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Reviewed: 11/27/06

One of the best titles for the DS. Any RPG player should buy it.

This game was the first of a long line of final fantasy games from I to XII. Including other non numbered titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy Legends I-IV for the Gameboy, and other titles. And it doesnt dissapoint.

When I came home and cracked open Final Fantasy Three I would have to say the first thing I did was read my manual. Being an avid gamer and having played all of the final fantasy games I was interested to see how Square Enix had changed this game from 2D to 3D. Having not been previously released in the United States in an unemulated version, the previous FFIII which was released on the SNES was actually the Japanese FFVI.

Story-[ 10 out of 10 ]
The game starts off with you playing as Luneth, in a large cave that he fell into as the result of an earthquake, after trekking through the cave and fighting goblins you reach the boss of the cave, a giant turtle. After beating the turtle you are accepted as one of the light warriors by the crystal in the cave and are returned to the surface. Soon after you visit your hometown of Ur and meet Arc, your best friend. Unfortunately he runs off in an attempt to prove himself in the eyes of his peers and leaves you alone to explore. After a visit to the town elders you visit the town supposedly inhabited by ghosts and find out that the ghosts are people who have been cursed by a Djinn. To save the people you must find a mythril ring and seal the Djinn inside, which encompasses the first part of the game. After the Djinn is sealed and the ring is purified the real game begins. Youre teleported back to the crystal and introduced to the job system that seperates this final fantasy from all of the others.

Controls- [ 10 out of 10 ]
The controls in this game are fluid, and pleasing. The control pad controls movement, and since the game is now illustrated in a 3D world you can now walk diagonally. The touch screen has great execution as well. as to the fact that holding the stylus close to your character causes you to walk and holding it far away causes you to run. There are also buttons for accessing the menus and camera controlling.

Graphics- [ 10 out of 10 ]
The 2D to 3D really brings out greatness in the game. The simple yet pleasing to the eye graphics really bring out the charm of the game. Not to mention that each person looks different in each job. If you make all four of your characters white mages then each one has its own look. The monster graphics in the game look great as well, when you first see Bahamut it looks great, like it could jump out at you. Which is pretty good when you look at the DS graphics on some other games.

Sound- [ 8 out of 10 ]
The Sound in this game is great, but its alot of recycled tracks plus a fewnew ones. On more than one occasion I found myself humming the themes when I was in certain areas. I liked the sound and Nobuo is a genius when it comes to making music but I wished that he would've made some new content in the game during its production. It lacks a large musical score like some of the other Final Fantasy games.

Gameplay- [ 10 out of 10 ]
There are lots of features in this game that make it great to play. The job system in this game was the basis for games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, and Tactics advanced, along with a few others, which have a large fanbase because of it. The mognet mail feature is pretty good too, but it could've used a better execution. A chat system to get access to other peoples friend codes wouldve been a much better application of the mail system. The ability to send messages during gameplay is a cool little feature though. The ability to find things with the camera by zooming in is great. It helps you find things that you would never have been able to find in the 2D version because of it.

Overall- [ 9.75 out of 10 ]
I myself have no complaints with this game, it has great gameplay that I wish some other games would invest in rather than thinking that good graphics will pass them on a review, features that make the game more fun to play overall, sound that I found to be lacking, but was still good nonetheless, Controls that are innovative and a storyline that leaves me feeling very satisfied I would gladly give this title the best handheld game of 2006 and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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