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"This game is good"

This is a remake of a NES game on the DS. It was in Japan for a few years before it came to America, you can find out it's actual date of release in America by FF 12's collectors edition 2 disc. I love this game and has minor flaws. One is you cannot save inside of houses, dungeons, or towns only outside of the area. If this is your first Final Fantasy it's not newcomer friendly at all and at times you may be overleved but later find yourself to have trouble in the next area.

Gameplay: 10/10

This has great gameplay because you can choose which job you want, such as my party's job is Knight/Dark Knight/Dragoon/Devout of course there is so many more jobs to choose from.

The story is you are 4 warriors of the light who go around and complete dungeons, help friends, fly around the map, level your characters job level and base level, talk to people through Wi-Fi but you can only message one person an hour. Also the fights are turn based just like every other Final Fantasy except for 11 and 12.

Half the time you have no idea where your going unless you listen and watch the cutscenes very very very carefully. If it had a journal it would be easier. But if you have another person in your party besides your usual 4 members hit the X button and you'll talk to them about where you need to go such as "The Doga Manor is SouthWest of the Cave of Shadows go there," This makes it a little easier but if you have trouble check the FAQ.

Graphics and Sound: 9/10
This has very good graphics dor the DS I think. And the sound is a little blurred sometimes it's better than some PS games they're not blocks they are actually 3D! Hurray!!!

Play Time and Replayability:10/10
This game took me a good 30-40 hours. It should take about 35 if you are leveled the whole game and know what your doing the whole time, and if you are updated with armor and gil(money in Final Fantasy) and weapons. This game is fun to replay too because you know what your doing.

Final Recommendations:10/10
You should surely buy this game.This is one of my favorite games this is worth how ever much you buy it for. If you want to rent it or borrow it you can see if you like it and it's fighting system which I said is turned based which I love because well its just very FUN!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/26/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 11/14/06)

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