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"Not into importing? Huge Final Fantasy fan? Look no further"

The game starts out simple enough, you are the warriors of light and some nameless bad guys are trying to destroy the crystals to turn the world to darkness. You quickly find the three other warriors of light and it's time to have an adventure!

Honestly, the story is more or less the exact same thing you played in Final Fantasy I and II. The early Final Fantasys really seem to be carbon copies of each other in terms of story. Although as straight forward as any story can be, will leave you wandering around aimlessly in circles every so often. The world is small enough that you can usually guess where to go next and be right, but it is aggravating. In my few years of playing video games, there is nothing worse than wondering around aimlessly in an rpg with random battles.

If you have played any of the other Final Fantasys, you probably assume that this is features the Active Time Battle system (ATB for short). Actually, that was first used in Final Fantasy IV, and that game is available on the Gameboy Advance. This game proudly features one of the most boring battle systems of all time.

Remember, this game was originally released on the NES, and since Square Enix really isn't redoing any parts of the game, the battles have stayed the same. Lucky you! You now have as long as you want to choose your attacks, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just makes bad not as exciting. You can carefully choose all attacks, without fear of one of the enemies coming up and hitting one of the warriors of light.

The Warriors of Light are fleshed out in this remake, each given their own little personalities and names. They can also take on jobs, 20 in all. In the beginning everyone is a freelancer, but after defeating the first boss you can choose between Freelancer, White Mage, Black mage, Red mage and monk. Even though these are the beginning job, at the end of the game I was still using the monk job for one of my characters. None of the jobs feel tacked on and are all useful in there own way. Each learns different skills and helps the character rise up different stats faster, so you are allowed to personalize your own party. No character has a specialty towards one job, they are all just copies at the beginning. So if you want four white mages, go right ahead. This job system makes the battle system what it is.

The battle system is also cheap, sometimes it feels like the stats mean nothing. I'm convinced the speed stat is just there for show, your characters rarely go in the order of their speed, if ever. This makes planning how you use your items and attacks very challenging, and takes a lot of strategy out of the battles. What helps the battle system out is a wide variety of enemies to kill, great music, and nice sprites and graphics in battle.

The music has been rearranged from the original under Nobuo Uematsu's supervision, and with the enhanced audio of the Nintendo DS, sounds wonderful. Despite that, the music is really lacking in variety. I would say there is between 15-20 tracks in this game, which is very little for an RPG.

Graphical, it gets an A+. Probably one of the better looking games next to Mario Hoops 1 on 3. The battles feature gorgeous sprites for both the enemies and party members, and all of the jobs look different. When you attach different swords, they all look different in battle as well. I love little touches like that. The game doesn't require you to level grind, but unless your luck in battle is of super hero ability, you probably will have to. Even though I was blowing by the random encounters in a dungeon, the boss was able to hit my party with the exact same magic attack twice in a row, and I was dead in a turn.

The dungeons are not long, especially considered to dungeons in Final Fantasy XII. There are no save points in the dungeons, which if there were, would take almost all challenge out of the game. No dungeon took me more than 20 minutes to cover, so even if you die at the boss, you won't feel like you lost too much time.

-Pretty long for a handheld game
-Great music
-FANTASTIC CG opening, I watch it almost every time I play the game!
-All the jobs are useful, none feel tacked on.
-3d graphics look great

-Still light on story
-The map system is stupid, no matter if you're in a dungeon or town; the top screen is always a picture of the world map!
-In order to obtain an extra job, you HAVE to have Wi-fi. So be prepared to hike to a local McDonalds if you don't have high speed internet.

Score: 8.5, but I don't feel the game deserves a 9, so the gamefaqs score is an 8. It's a definite buy, but know what your getting yourself into first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/10/07

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