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"Valuable Memoribilia."

Storyline. 7/10

The standard, dull, repetitive system that consists of you assisting various individuals in order to progress your story. Everyone's problem in the game becomes your problem, and I would not mind this if there was any character development to be found after the fact. What seems like an endearing, progressive story is actually meaningless chore after meaningless chore being accomplished for the sake of you getting better, newer jobs, which are completely dependent on how far you are in the story.

Gameplay. 8/10

Characters apparently have no method of turn order in the battles, and will subsequently act completely at random. Want to revive and cure that character? Assign two members to do so, respectively. usually, one character will cure the dead body, and immediately after they will be revived with a minuscule portion of health. One magic attack targeted at the entire party will quickly make work of your efforts, and will nullify that last turn.

It should also be noted that the game has a surprisingly high difficulty level. I found myself killing off two party members per dungeon for the sake of using a temporarily efficient leveling scheme, since EXP is divided among the number of living units. The odd transition between dungeons can be felt as well. Early on, enemies may halve your HP with one attack, even if you take the time to modernize all of your equipment slots. Upon leveling up to the point where you may traverse the dungeon without relative difficulty, the next dungeon's enemies will be so strong that you will feel very unaccomplished, never attaining a sense of pride in your time spent; it is a grind. That is all it ever feels like.

Note: There are no save points in dungeons, you must be prepared for a quite the journey every time you infiltrate an area, which can be aggravating if you spend hours leveling and are suddenly offed by a mob.

Controls. 9/10

Using the D-Pad is nothing special. The stylus' presence is an alternate method of play, but not necessarily more enjoyable; the D-Pad is still more efficient for such a menu-heavy game, and you will probably only find yourself using the stylus to give one of your thumb a short break, if ever.

Graphics. 7/10

Background textures will appear sloppy and inconsistent during battles. The ground will appear to "move" and shift when it is a stagnant field. The distant background, such as a mountain and the clouds, will look obviously fake and disfigured. The characters are very jagged and are always closely examined for conversation scenes, which can get annoying if the graphics do not appear polished close-up.

Replay. 5/10

Perhaps you can find some leg room in going thru the game with a party of white mages! There are otherwise no logical reasons for replay.

Overall, it was a positive experience. The jobs offer lots of fun variety, but the transitional difficulty left me frustrated at times. Not a bad game, better than most, but not the best I've played. If you are curious enough to buy a piece of Final Fantasy memorabilia, definitely get this game. A true nostalgia trip.

Total: 7/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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