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"I tried to like this game, I really did!"

Christmas of 2006 Santa came and got me a Nintendo DS with Resident Evil: Deadly Silence and Final Fantasy III(Which we'll call FFIII to shorten it) I browsed through the manual and was impressed by the some 20 jobs you can choose from. I had also seen commercials depicting characters fighting massive beasts and other things. All these led me to believe that this game would have and epic enthralling story with a great character customization. To bad none of that was true.


I guess square didn't get the Memo. DUNGEON CRAWLING ISN'T FUN! Not in this sense anyways. I knew it wouldn't be fun from the very first fight. I was put up against 3 goblins an looked at my combat options... 1. Attack 2. Magic. 3. Guard. 4. Item. Umm 4 generic options against generic enemies...In a cave. I could just skip this entire section and just say, "It's a bit like FFI I guess." But no I think you should no why I hate this game. So after fighting dozens of goblins with my "dagger" in a cave I came across a boss, a giant turtle. I thought, "Well the entire game can't be like this can it?" Well it is. Just kill kill kill treasure chest kill kill kill boss. At an attempt to make it slightly more entertaining Square added a job system where as you progress you get more jobs. My first set of jobs were Warrior, Thief, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and Red Mage. All of them do exactly what you think. Warrior fights, Thief steals from time to time, White Mage heals, Red Mage does a bit of both and the Monk can counter attacks or something. Well all this did was add a healer to make my killing easier and a mage to make my attacks take 5 seconds long to watch instead of 1 second. Later in the game you get more jobs but none seem to out match the power of you're generic warrior. You get a wide array of jobs that look cool at first but make you later realize that you're previous job was much better.

Another thing I should mention...I got to the final boss and stopped playing then so don't assume that I'm just some idiot who played for 10 minutes and wrote a review.

STORY 5/10

I didn't care about the plot. I didn't care about the characters. To me the story was just filler so the dungeon crawls don't put you completely to sleep. Here is the general plot- There's evil, the crystals chose people to stop the evil. You're the chosen ones who need to stop it. Of course along the way theres many side plots that include people helping or trying to stop you. Still I didn't really care enough to think, "Oh no Mr. evil sorcerer is trying to take over this kingdom I shall be the ones to stop him!" The game failed to draw me in enough to care what happened to any one or anything. When an important character died and it was supposed to be sad I just shrugged and went on playing. No emotional involvement what-so-ever. None of the characters are likable and shortly after the beginning they lose all personality and just serve as avatars in battle.


This section may be a little biased just because I didn't like the overall artwork of the characters. Anyways the game starts showing to an epic cut scene portraying different parts of the games in enhanced CG and moving score of music. To bad nothing in the game sounds or looks like that. Anyways the character models are chibi almost pear shaped and makes it hard to tell whose an adult and whose a kid. I for the life of me still cannot guess how old the main characters are, I estimate somewhere between 8-12. The backgrounds are bland and just kinda there. The only things I like about the graphics is how every single job made you look different.

The music was alright at best. Most the sounds are dull and unremarkable. Swinging a sword sounds like tearing fabric and multiple slashes sound like someone rattling change. The music seemed decent at first but soon I got so fed up with it's repetitiveness I soon muted it and listened to my own music. Even the music in the last dungeon seemed dull and repetitive. Although I have to admit the over world music is top notch and well done.


I really did try to like this game but I just didn't find it fun. Lots of people will read this and think I'm insane but I say you shouldn't buy nor rent this game. I just isn't fun.

-Lots of different looks for the jobs.
-Over world music is nice

- Horribly boring
- Uncreative
- To many useless filler jobs. Sorry but why would I wanna be a viking when being a warrior is working out just fine.
- Music gets repetitive to fast.

? Why are 8 year olds fighting demons and dragons

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/31/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 11/14/06)

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