here is an example...
    World Map
    Level        - Nah                       Length         - Huge
    Look out for - Nothing                   Watch out for  - Strong monsters
    Spawn rate   - Terrible                  Overall Rating – 3.5/10
    As you can see that wasn’t the best example, but you get the point hopefully...
    2. Training Tips                                                           {TT}
    FF3 really isn’t about training, half the time you are not going to be under 
    level but if you are then read this :P
    The Basics
    Tip 1: Final Fantasy III is a Role Playing Game (RPG). The structure of this is
    you attack a monster, then they attack you. That is one round. You cannot both 
    attack at the same time that’s just ridiculous and breaking the rule of RPGs. 
    After each round, you can choose what to do like attack, heal or magic or 
    others. The enemy cannot attack you while you are on this command screen and 
    yes you guess right, if you just leave the battle like that for 100 years and 
    come back, the enemy will still not attack you -.-
    Tip 2: A common system in RPGs is the level system. When you gain a level, you 
    HP/MP, Strength, Defence, Magic levels and other stats increase. All these 
    stats are important and you may have trouble if they are too low. 
    Tip 3: Your jobs are also important. If you’re having difficulty fighting 
    monsters, or you just don’t like the jobs you currently have, why not change? 
    Changing to other jobs can all of a sudden make the game easier. Try to use 
    suitable jobs in every situation but do not keep changing jobs. It is best to 
    maintain a job through a whole 'crystal phase' (before you can choose more 
    Tip 4: Just after you have switched to a different job, you will be under a 
    time called the Job Transition Phase. During this time, your strength, agility,
    vitality, intellect and mind will be yellow, and slightly lowered. This is seen
    on the menu, and there is an arrow next to the character. Also, if you are 
    switching from a job that does not use magic to a job that does, be careful 
    because your mp will remain at 0 so you cannot use magic! Just go to a nearby 
    inn or wellspring and heal up.
    Tip 5: The battle commands that every job has in this game are Attack, Guard, 
    Item, Equipment, Front/Back Row, and Flee. Attack means you attack -.-, guard 
    means you guard =.=, Item means you choose an item from your inventory to use, 
    Equipment means you can change weapons halfway through battle, Front/Back row 
    means you can switch between rows, and I don’t know what Flee means you have to
    find out yourself >.>
    Tip 1: You will have access to a world map full of monsters almost through the 
    whole game. (How specific and down to earth was that sentence?) Seems easy to 
    train? Not really cause the exp the monsters on the world map give you are 
    terrible, and I’m not even gonna mention the spawn. Dungeons are how you are 
    usually going to train. You cannot save in dungeons like you can save on the 
    world map, so that is probably the only disadvantage. 
    Tip 2: Try to train on monsters you can kill comfortably. Don’t train on those 
    where they have a 50% chance of killing you because if you die you won’t get 
    exp obviously. 
    Tip 3: Look out for weaknesses. If you use fire on an ice monster it will do 
    extra damage (no shet). 
    Other Tips
    Tip 1: Most bosses are found at the end of dungeons. The monsters before the 
    boss have to be easy enough for you to kill. If you can comfortably kill the 
    monsters in the dungeon, you shouldn’t have trouble killing the boss. 
    Tip 2: This may not be true, but what I realised about dungeons is that the 
    spawn seems to go less when you reach the last floor of a dungeon. What I mean 
    is, the first time you go into a dungeon the spawn is good, but once you get to
    the last floor, teleport out and go in again, the spawn is not that good. This 
    might be just me, but keep it in mind cause it could be true. 
    3. Levels 1-8                                                             {1-8}
    You need almost absolutely no help at all levelling up here but I’ll help you 
    anyway. Only two bosses to face during this level span and they are very easy. 
    4. Altar Cave                                                              {AC}
    Level        - 1-2                       Length         - Short
    Look for     – Blue Wisp                 Watch out for  – Land Turtle
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 7/10
    The first cave ever, the first cave you start in. If you don’t mess around 
    here, grab all the treasure, you will be lvl 2 when you fight Land Turtle. 
    Just walk in, kill, and walk straight out. Try not to level past three because 
    you need to find your other party members first. 
    5. Castle Sasune West Tower                                              {CSWT}
    Level        - 3-4                       Length         - Tiny
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - Griffin
    Spawn rate   - Excellent                 Overall rating – 8/10
    Also very brief, just breeze in, grab the Wightslayer, and come out. It is 
    actually not a bad idea to stay here seeing how the spawn here is so good. You 
    should be lvl 4 when you come out, just head up to the next dungeon. 
    6. Sealed Cave                                                             {SC}
    Level        - 5-7                       Length         - Medium
    Look for     - Revenant                  Watch out for  - Larva (Stare)
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 9/10
    Meh. Same thing as before walk in and walk straight out, make sure you have at 
    least 16 potions, 4 eye drops and 4 antidotes. Fight Djinn at around lvl 6 if 
    you have the Antarctic Wind which will kick his ass. If not, you can still beat
    him he’s hopeless. This cave is good for lvling up until lvl 8, it gets slow 
    after that so try not to linger here. 
    7. Levels 8-20                                                           {8-20}
    Long part of the game here, also the most boring part. Once your past lvl 15 it
    takes ages to level up mainly cause the monsters give hopeless exp -.-
    8. Dragons Peak                                                            {DP}
    Level        - 8                         Length         - Short
    Look for     - Firefly                   Watch out for  - Rukh (Stone)
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 6/10
    The birds here are quite strong thanks to Djinn being so weak. Don’t train here
    because some birds can turn you to stone, and the exp is moderate. You don’t 
    want moderate, you want high! Get yourself kidnapped by Charizard and go to 
    9. Tozus Tunnel                                                           {DTT}
    Level        - 8-9                       Length         - Tiny
    Look for     - Leprechaun                Watch out for  - Singles
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 6.5/10
    This is only a tunnel. Not bad, but the monsters usually comes in singles. 
    Second best place right now. Just make sure you have at least three mages in 
    your party. 
    10. Nepto Temple                                                           {NT}
    Level        - 9-11                      Length         - Short
    Look for     - Blood Worm                Watch out for  - Blood Worm
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall Rating – 7/10
    Alright, train here for now :D A boss lies at the end of this dungeon. It’s not
    gonna be as fast as Sealed Cave but there is nowhere else. When the Giant Rat 
    comes into view, don’t get too close or the battle will start. Fortunately for 
    you, right before the rat is a bloodworm, the strongest monster in the damn 
    temple. You get slightly more exp from them than the rest. They are quite 
    strong however so be careful. Bloodworms are also found in the ‘blue area’, 
    along with poison bats. Hover around there. It may take a while levelling from 
    10-11 though. 
    11. Tower of Owen                                                         {ToO}
    Level        - 12-14                     Length         - Long
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - Aughisky (Silence)
    Spawn Rate   - Good                      Overall rating – 7.5/10
    Once you got the ship you would be exploring different places around the world 
    such as the Village of the Ancient Ruins, and Gulgan Gulch, where one of the 
    guys there say that darkness is covering the world. WELL YOU DON’T F****** SAY.
    Anyway, you would be about level 12 before you go into the Tower of Owen, which
    is a tower comprised of around 10 floors o.o Medusa is your first challenging 
    boss so be around lvl 14 at least. You also might want to make two runs into 
    the tower, once to collect all the items and teleport out, and the second time 
    to barge in and beat the boss (anyone notice the monster called Farr Darrig? 
    It’s one cool name for a monster). 
    12. Subterranean Lake                                                      {SL}
    Level        - 15                        Length         - Medium
    Look for     - Sea Devil, Ruinous Wave   Watch out for  - Manticore (Stone)
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 5/10
    You basically just reached the most boring and longest levels of the game. 
    Monsters are strong here, only train if you are under level. Gutso is easy 
    right now, fight him at around level 15. Be careful of the monsters here. 
    13. Molten Cave                                                            {MC}
    Level        - 15-19                     Length         - Medium
    Look for     - Crocottas, Myrmecoleons   Watch out for  - Myrmecoleons (Stone)
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 4/10
    This dungeon deserves a two, but it’s better than the Sea, which is part of 
    the world map, and you know what I said about world maps. Anyway, you have to 
    train here. Salamander is strong and powerful, and your HP is what’s important 
    here. Yes this will take AGES AND AGES, but you’ll survive, hopefully both life
    and Salamander. I cbfed here once so I fought Salamander at lvl 19. It was 
    still hard even with my 4 Antarctic Winds and an Arctic Wind. Try and train at 
    the back of the cave, the map before the fire crystal. There are no 
    Adamantoises there which only give 175xp and are highly annoying. Bosses at the
    end will net you 225- 250 exp per battle (Crocottas and Myrmecoleons). 
    14. Levels 20-24                                                        {20-24}
    What a short level span for the fire crystal. Fortunately it is interesting, 
    where you get to travel to the surface world. These levels will be brief, and 
    better than 15-20 thanks to monsters with higher exp :P
    15. Elder Tree                                                             {ET}
    Level        - 20-21                     Length         - OK
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - The three chest rooms
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 6/10
    You really don’t want to stay here seeing how you can’t teleport or anything. 
    You can defeat Hein quite easily, plus this dungeon is so dark and damp and 
    annoying. You might want to be above lvl 20 though, don’t stay at 19. 
    16. Cave of Tides                                                         {CoT}
    Level        - 21-23                     Length         - Long
    Look for     - Triple Ropers             Watch out for  - Cockatrice (Stone)
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 6.5/10
    An awesome new world with awesome music. Only one cave available right now, 
    unless you plan on staying in the fire crystal cave =.= The monsters come in 
    groups of two, but occasionally you fight the trio of Ropers, giving you 900 
    exp! Well that’s nice, fight your way to 23 or 24 and fight Kraken. The duo of 
    spiders is also quite nice.  
    17. Levels 24-45                                                        {24-45}
    After Aria dies you see the whole new world and it’s quite pathetic, only four 
    towns, two of them near deserted and one hidden. The town you are in right now
    is Amur, neither of the four :) Change jobs if you want to but you might not 
    want to change all your characters if you don’t have enough money. 
    Quite lengthy as well, 21 levels but this goes down fast as there are quick 
    ways to level here :D
    BOSSES (Doga, Unei, Leviath and Bahamut). 
    18. Sewers                                                                 {SS}
    Level        - 24                        Length         - Short
    Look for     - Twin Liger                Watch out for  - Quadruple Gigantoads
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 6.5/10
    Another dungeon in a town, interesting. You basically just go there to get the 
    shoes, but it isn’t a bad idea to train here if you’re not bothered to go 
    Godlor’s Palace or whatever he calls his own home. The monsters can be tough 
    when you just switched jobs, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. 
    19. Godlor’s Mansion                                                       {GM}
    Level        - 24-26                     Length         - Medium
    Look for     - Nightmare                 Watch out for  - Godlor
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 7.5/10
    Just make sure you’re AT LEAST level 25 before you fight Godlor. Walk in and 
    walk out and you’ll gain some exp along the way. It doesn’t matter where you 
    train, every map has the same monsters. Best place to train at this point. 
    20. Dragon Spire                                                           {DS}
    Level        - 26-30                     Length         - Tiny
    Look for     - Catopeblas and Sandworm   Watch out for  - Catopeblas (Stone)
    Spawn rate   - Excellent                 Overall rating – 6.5/10
    Right after you get your damn ship back some son of a ***** decides to blow it 
    up. You are therefore stuck in Saronia, and the only place with monsters is in 
    North Western Saronia. Go here. You might have realised the monsters here are 
    also on the world map, and this is an immediate indication of how bad the exp 
    is gonna be. Well the spawn makes up for it. Like the West Tower in Castle 
    Sasune, the spawn here is supernatural. Unfortunately it takes a long time 
    getting to 30, which you need to be in order to defeat Garuda. Don’t worry, it 
    gets really fast after this. These four levels are also faster than the Molten 
    Cave levels. 
    21. Cave of the Circle                                                   {COTC}
    Level        - 30                        Length         - Short
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - Every monster
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 5/10
    I expect you to flee every encounter... unless you actually have a band of 
    magicians ready to attack. Apart from that, get your ship on drugs and get your
    ass to Sunken Cave. 
    22. Sunken Cave                                                           {SC2}
    Level        - 30-35-40                  Length         - Short
    Look for     - Trios (last map)          Watch out for  - Guardians of chests
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 10/10
    This cave is absolutely ridiculous. All of a sudden you’re getting about 3- 4k 
    exp after every battle! What’s better is the treasure that’s in here! You can 
    actually stay here till level 40, it’s the fastest way, but you have other 
    things to do. After you have got the Fang of Earth and the Invincible, come 
    back here to get to lvl 40 if you’re not there yet. 
    23. Temple of Time                                                        {ToT}
    Level        - 35                        Length         - Long
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - Chimera Mages ambush
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 6/10
    Strong, strong monsters here. Be prepared. One of the strongest are the Dragon 
    and the Behemoth. Have caution in every step you take o.o Strong monsters= good
    exp? Well yes, but most of the monsters come in singles, so Sunken Cave is 
    still a better option. Don’t train here, you have a good chance of dying. 
    24. Ancient Ruins                                                          {AC}
    Level        - 35                        Length         - Huge
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - Dividing/Multiplying
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 5/10
    Absolutely terrible for training. The monsters divide and multiply, but 
    unfortunately your exp doesnt. Just get the goddam ship and leave, and never 
    come back here again. And I put the length of the dungeon as huge for a reason,
    it IS huge. Locked doors, massive maps, far away treasure chests. (This is 
    really interesting though, once you are on the Invincible, open the world map 
    and check your current location and then look at where you started, the 
    entrance of the Ancient Ruins. Big O_O)
    25. Falgabard Dungeon                                                      {FD}
    Level        - 35                        Length         - Tiny
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - Dividing/Multiplying
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 4/10
    Same thing as Ancient Ruins, only stronger monsters so better exp. A dungeon in
    a town, so it’s really short. It’s only there to give you a practice and the 
    three items at the end. 
    26. Cave of Shadows                                                       {CoS}
    Level        - 36                        Length         - Huge
    Look for     - Trios                     Watch out for  - Dividing/Multiplying
    Spawn rate   - Terrible                  Overall rating – 3/10
    Jesus Christ Square Enix, stop with the horrendous dungeons. Really long, and 
    with the biggest joke boss at the end. Terribad. Pretty much a slightly 
    strengthened version of Falgabard Dungeon. After this, it’s a good idea to go 
    back to the Sunken Cave and get to level 40 =.= This is also a 3/10 looking at 
    the amount of Mount Everests to conquer to get there. 
    27. Saronia Catacombs                                                     {SC3}
    Level        - 40                        Length         - Medium
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - Odin
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 6.5/10
    Another damn dungeon with the SC subtitle, and it’s really starting to piss me 
    off. Less exp than Sunken Cave, so only come here for Odin. Odin is one of the 
    people who everyone says is really pro, but isn’t. One person even said, “He 
    feared himself that he was so powerful so he sealed himself away” or some crap.
    Wow. Anyway, make sure you ARE powerful enough to fight him by being above 
    level 40 because it would be severely embarrassing if you lose. 
    28. Lake Dohr                                                              {LD}
    Level        - 40-45                     Length         - Short
    Look for     - Trios                     Watch out for  - Leviathan
    Spawn rate   - OK                        Overall rating – 9.5/10
    Finally somewhere with even better exp than Sunken Cave. It’s also interesting 
    how the monsters here are strengthened versions of the ones in Sunken Cave, 
    therefore having higher exp. Make sure you are lvl 45 at least to fight 
    Leviath, because he is quite powerful. Most monsters here come in groups of 
    three, giving you up to 5.7k exp! Usually it’s only 5.4k though. 
    29. Bahamut’s Lair                                                         {BL}
    Level        - 40-45, 50-70              Length         - Short
    Look for     - Trios (2nd map, 5700 exp) Watch out for  - Lamia Queen (1290 xp)
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 10/10
    This is an excellent dungeon, but I’ll expand on this later, not now. You’re 
    main priority is capturing Charizard so fight the dragon. Remember where this 
    place is though, you’re coming back here very soon so get used to it. You may 
    train here instead of Lake Dohr if you like, it’s really similar. 
    30. Doga’s Grotto                                                          {DG}
    Level        - 45                        Length         - Medium
    Look for     - Nothing in particular     Watch out for  - Doga and Unei
    Spawn rate   - Terrible                  Overall rating – 6.5/10
    What a breathtaking place! Waterfalls, cliffs... My language was too superb, 
    it’s actually not as good as it sounds. Anyway, long maps in this dungeon, but 
    isn’t that long in total, thanks to the hopeless spawn. Not good for training 
    here, only to fight Doga and Unei. 
    31. Ancient Maze                                                           {AM}
    Level        - 45                        Length         - Long
    Look for     - Greater Demon             Watch out for  - King Behemoth
    Spawn rate   - Terrible                  Overall rating – 6/10
    Long with the worst of the worst spawn, therefore the dungeon is shorter than 
    you think it is. Titan is guarding the Earth crystal which is in the first door
    you see. Kill him and you can unlock new jobs! There is one interesting thing 
    in this dungeon though, and I mentioned it in the Q and A section. 
    I also grouped this dungeon in the Water Crystal section, but this belongs more
    in the Earth Crystal section. It does not matter, just scroll up if you need to
    32. Levels 45-60                                                        {45-60}
    Finally, you’ve found the Earth crystal. It was indeed very well hidden but you
    might have guessed it was in the top right corner of the map seeing how it 
    looked full badass and stuff. Well you have to be level 60 to kill the Cloud of
    Darkness, so where do we train? You have things to do first, items to collect. 
    Also for much more detail about how to train here, refer to the questions and 
    answers section. There is a much more in depth guide to levelling there o.o
    33. The Forbidden Land, Eureka                                            {FLE}
    Level        - 46                        Length         - Long
    Look for     - The five weapons          Watch out for  - Scylla, Guardian
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 6.5/10
    If you're playing this game on an iPhone or iPod Touch, seriously listen to the
    music with good in- ear earphones. Words cannot express. That is some good 
    compositional work Square Enix. If you're on DS, don't go what the effing what 
    I'm on about because the DS sound system is just shet. Anyway, this place is 
    not the best place to level, but it's G. You must come here to get the items 
    anyway. After the items, don’t come here ever again (except to buy Shurikens if
    you ran out, or to dream about heroic situations with the epic music. It's the 
    sort of music suitable to be played when an army is 'marching into battle', but
    not the kind of music to be played during a battle. 
    34. The Crystal Tower                                                     {TCT}
    Level        - 50                        Length         - Huge
    Look for     - Bluck                     Watch out for  - Multicoloured Dragons
    Spawn rate   - Bad                       Overall rating – 6.5/10
    Finally you’re in the damn tower. This tower is supposed to touch the sky, but 
    fortunately for you, you don’t have to climb that high to get to the top. Refer
    to the Q and A section for more detail for training. As you might have guessed,
    this place is huge, so when you’re around level 50, please don’t go above 
    halfway. Once you see the Generals and the Glasia Labolas or whatever it’s 
    called, teleport out because you don’t want to fight the dragons yet. 
    35. Levels 60-90                                                        {60-90}
    If you wanna ask if I actually bothered to play till level 90 to fight the Iron
    Giant, then I will answer truthfully- no. Which means some of the information 
    here can be inaccurate! Well that’s a shame. You have an extra option here, the
    World of Darkness. The answer is a no. The monsters give good exp but they 
    don’t come in groups of threes. Plus, how much time do you have to spend 
    walking up to get there? Stay at Bahamut’s Lair. 
    Well the higher level you are, the more exp required to level. Seeing how your 
    exp adds on, wouldn’t it be good to train at Blucks? This is a 30 level span so
    you have so much time, and Bahamut’s Lair will start to get slow like every 
    dungeon. Blucks will get slow at a slower rate :D Just try to remember not to 
    stay in one battle too long, for you might gain too many exp. And remember you 
    can’t over level. (Refer to the Q and A section for Bluck training details). 
    Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that dragons in the Crystal Tower drop Onion
    equipment! You also should go there and fight the dragons. 
    And yes there is a secret ??? dungeon full of the red/yellow/green dragons. 
    Train there if you like, but it will still be quite dangerous, so if you feel 
    like you’re not getting enough exp, then don’t train there!
    36. Questions and Answers                                                  {QA}
    Any questions about training are answered here. If you have a question, don’t 
    be afraid to email me about it, and I will post it here :D
    Ancient Maze vs. Crystal Tower vs. Bahamut’s Lair, what’s better?
    You have three options now, the most interesting part of the game in terms of 
    levelling. Finally I have something worth saying. OK, first option, Ancient 
    Maze. What is so damn interesting about this place? OK, there is one monster 
    here called the Greater Demon. The Greater Demon summons another monster called
    the Iron Claws. The Greater Demon will not die if you kill the Iron Claws, and 
    with each Iron Claws you kill your exp adds on. Sounds good? Consider this 
    sh**, your job level can only increase by one. In other words, you cannot over 
    level. You know what else doesn’t over level? Your level. Yes, your exp can 
    pile up as much as it likes but you can only level one at a time. And when you 
    see the words ‘exp piling up’, don’t get too excited because it’s still not 
    that fast. Also, you have to find the damn monster first, who knows how long 
    that will take? 
    OK, Crystal Tower, same concept as Ancient Maze. There is a monster called 
    Bluck, in the first floor. It summons a monster called Kum- Kum. This hag is so
    weak to physical attacks it isn’t even the slightest bit funny, but make sure 
    it doesn’t use magic cause it’s deadly. You should be able to deal 9999+ damage
    with any of your physical attackers. Anyway, you get more exp here seeing how 
    the monsters are stronger, so this may be more worth it. Just make sure you 
    don’t kill the Bluck itself, if you do you’re an idiot. And sometimes the Bluck
    comes in twos. I'd say it is faster to have ONE Bluck rather than two, so if 
    they come in twos, kill one. Once your level gets higher though, your defence 
    gets better and your HP increases. So you don't really care about how much 
    damage you're taking. And you are strong enough to kill one Kum- Kum in one go.
    Therefore it would be better to have two Blucks at the same time, so in case 
    one of them chooses not to summon, the other one will. I estimate the Kum- Kums
    to be summoned at a rate of 70%. 
    The last option, Bahamut’s Lair? Let me tell you the structure of this dungeon.
    Three maps. You enter from the north and you can exit from the south, but that 
    doesn’t go anywhere, only to save game (and Bahamut if you haven’t defeated him
    yet). If you want to use teleport, wherever you enter, is where you will be 
    teleported out. So if you entered from the back and want to teleport out of the
    damn dungeon back to the front, you end up back at the back =.= anyway enough 
    First map = sometimes only duos. 
    Second map = 100% trio, 100% 5.7k exp. 
    Third Map = Possible Lamia Queen encounter. 
    As you can see, the best way to train is to linger in the 2nd map. 
    This is the place I trained in all the way to level 58. Normal training here, 
    every monster gives 7.6k exp. Divided by the 4 members in your party, that’s 
    1.9k. However they always come in groups of threes! So 1.9k * 3 = 5.7k exp! Not
    bad, but there is one monster called the Lamia Queen that comes by herself and 
    gives you 1290 exp -.- gtfo please >.> Fortunately, that’s only in the last 
    map. Just let me tell you, it is very, very fast. Once you are level 58, you 
    may head to the end of the crystal tower and defeat the bosses there. Good luck
    with the ahem* SEVEN bosses. And yes I did see my mistake, it’s actually six 
    My final rating for these three dungeons:
    Ancient Maze method   = 8/10
    Crystal Tower method  = 9/10
    Bahamut’s Lair method = 9.5/10
    NOTE: This is until level 60. 
    Levels 60+? Same thing? No. You must go back to Blucks once you’re past about 
    level 70, obviously because Bahamut's Lair starts to get slow. The bad thing 
    about Blucks is that your job level will not increase by a lot. That is a major
    disadvantage, but exp is your main priority, so yeah. Plus you can’t expect 
    fast levelling to level 90 to fight the Iron Giant anyway seeing how the game 
    is supposed to end at level 60 -.-
    So which order of boss battles do I follow at level 45?
    You have so many options. Leviath and Bahamut are actually optional, but you 
    will be attracted to the dungeon with its high exp, and while you’re in there, 
    you won’t be able to resist the temptation to kill them. Am I right? You're 
    probably smiling right now too. Anyway, Titan is the boss that guards the Earth
    crystal, available after getting the Fang of Earth, which could actually be as 
    early as lvl 35. You are too weak at this time, so if you’re desperate for the 
    fourth set of jobs, then fight Titan first, and then you can mix the order 
    around. If you are full desperate at exploring Eureka and the Crystal Tower 
    right after new jobs which I strongly recommend you NOT, then kill Doga and 
    Unei before the dragon kings. You can even defeat Titan a couple of levels 
    earlier, but you must be above level 45 for Leviath and Bahamut. So if you want
    to start at level 43, then kill Titan, then Doga, Unei, Leviath and Bahamut. By
    the time you've finished, you'd be above level 45. 
    Is the world map really that bad for training?
    Most of the time. The only time when it is actually OK to train on is at level 
    15-20. Train in the outer circle of the ocean. Rarely you will face the triple 
    Anet, giving you 300 exp which is 50 more than the usual 250 exp in the Molten 
    Cave, from Crocottas and Myrmecoleons. Usually it comes in twos though, which 
    is only 200 exp. Mermaids and Seahorses are the most common, giving you 225 
    exp. Like the Molten Cave, there is a stupid monster designed just to piss you 
    off by coming by itself and giving you 175 exp- exactly the same as 
    Adamantoise, and that is the Sea Dragon =.= 
    Another time when the world map is OK is when you first see the surface of the 
    surface world (when your ship is chained). The Dracrotta gives 625 exp 
    (doubles) and the Magician often comes with the Hellgaroo which gives you a 
    total of 663 exp. The spawn in the dungeon is always better, and do monsters 
    come in groups of three in the sewer? No, but Twin Ligers give up to 550 exp 
    in doubles, and a good spawn may make it even. Your choice. Remember though, 
    Godlor’s Manor is way better than both options (Nightmare gives you 950 in 
    doubles). It’s just a bit far to walk to get there, that’s all. 
    There is one more time where the world map can seem formidable for training and
    that is when you get the Nautilus. Everything under the sea is quite good, but 
    the Sunken Cave (which is also under the sea) is even better, which eliminates 
    the world-map-under-the-sea option. Monsters in the cave come in threes, which 
    can get up to 4200 exp per battle. Usually, it’s just 3600 exp. 
    Why NOT train in Cave of the Circle?
    How much mages will you have? Physical attackers overtake magicians now in 
    terms of strength, so you shouldn’t have that many magicians. If you do have at
    least two offensive mages, then go ahead, the exp is above average. Just beware
    of the monsters they can be quite strong. 
    What about job level? What is it? Is there a way to train that?
    A job level is almost as important as a level. Every stat like strength, 
    vitality, etc will increase except for HP/MP. Your job level, like your level, 
    can go up to 99. It levels up based on the amount of ‘actions’ you do in 
    battle. Attacking, using magic or items, or anything that takes up a turn is 
    one action. Changing your weapons is NOT. If it was, then it would be a bit 
    easy to get to job level 99 don’t you think? Guarding is also counted as an 
    Sometimes when you decide to check the status of each character, you might 
    realise one of your characters has a significantly low job level. This happens 
    when the same three people in your party kill a monster before you even get the
    chance to attack. As you can see, you’re not taking any ‘actions’, therefore 
    your job level is never going to increase. If you have a Knight, be prepared 
    for this.
    Why does the same person never attack first? Because of their agility. Knights 
    have low agility; therefore they will go last in battle unless you have someone
    else with an even lower agility, such as Vikings. Unlike Final Fantasy II, you 
    cannot attack earlier by equipping light armour. Your agility is set, and 
    determined by your job, but some weapons may alter this stat. The Ragnarok and 
    the Excalibur can give a Knight +10 agility. Jobs with the highest agility 
    include Thieves and Ninjas. Please don’t dismiss job level as a mere factor of 
    the game- my job level 99 ranger was way stronger than my job level 30 ninja. 
    The best place to actually train your job level is probably Altar Cave, the 
    weakest of the weak. The reason this is good is because you will be guarding to
    do one ‘action’ and guard for many rounds then eventually finish the monsters 
    off by attacking and level your job level, and you don’t wanna take a mega 
    amount of damage each round. If you do enough amount of actions in one battle, 
    your job level will increase. Try not to do too much actions though, because 
    your job level does not overlap. I found that doing 5-6 actions per battle 
    meant a job level up every time. So in this case, you will choose the guard 
    action on all of your characters for four rounds, and in the last round, finish
    off the monster. If there is only one monster, then make sure to guard with 
    three people and attack with one, so everyone completes an action on that last 
    round. Oh and by the way, defensive actions always go before offensive actions,
    so if you choose guard, you will ALWAYS go before the monster, and characters 
    in your party set to attack. However, the number of rounds needed for a job 
    level may differ with you, and maybe with different jobs. 
    37. Version History                                                        {VH}
    Version 1.00
    Guide was completely finished. 
    Version 1.10
    A LOT of mistakes corrected, and altered a few sentences and information. 
    38. Credits                                                                {CS}
    There are not many people to thank =.= seeing how I wrote this guide mainly by 
    myself, but whatever o.o I would like to thank: 
    Square Enix for making a great game, 
    My uncle once again because he bought me the game as a present -.-
    Bob Zinger for providing me fragments of info about job levels and reminding me
    to be specific,
    The people who supported me in this guide, 
    And you, for using it!
    39. Copyright                                                              {CT}
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright. (C) 2Lazy4You (Ken Huang), 2011. 
    40. End                                                                   {END}
    Point number 40 ends the guide! (o.o) Thank you for spending your time reading 
    it, and don’t be afraid emailing me questions that you want to ask. If you want
    it put in the Questions and Answers section, then please say so. My email is in
    the first page of this 17 page long guide (o.O), and if you do email me try put
    the title of the thing as FF3 or something, for the sake of convenience. I have
    nothing else to say now, so goodbye and good luck! =D

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