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"A great game. A nice lengthy adventure."

Final Fantasy III is an amazing game. Sure, it is actually just a remake of a game for the NES but if you are like ninety-five percent of the gamers in America that haven't ordered this game from Japan, it is an entirely new adventure.

Story: 9

Like other Final Fantasy games this one shares the dynamic story. From beginning to end the story continues to pull on your emotions. However, one problem that I do have with the story is the fact that it isn't continuously emphasized throughout the game. If a character who is tagging along happens to die, most of the time it doesn't have too much of an effect on you due to that fact that they probably only spoke to you once or twice. The emotions come into play when the characters that you have trained and fought as throughout the entire game are brought into the story. You become very close to the four warriors of light throughout the forty-some hours of gameplay that you put into it.

Visuals: 10

Probably some of the best graphics seen on the DS to date. The best graphics would probably go to Metroid, but this one is still very beautiful.

Gameplay: 10

Can I say amazing? While its visuals may not compare to Metroid, it's gameplay towers above it. With twenty-two jobs, and a secret job, all of which are full of unique abilities, the possibilities are endless. It is up to you to decide whether or not your party will succeed or fail. On top of the jobs is the turn-based fighting found in most Final Fantasies. Whether or not you like the fighting style of this game will determine if it is a hit for you or not. For me, it was dead on.

Sound: 10

The overworld music never got old, the random battle music never got old, and the boss battle music never got old. Apart from the main tunes, the various sound effects throughout the game were very well done as well. Ther is nothing more satisfying then hearing the crack of a boss being cut down.

Length: 10

It took me a good forty-three hours to complete. Of course, that included me leveling up a ton for the final boss fight. Depending on how you choose your classes is what really effects the length of the game in the end. Also, a little bit of luck during an important battle can also effect the length of the game as well. An example of this would be you entering a battle against one of the games various bosses. The boss gets to attack twice per turn. If he chooses to attack your weakest character twice, then that character may or may not die. IF they do die, you may want to consider restarting your system. For starters, you cannot buy pheonix downs, thus making them items only to be used in the utmost emergencies. Also, if you finish a battle with a character knocked out, then that character will not recieve the experience that the others gained from the battle thus making that character lagging behind the rest for the rest of the game. To me, having one character always level up one battle behind the others bugs me to death.

Overall: 10

Some people complain as to how you cannot buy pheonix downs throughout the game. To some people this may seem like a downer, but to others such as myself, this just adds more depth to the game. The inability to buy pheonix downs throughout the adventure adds more of a punch to a knock out. If some is knocked out in another final fantasy, then you say, "oh well, ill just sprinkle some feathers on him" and hes up and running again. IN this game, however, until you recieve the correct spells, death has a lot more significance. Not being able to buy pheonix downs, to me, adds a ton to the game. So, whether or not buying pheonix downs matters to you will probably effect how well you like the game. Overall, however, Final Fantasy III is an amazing role playing game for the Nintendo DS that any gamer should own if they have even the slightest interest in role playing games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/16/07

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