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"Beautiful Game"

~ Introduction ~

For those of you who don't know, Final Fantasy III has never been released in the United States prior to this DS title. (The US FFIII is actually VI) The original FFIII was released on none other than the Famicon (NES) in Japan only. It was skipped in the GBA remakes because of the greater task it would be to convert over. Thus, FFIII was the big project for the DS. Except for the beginning (whereas you started with all four unnamed party members in the original FFIII, you start with only Luneth in FFIII DS) and some modernised mechanics, the remake is very faithful to the original. Do note that as an older RPG, expect FFIII DS to be more gameplay oriented than story oriented.

~ Plot ~

The plot is simplistic, but cute. Four orphans are chosen as the Warriors of Light to deter the ever-growing darkness from consuming the world. While obviously outdone by modern titles, it is good enough, especially considering it is a remade story.


~ Gameplay ~

The job system is neat, though outdone by the more modern V. This is understandable, however, as III's job system was the precursor to it. Choosing an effective party can be quite brain-taxing sometimes, and you'll be forced to try different combinations to see what works for you and what works for the game. The battles are fun, and quite strategical. They are by no means easy to a greenhorn RPGist. This is not Final Fantasy I; You cannot be lazy, and you will be required to keep your party in tip-top shape for the next boss battle. The different abilities are neat; a wide assortment of black, white, summon, and geomancy magic are available (although again not as wide of a selection as in V, understandably) and the assortment of classes are great enough for everybody to adapt to their style of gameplay. There is an added dungeon (NOTE: You'll need a friend with FFIII to gain initial access) and a few changes amongst the classes as to the original. Magic is renamed to match the modern system.


~ Replay ~

Compared with other remakes, FFIII unfortunately is one of the lesser titles when it comes to replay. Nonetheless, there is some, including a new cave. (No additional words to prevent spoilers)


~ Sound ~

Beautifully remade. However, FFIII is not one of the better soundtracks. Nonetheless, it's good. You may find some of the tunes lightly annoying, however, for instance Tozus or Gyshal, perhaps.


~ Graphics ~

The graphics in FFIII are, in a word, stunning. The opening video features quite possibly the best graphics the DS has ever seen, and the gameplay graphics more than supersede Final Fantasy VII's graphics. All characters have a slightly different outfit for each class, weapons are all designed individually, and the magic looks great.


~ Additional Factors ~

Learning Curve: Easy
Difficulty: Hard
-> Beginning: Very hard
-> Middle: Medium-Very hard
-> End: Hard
Main Story Playtime: Approximately 50 hours
Satisfaction: High*

*Personal opinion

~ Overall ~

Final Fantasy III is a great game, no doubt. There are better Final Fantasy titles out there, but III is by no means bad. It is a very enjoyable game with a lot of strategy involved.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/14/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 11/14/06)

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