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"A DS masterpiece and a fantasy worth having."

Finally, the one Final Fantasy that never saw daylight in America reaches shores. The anticipation was high and finally the wait is over. Final Fantasy III (not to be confused with Final Fantasy III for SNES which was really Final Fantasy 6) is truly a masterpiece worth owning. If there's any rpg for the DS that deserves a shrine to be built for, it is Final Fantasy III.

Quite cliche but hey, this ain't your modern rpg. A young boy by the name of Luneth falls into a hole which ends up being an unknown cave. While exploring it he comes across a crystal with a mysterious voice that unfolds his destiny. He must seek out 3 other Warriors of the Light and save the world from impending darkness. Saving the world isn't so original but I'll tell you, saving the world never felt so good. The story grabs you and wont let you go till you finish playing, or of course you turn off your DS and forget about it forever. But although cliche it still is quite interesting and very worth playing through.

Final Fantasy truly uses the power of the DS. Cinematic intro is breath-taking and so are the environments of the game. The detail in the game is great and definitely gives it the Final Fantasy look. Fully 3-D and fully kickass. The game-play graphics are well done for a system such as the DS and there's nothing really icky about the way things look.

The musical score is outstanding. Square-Enix never ceases to amuse it's fans with a beautiful soundtrack. Final Fantasy III definitely has the Final Fantasy sound. From the dungeon music to the world map music. Everything just seems to fit in place and deserves having the volume all the way up for it.

Game-play is very traditional and well-worth. Such a classic fantasy deserves to keep its beloved turn-based battle system. There's nothing really complex about the game-play and everything seems easy to get use to. The bad thing is the game can sometimes be really hard and the random encounters can get a little over abusive. Sometimes after every few or so steps bam! there's a battle. Some cool little features could be the use of the touch screen. You can play the whole game using the touch screen although I find it more comfortable using the controls. Also the game has quick access buttons using the R and L buttons. The R button quickly takes you to the menu screen. and the L button can zoom the camera in or out. The camera is a cool little feature that allows players to find hidden items. Some items can only be discovered whilst the camera is zoomed in. Doing so allows the hidden item to sparkle and enabling the player to find it. The game also allows for Wi-Fi connection but sadly not for multi-player and only to send messages to friends and unlocking certain side-quests. A multi-player feature would've really made the game an online experience worth trying. But don't let that empty shell give you second thoughts. The game itself is a must have.

Closin Comments:
All in all Final Fantasy III is spectacular. But of course every game has it flaws and Final Fantasy III is no exception. Multi-player would've really been enjoyable and the many random encounters can get really frustrating. But other than that the game is unbelievable and surely deserves to be part of your DS collection. If you're an rpg fan and you own a DS then Final Fantasy III is a game you'll love for years to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/22/06

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