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"Aggravating, but a good game."

So, after around 16 years of waiting, this game finally comes over to the states. If some of you don't know, this was a game that was released on the Famicon, or the Japanese NES, about 16 years ago. It never came over, so many people wasn't able to play this game, and for those who think that they have played Final Fantasy 3 on the NES, you haven't. That is Final Fantasy 6, a completely different game. That being said, here's my review.

You begin the game as Luneth, an orphan, who was exploring a cave, which appeared after a recent earthquake, and falls into a hole. He explores the cave to find a way out, when he comes across a crystal, that tells you that tells you that you are the chosen to bear the light of the crystals, to restore equilibrium. But, there are three others, and you have to find them. Once you find them, and after you help a kingdom and a town that was cursed by a monster named Djinn, you are summoned back to the crystal, and you get blessed with it's light again. You are the light warriors, and you are to find the other three crystals and restore peace and stop the world from returning back to the void.

You can either control the game with either the stylus or the buttons. The game is basic, but that's because this game was originally an NES game, but has changed a bit. This is like the typical Final Fantasy, you move your character around, talk to people, and fight monsters. Monsters are random battles like previously released Final Fantasies, but the battle system isn't an active time battle. You choose what all four characters will do at once (much like Final Fantasy 1, 2, and Golden Sun for that matter). Characters will be able to change what abilities that they can use, thanks to the job system. You start out as a "Freelancer" (for those who have played the original FF3, you won't start out as an Onion Knight, that's now a bonus job), but you can change anyone into a White mage (healing magic), Black Mage (Offensive Magic), Warrior (strength in swords), thief (run better from battles, pick locks, ect), many other jobs. There are 23 jobs in all.


Story= 7/10- The story doesn't involve that much, mind you that it was an NES game. That being said, they did add in a lot more text for the characters to say. They gave each character a personality, instead of just having one character talk all the time. Regardless, this game still feels like a NES game at some points (only the story, definitely not the graphics). The story isn't that well detailed, so they make it so that the next boss that you fight is almost 2X stronger than the last so you will have to train for about an hour or two.

Graphics= 9/10- Naturally, Square-Enix games always look good. Just about everything here uses polygon graphics, and only a few things (rocks, items, ect) are sprites. The graphics are supurb for a DS game, which makes it so much a great game. The only reason I don't give it a perfect is because some of the character polygons look extremely primitive and rushed.

Control= 8/10- If you play the game without the stylus, then it's pretty nice. If you choose to play with the stylus, it can (maybe) be frustrating. Chooses are usually too small for you to be completely accurate, so sometimes you may press something you didn't want to choose. Moving with the stylus is fun, but also frustrating because sometimes he won't move exactly how you wanted him move.

Gameplay= 8/10- This game is fun, but can be frustrating. Unlike the original, the boss attacks twice, instead of only attacking once. You party also will be frustrating because what order they attack is random. You might think that character 1 will attack first, then character 2, so you have character 1 revive character 3 and character 2 heal character 3, just to have character 2 go first and waist both the healing item and the reviving item. More aggravating moments, but still a good game to play.

Overall= 8/10-This is a great game. If you are the one to go up to an enemy and hack and slash them away instead of choosing attacks, this isn't for you. You have to be careful about what you do, what's the right attack, the right job, path, everything. This is the long awaited game that many Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for. If you have the chance to play it or buy it, do it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/17/06

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