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"The Perfect Gift For Old FF Old Timer Fans!"

Well, this was a surprise, but a pleasant surprise.

The Final Fantasy series were my favorite RPG series until the arrival of FF IX from there I started to loose faith in the series, but, finally, this great tittle came to the rescue!!

I was tired of seeing just great ingame movies, but the game was still the same, just play, play, play, and its over, as easy as that, no challenge, but this new FF it´s the bomb.

First of all, the difficulty is default set HARD! its not the classic dungeon fighting until the save point and beat the boss, no sir!!, this game has no dungeon savepoints, so when you enter a dungeon, you need to hit hard until the end!! if not , the dungeon boss will beat you with insanely power and that´s it, start all over again!

Secondly, the graphics, those are nice, really, you just need to see the game´s opening movie and you will get greatly surprise, I never imagined to see that kind of movies on the DS! and in the game the characters are like FF christal chronicles, I did enjoy that, they don´t look like me!! ITS FANTASY CHARACTERS AGAIN., not some, hey! that guy looks like my uncle!

And last but not least the job system!! YES ! I did enjoy this, you really need to plan your strategy and which job you need to use in the different missions
and theres a lot of party combinations, you will enjoy for sure this new gameplay, its not the greatest innovation and not the first time we see this, but actually, in this game, it does a difference!!

In other FF games where jobs are involved you really just need a white mage. a black mage and two hard hitters for every boss, in this game its a different story, not always having a balanced army its the key for winning, sometimes you need an all offensive party or good defense party.

The only bad part, maybe, it´s that ther story it´s not like other FF games where every character has his/her own story, not here, just athe same story for the entire party, but the story it´s in general terms good. Also you just have 4 characters and that´s it, no more, no more party members, but trust me those are enough.

The music it´s good, but no the best in the series, but it doesn´t matter it´s not annoying!

The control it´s as usual in the series but this is not a real worry matter!

So I recomend this game to every all time RPG lover!! for newcomers, its going to be hard to finish but still, its fun and I think most of you will agree that this game its nintendos RPG comeback!


Music/Sound 9
Gameplay 10
Replay value 8
Graphics 10
Control 10
Story 8

I just can´t wait to see if there is going to be another Final Fantasy Title on the DS but, I hope that if there is going to be another remake, Final Fantasy VI (Aka U.S III) would be a good choice, or maybe FF VII ?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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