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"A Triumph For Square Enix"

So it is finally here, a remake of the only Final Fantasy never released in the United States. It was a long wait but I must say, it was well worth it.

STORY 9/10
While the story in this game is great compared to most,you will find that it is lacking in some parts.The characters in the remake, however, come with separate backgrounds and stories that help add to the overall feel of the game. You play with 4 characters overall, and while they may not play as big a role as you think, in the end it all comes together very nicely.

Amazing.That is the only way to put it, simply Amazing. The DS is at its best in this game with graphics that exceed those of Final Fantasy 7.The landscapes are beautiful and fit the mood of the game perfectly.The characters of the game are better designed than in any other Final Fantasy remake thus far. The game is entirely in 3-D and each character features their own unique style and looks.The battle graphics are just as beautiful with cleverly designed monsters and battle spells that will have you awestruck. Overall Square Enix has put some hard work into making this one of the most beautiful DS games to date.

This is where Final Fantasy 3 really Excels above the rest.Final Fantasy 3 features a turn-based battle system which(for those of you new to Final Fantasy) means that your characters get to attack at a predetermined time. Final Fantasy 3 also features a Job System in battle.This means that your characters can change their profession from one thing to another(for example,if you want to be a Black Mage but your character is currently a Warrior,you can change from one to another via the main menu). Each character starts off as a freelancer(this means you have no strengths or weaknesses) but as you progress through the game you will unlock different jobs that you can change into and each job will level up with your characters.While each job has its own strengths and weaknesses, it is up to you to figure out how you want each character to go in battles or else you will wind up with a dead party.The game itself features four main characters:Luneth(the main character), Arc, Refia, and Ingus. There are also other characters that will tag along but they are not anything major in the game as a whole. Final Fantasy 3 will wow most people with its top of the line game play.

SOUND 9/10
The sound in this game is quite good for a Nintendo DS game but it sounds a little like the SNES version at times.In battle you will hear 2 different themes.One theme is for a normal enemy encounter and the other is for major enemy encounters(also known as bosses) The world map also features its own unique music.While the sound is somewhat childish at times you will not be disappointed with it in the least.

This could have gotten a much higher score had it not have been for one thing:Online Features. While this game has many things to do after the main story such as optional bosses and special job classes to obtain, you must have a WI-FI connection to do most of it so those without it will not be fortunate enough to enjoy all the sweet extras this game has to offer.For those of you who have WI-FI however, you can enjoy the mognet feature along with the unlock-ables.Mognet is a new feature in the world of Final Fantasy that allows you to chat and mail other players across the globe(but sadly can mail only 1 letter per hour).Even without the optional stuff this game is still a must play.

Buy,Rent,or Ignore

I heavily suggest you buy this game as it has plenty of fun to offer and is even longer than most games for the DS not to mention the optional stuff.Buy this game and it will not disappoint.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/15/06

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