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"Finally the missing game in the long running series has come to the US"

I've been a fan of the Final Fantasy series after I accidentally got Mega man X and Final Fantasy 6 (US 3) confused some how. I think it was because they were back to back in an issue of Nintendo power. Either way the game only cost me $8 and it was complete. Still have the cart and every game to come after that in it's original release. This whole time I've been unable to say I've played every released Final Fantasy… Until now… Final Fantasy III is the long awaited entry in the series that never got a US release. Well, it's here and it's been remade for the DS. This means touch screen support and 3D graphics. Is the game worth playing or is it title that should have stayed in the past? Read on!

Unlike today's Final Fantasy games the plot in 3 is very basic. Four orphans set out on an adventure to find the four crystals and save the planet. Yes, it's the typical RPG plot from way back when. It's amusing to see this used here because we are again stuck in a RPG plot line rut. Funny how history repeats itself. Plot works well enough but it can leave some gamers craving more. Character development is rather light as well and to be honest the game kind of rushes along in plot. Go here, now here, now here. It never feels like you yourself are exploring this brave new world but instead you're being told where to go and when.

Graphic wise this game is worth drooling over. No other DS game to date has looked this amazing. Final Fantasy 9 quality graphics and the opening cut scene was amazing. Too bad there isn't an ending one. The character models and animations are great. The locations and the water effects in on area were just amazing.

Sound wise this game is pleasing to the ears. Top notch music. So good that I couldn't help but put the worlds most uncomfortable headphones on. Sound effects are good as well. Nothing too special but it does work. No voice work though.

Control in the game can either be done via the stylus or the face buttons. I found myself using the stylus to put in the actions during combat but otherwise I was using the face buttons. In combat you can select the little boxes and enemies. World map is simple to move around as well. The only time I had trouble with the control was when I was trying to jump over the mountains in the ship. It really isn't explained right in the game.

If you've ever played a RPG you'll be right at home with this game. It does nothing new for the genre by today's standards. On the other hand it brings back (created?) the job system and while it isn't overly deep, it works really well.

The idea of the game is to go from town to town, talk to people and take the little quests. They tend to end badly, forcing you into new areas and upon crystals. As you find the crystals you receive some new jobs to use.

The job system is the core of the game. The fights in the game are menu based. Attack, skills, defend. That kind of thing. The job system itself allows you to make your guys a black mage, a ninja, or whatever you may have access to. I quickly found that I needed a white mage at all times. Not a big deal but the leveling system felt a bit weird and I found that the game seemed to only allow job growth if a guy killed an enemy. So I found myself trying to make specific characters finish off an enemy just so he could level his job system up. It also became a problem when I needed a specific skill to advance in the story but I didn't mess with that job class so I then had to run around and level up that one character. It made the game feel a bit too tedious in spots.

You gain exp like in any RPG. You buy new equipment and spells. The game itself is very linear. It does offer some side quests and hidden items but not enough to really seek them out. The game is also rather short which disappointed me as well. On the other hand the job class and other little things really add a lot for a gamer to mess around with to see what works best for them in the game. I wish more games felt as open with their character classes as this game does.

While I am glad Final Fantasy III has finally come to the states it's far from the best Final Fantasy. While it adds nothing new to the genre or series by this point it does a good job recreating an old school feel. Be that a plus or minus the game is really solid besides that. I must admit though that I was expecting too much from this rethinking of the original. Maybe it was the slightly lacking plot. Either way I must also admit that the job class system is worth while enough to check the game out.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 10/10
Sound - 9/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 8/10
Replay value - 5/10

Final Score - 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/16/07

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