Review by grimakis

"Semi-New to the Series, already hooked."


I have played some Final Fantasy games before. But they were FFTA, and FFCC. People usually don't count them as the true FF's. They are probably right. They are good games, but this one tops them both. I have been playing only for about 1/2 day and I am hooked. This game gets a perfect score for these reasons.

Gameplay: 10

It has wonderful gameplay. It remind me of Pokemon in some way. The Turn Based Battle System. Its like FFCC and Pokemon. It truly is a wonderful RPG. Send blows at your opponent, they strike back next. There are a handful of Jobs to choose from. These jobs have strong and weak points. Of course some jobs, notably mages seem to be similar. A combo of Black Magic and White Magic, Summon Magic and Black Magic. But those slight differences can make, well, differences. It has the same FF look at other games. But that goes in the next category.

Graphics: 10

Good graphics is all I can say. Maybe not to console standard, but appreciate 3-D. Remember when all you had was the Game Boy Color. Having color on the handheld was an achievement at the time. Now we have 3-D on our handhelds. Just remember what it used to be like and don't take this for granted.

Sound: 10

Sounds like an FF game. Music is relaxing at times, while at others its intense. Adds and element to the game that is otherwise unachievable without music. It puts the player into a perfect mood for playing FF. Something about the music causes you to think differently and get into the game

Multiplayer: JOKE

I'm not scoring the multiplayer because I probably would give it a 0. There's no fighting involved. It seemed that Nintendo added the Mognet because they could do it. There's nothing more intense than sending mail to someone once per hour. This is a joke on Nintendo. I'm sorry Nintendo, don't do this again.

Overall: 10

Good game. Don't rent it, you will want to keep playing and when you give it back you will have to restart. Buy this if you like Final Fantasy. If you never played an FF game or an RPG for that matter, don't get this. Get a Zelda game or something. This may be too hard for FF newbies.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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