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"Pretty awesome."

This is the first time Final Fantasy 3 have truly been in America. Remember Final Fantasy 3 for NES/SNES/whatever? That was really FF6. This is the real thing. And it's great.

The story is pretty much the same as in all the early Final Fantasies. Four Warriors, magic crystals, save the world, bla bla bla. But there are more personal stories in this, though. You have a reason why each of the four warriors joins you. You're chosen by the crystal. Your friend joins to prove that he's not a coward. A girl joins because her father works her too hard. And another guy joins because the princess he guards asks him to go. However, there isn't really any character development besides that; they talk occaisonally, but not much. However, considering they were all nameless generics in the original version, what do you expect?

There are a lot of NPCs who sometimes join your party. You can't control them, but sometimes when you enter a random battle, they'll do an attack or cast a spell for you. You always know why they're with you. It's pretty interesting.

The gameplay, again, is very similar to early Final Fantasy games. You can equip stuff in two hands, three pieces of armor. You fight in row style, and it's turn-based.

You don't have to use the Touch Screen to play this. Or, you can ONLY use it. Either way works, it's up to you.

The Job system in this game is pretty awesome. There's about 25 jobs (a bit less, I think) that you can choose from. Each has unique abilities. While a few are obviously supposed to be powered-up versions of ones you get early, most of them are different and have differnet abilities and weild different weapons. So you can make pretty much any team you like.

The sound is pretty standard for an FF. Towns have nice themes, battles have different themes, etc. Nobou always does a good job on these things.

The graphics are amazing. In the opening little movie, you see a few scences in "FMV" mode. It's incredibly realistic. Of course, you don't actually play in FMV mode. The in-game graphics are pretty good too. The backgrounds are very realistic and colorful.

The multiplayer isn't really good... but it's Final Fantasy, when has it had good multiplayer? What you do is send messages to people that are next to you or have Wi-Fi. The downside to this is that you can only send one message per hour, unless you screw with your DS's Clock (which, from what I hear, can make your game think it's always within an hour of the last mail, and you'll be screwed). The worst part of this is that to get a few very-secret side quest things, you have to send 7 mails to a friend. But by the time you're leveled enough to do some of these quests, you'll definently have played for more then 7 hours, so you can have those 7 letters done by the time you need them done.

In conclusion - Very similar to Final Fantasy 1 and 2. Which is a good thing. Rent or Buy? Buy, definently.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/01/06, Updated 03/14/07

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