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Reviewed: 01/08/07

Good for a portable, bad for console RPG fan

Final Fantasy III is an old school Famicom(Japanese NES) game that never came to the states. Which I can hardly believe with all the compilations around, but alas it never came to the states, and what a great portable RPG it was. So do you ask, why the 6 out of 10 if it's so great? Why let me tell you by diving right into this one.

Graphics 7 out of 10: The DS continues to amaze me on how bad it is graphically. We all know it can do N64 graphics at least, so why not use this power?? I have no idea. The game is probably closest compared to FFVII, but even takes that down a notch. I do understand this system is a portable, but c'mon, it's supposed to be NextGen portable. Which by Nintendo's standards is always 2 steps behind console generations.

But..the in game graphics are good, none the less. I mean, I guess they could've left them NES graphics, but they did a good job redoing all the graphics in 3D. The characters are pretty cartoony, but they are detailed nice and each has their own unique look, as does each job style. The caves are as detailed as the DS can get as well as the other environments. They are not great, just ok. Like taking sub FFVII character graphics and mixing them with FFVI environments. The cutscene in the beginning is very good, too bad it's the only one I've come across and I'm stuck at the end boss.

Sound 8 out of 10: The sound is good, exactly what you would expect from Final Fantasy. All the sounds from all the other games are there, the world map music is exceptional, all around, good job. But because it is the same ol' Final Fantasy music, I'm giving this an 8 instead of a 10.

Story 4 out of 10: This is where this game goes sour. The story is pretty much non-existant for most of the game. You will go around and do quest after quest that pretty much explains nothing of anything, or you'll do a side quest that has absolutely nothing at all to do with anything. All in all, you're just a group of people hunting crystals to save the world from darkness, and that is the jist of it. I was expecting explanations, stories behind the tragedy, but alas found nothing. There are a couple of places that there was an attempt to bring some history to the current situation, but doesn't get the job done, and even the final boss you don't even know about him until your almost done with the game. This game lacks serious depth. But this is the reason why it's the best for a portable. It's very easy to put down, and then pick right back up. You don't really need to remember to much what you are doing, everything is very linear.

Gameplay 6 out of 10: Standard turn based fighting. Nothing special, but not bad. It's gets an above average score due to the jobs that you can do. There are many jobs and abilities to be learned throughout the game, getting more jobs are you save more crystals. You and only you can determine which party is good for you. Like me...I've royally screwed myself for the end boss because I have 3 fighters and 1 healer...sure, I blew through the entire game killing everything without problem, but now I can't even put a dent in the end guy without getting completely annihilated. So you'll want to think about what jobs you will want for each character before just changing. But all in all, its a great addition.

Overall 6 out of 10: The game is good, especially for a portable. If you like RPGs that are easy to pick up and don't take much thought or effort, then this game is for you. If your looking for substance, story, anything but a pick up hour here, hour there game, then this game is not for you. But all in all, I feel this game doesn't really deserve anything but slightly above average. It's an old game and feels like an old game. There were opportunities missed that could have made this game great, but oh well. This day an age, I guess I just expect more from RPGs.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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