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"Terra? Who's Terra? This is Final Fantasy III dummy!"

Yes people this is the true Final Fantasy III. Allow me to explain. Back in the Famicom days Square released a third installment of Final Fantasy on the NES. Unfortunately Square never shipped it to the US or anywhere else for that matter. The Final Fantasy you know with Terra, Locke and Kefka is known as Final Fantasy VI. We got it as Final Fantasy III on the Super Famicom, and also with Final Fantasy Anthology. Now Square has rereleased it with new graphics and some tweaks, guess what? We have it now too!!

Story 9/10

Pretty straight forward. Four heroes are chosen by the crystal to save the world from a doom that has befallen them. On your journey you will fight many battles, befriend many allies, and save the world. As I said straightforward and its nothing new but back then it was, and it is still loved.

Graphics 10/10

Sqaure has really given a boot to their 2-D engines this time. Not using sprites, Square gave this game 3-D characters that look good and monsters that look good as well. It also has some FMV's along with it. This department was done well especially for a remake.

Music/Sound 7/10

Although I couldn't really remember any songs I hummed myself to it was decent. The tracks felt really soothing as a explored a dungeon or fought a battle, and most tracks were simply untouched and were given a new age sound to it making it in my opinion much better. Sound effects were also good but sometimes annoying.

Wifi Connecting 2/10

Not one of the strong points in the game. As it wasn't really needed and it only made getting the secret stuff frustrating. As you needed the friend codes to get anything at all.

Replay Value 5/10

Not bad. I've actually played through it three times myself. Although some may never play again after the first time. It really all depends on how you feel in this department.

Rent Or Buy Sigma?

Definitely buy, and if you can't buy rent it. If you can't rent it ROB SOMEONE RIGHT NOW!! I strongly recommend picking this up for your DS system as I guarantee it will be one of the strongest titles for the DS ever.

Overall Rating 9/10 Nearly Perfect

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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