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"15 years on and its still a gaming success!"

Final fantasy 3 for the Nintendo DS is without a doubt my favourite, and first, final fantasy game. The game itself copies from the super nintendo, but it has bulked up a lot 15 years on. With simple controls, fantastic gameplay and a remarkable storyline, this is defininetly a must have for those who are new to the rpg genre.

Graphic Quality - 6.8
Dont be disappointed at the graphics when you first see them. Consider the fact that this is on a ds and that many ds games at the moment aren't exactly top notch with graphics. Although, the graphics may seema little pixely up close, the cute chibi-like characters and the great intro sequence make up for some of this games otherwise bland-like graphics.

Stroyline - 8.2
The Storyline has bulked up. Instead of 4 clone-like warriors of light from the super nintendo version, you get 4 completely different heroes each with their own personality. The storyline itself is a lot like the orginal, but still great.

Gameplay - 8.5
Final Fantasy 3 is your basic rpg. Except that rather than you having 4 charaters who do exactly the same things, the game uses a unique system known as the "job" system. The job system is a tool that lets you decide what each of your heroes do. For instance, you could have a white mage, a magician who uses many healing spells such as cure and protect. While another one of your characters could be a warrior, a weapons expert who uses the advance move to deal 1/3 more damage than his normal attack. There are over 20 jobs to find including one secret job that can be accessed via moogle mail, which lets you send mail to NPC's or your friends over the internet.

Controls - 8.7
Although the DS has been specially made to make the stylus usable in this game, your better off just using the buttons. Unlike other final fantasy games out at the moment, such as final fantasy XII, Final Fantasy 3 uses a very simple battle style and very easy controls. I personally think that this is one of the easiest Final Fantasy games out there.

- Easy Controls
- Great Job system
- Improved Storyline
- Great Secrets

- Mail feature is a bit pointless
- Graphics are pixelly at close range.

Overall Score: 8.3
Buy or rent: Buy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/12/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (EU, 05/04/07)

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