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"A bit late in the times but still ok"

To start something off for the new players of FF or those who have forgotten this is an earlier version of the game. Thats right, the way the game was made for NES and SNES. Most people for some reason might be expecting game play to be like that of FFX-FF12 or even FF8 and up.

Well you wont be seeing any of that here. This is a game that was never really released in America till just now. The storyline like all FF games is different but still entertaining.

Like most RPG games you start off as the main character then you will meet up others that join your team for his/her reason. Like FFTA and an older FF game you get too choose your "class". Each one having its on advantage and disadvantage in gameplay. There are some interesting class but sadly some are just either useless or repeats of another class with a different name.

The gameplay itself is alright, with the return of turn based fighting. Many players used to like this style for being able to wait and plan their moves. Others who are either too used to the newer games or used to system games themselves will have to get used to it again or just put the game down after ten minutes.

This version of the game was made to be a bit too easy though. Some enemies have higher stats then the origianl and more health but you can get through them after some leveling or a good strategy. Some of the bosses seem too strong at fight but are just a powered up version of enemies.

Something "new" is the WI-FI that DS has to offer. Yes thats right, you can play a handheld remake online and send messages to friends. I saw no reason for this what so ever and just thought that Nintendo added this little feature to it only because the DS has the ability to. Theres no real use for it other then trading items and unlocking new quests which include "hidden" bosses. I say if you remake a game to be like the original just add either better graphics or make it playable in newer systems/handhelds. No need for all these fancy gimmicks

The graphics are decent but seem too cartoony and the sound is I guess alright other then some annoying sound effects and no there are no voices in this game. Remember its supposse to be like the older games.

Over all I say its deserves a 4, good for most American players to have a chance to experience the gameplay that they couldnt a while back but nothing too special about it. Get this game only if you are a collector or are an absolute fan of the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/16/06

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