Review by DrLuigee21

Reviewed: 11/27/06

A DS owner's fantasy game: Final Fantasy III


I have played quite a few RPG’s, and a few of the other Final Fantasy GBA remakes, and was excited at the chance to play this Final Fantasy, one new to the American gamer. What was even more exciting was that this Final Fantasy was going to be remade in 3-D, and released for the DS! Joy of all joys, Final Fantasy III was released, and lived up to my expectations.

Gameplay: 9

The gameplay of Final Fantasy III will be familiar to anyone who has played a Final Fantasy game before. Battles full of magic and fights against monsters pop up randomly as you explore the various dungeons of the game’s world. These battles are interspersed with boss fights against large creatures with power enough to often crush your entire party. The game follows the formula of traveling from dungeon to dungeon, battling your way to each boss, sometimes to find yourself too weak and having to fight more random battles to get stronger. The best part of the gameplay however, is the job system. Final Fantasy III is often credited with introducing a unique job system, wherein jobs can be changed at any point, and each job has different special characteristics and items it can equip. This system allows for strategy and adds depth to the battle system and the game in general. Some have complained about the difficulty, ironically some saying it is too hard, and other veterans of the series saying it is too easy, but I found the difficulty to be almost perfect, a mix between frustration and challenge.

Story: 7

Final Fantasy III has a decent story. It has nothing against some of the epic tales woven by later Final Fantasies, and is little more than the generic “heroes saving the world” story, but the story flows well, and makes sense. Most of the game’s story is broken up into smaller storylines where you must go into a dungeon and accomplish something in order to advance the story. This works well, and although the story is nothing special or unique, it is enjoyable enough, and doesn’t bring down the game’s fun factor.

Controls: 8

The controls are done well with the control pad and buttons, and there is nothing to complain about except the minor annoyance of having to zoom in to find secrets, but nothing major. Final Fantasy III can be played with the stylus alone, but doing so is slow and cumbersome. Fortunately you are not forced to use the stylus at all, but it would have been nice to have a better control system utilizing the stylus, because I am certainly a fan of stylus based games.

Graphics: 9

In my opinion this game has the best 3-D graphics on the DS, bar none. The world is rendered very nicely, and the character models look different in each class, as well as the weapons being shown during battle. The variety of landscapes and enemy models are just added bonuses to this great looking game.

Sound: 7

To be honest, I played much of this game with the sound off, so I can’t fully appreciate it. The sound quality was decent, but the music was a bit repetitive. Really, I don’t often listen to the sound in my handheld games, so don’t take my sound review too definitively.

Replay Value: 8

You might think there wouldn’t be much replay value in an RPG like this. Fortunately, there are many sidequests, especially ones gained by using DS to DS connections. Thus, if you don’t have the ability to connect to another DS, either over wi-fi or locally, the replay value score for you would be knocked down to a 7. Also, the variety of jobs can add more replay time, and it is possible to master every job for every character (granted that would take a long time, and would be exceedingly boring to some.)

Overall: 9

Final Fantasy III is all around just a great game. Whether you are a Final Fantasy veteran who has played this game already on a translated ROM, or an RPG newcomer, this is a fantastic game. The only reason this game isn’t receiving a ten from me is because it is a remake of an old game, and as such I can’t give it a perfect score in good conscience.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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