Review by GokuSephyCloud9

Reviewed: 11/22/06

Final Fantasy: A Review!

Final Fantasy - A "Role-Playing" Game!

I know the phrase "greatest RPG of our time" is tossed around a lot, but FFIII is truly a title worthy of disproportionate praise.

You start the game as a young male with no experience, no money, and no job. As you progress throughout the game's rich storyline, you advance in power and wealth and even add additional members to your party.


The story is grand and expansive, and much improved from the original version (released only in Japan). I don't want to give too many things away, but suffice to say things aren't always what they appear and there are several major twists. All in all, a fantastic story!


The same Final Fantasy gameplay from the other episodes of the series is back for another go. Using various options available to you (Attack, Item, Run, and more) you have to kill enemies that attack you. Kill the enemies to gain more experience and gold, which you can use to purchase new items and equipment to make your characters stronger. It's a tried-and-true format that'll have you playing for hours on end.


You can use both the control pad and buttons (classic) or the stylus for a new school feel. Given the fact that there's TWO control schemes, this really should be a 20/10!!


Holy cow! The 3-D effects look phenomenal, and you can really see the DS' graphical potential pushed to the limits here. The battles look crisp and smooth, and the characters appear distinct and colorful. It's truly a persistent, vibrant world that really helps the immersion factor. You really feel like part of the game. Awesome!


You might think that because this is a linear RPG that there's no replay value, but you'd be wrong!

OVERALL (Not An Average) 10/10

I tried to give this game an 11/10, but the form provided by GameFaqs wouldn't let me. It IS worth an 11, though! Buy or Rent? Buy! Perhaps you should buy two copies just in case! JUST BUY IT!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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