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"Old-School Final Fantasy Reborn"

Final Fantasy III is finally released outside Japan, and on the DS; and it's good, providing long-time fans of the series the long-awaited game, for those who never got to play the original for whatever reason. Unfortunately, it suffers from quite a few flaws, but also is overall a great game.

*Storyline 7/10

Unfortunately, the story suffers from lack of character development, and generally a point. There is no defined 'bad-guy', and story elements just seem to pop out of no-where, such as the bosses you fight, and why you are fighting them or going where it told you to go. Fortunately, more elements have been added since the original to provide background on the main characters, but it still doesn't feel like enough.

*Gameplay 9/10

The simplistic battle system offers an easy learning curve, and the rather large world gives a decent amount of side dungeons and towns to explore. The job system is interesting, and gets better with each set of jobs you unlock. However, the random battles are extremely easy in most dungeons, followed by a boss at the end that seems next to impossible beside the random battles, which will lead you to countless hours of grinding; you may or may not consider that fun depending on how you like to play RPGs. But, the gameplay is still very simplistic and fun, and hard not to like.

*Controls 10/10

The game can be played completely with the Stylus or the D-Pad and Buttons combo, however like most games, the Stylus seems a bit to clumsy and may mess you up when trying to navigate the small menu buttons, which is why you will probably find yourself naturally turning to the trusty D-Pad and Buttons.

*Graphics 9/10

For the DS, this game has beautiful graphics. However there is only one FMV, but it lasts around three minutes and is beautifully done, and I can say you really won't miss them. Some graphical glitches do exist, however. The game will sometimes begin to lag and characters movements will look awkward, and often the frame rate slows down. Either way, this game looks great overall.

*Replay Value 6/10

Possibly the games biggest flaw; lack of online and secrets/unlockables. With a mere one hidden boss, one hidden job, and an unfortunately way-too-easy to obtain Ultima Weapon, you will thirst for more even before you have the game beat. Infact, Job Mastery items are possibly the only thing you won't obtain until after you have beaten the game. However, it is fun to replay the game and try some challenges, such as party wide same jobs, or single character/job challenges. Also, the WiFi stamp on the box is rather misleading. The only thing you can actually do is send mail, which you will do probably 7 times, just to unlock all the secrets, which is pretty disappointing.

*Overall 8/10

This is currently my favorite handheld game, and my favorite DS game, but I can't say I would recommend this to anyone who is a casual RPG-gamer, but if you love Final Fantasy, or just RPGs in general, you should definitely pick this one up for Nintendo's handheld.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/08/06

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