Review by Megamankid8

Reviewed: 06/30/08

If you just want to look at the graphics, then it's a great game :D!

Now that you are starting to read this review, you probably want me to talk about the graphics, and the music, and how to game works. But, since you are all Final Fantasy fans, you'll probably know most of these things. So I'm going to take this review a different way, and into the beginning of the game.

You start out as a kid, who you choose the name of. Then you see him randomly asleep in a dungeon and wake-up. (Great Story Line so far Square-Enix :D!) When you first glance at the game you'll notice good 3D style chibi models. They're very pleasant to look at, and even your weapons will show up in battle. A nice touch.

As you begin to explore, you'll be in your first battle, a pack of 3 goblins. They're pretty easy to beat, some one hit KOs. As you advance to the end of the dungeon, you'll have to fight a giant turtle (Or Adamantoise, as they call it). It's pretty simple, you use attack repeatdly and use potions when needed.

When you leave the dungeon you'll be on a world map screen. Here you can travel to close-by towns. So lets travel to your home town, Ur. Here you can go to the Inn to heal, buy weapons, or explore. Lets start by checking out the church.

Many towns have churches. In them, you can heal for free by drinking their water, or revive a fallen ally. Lets go to the main room and talk to the monk. He'll tell you a few things. Then you go to find your best friend, and he'll run away,

You're back on the world map heading to the next city. As you enter, you'll find your friend. He'll join your team and now you need to go talk to Cid. (By now the volume is off because of the repeatitive, old music) Once you confront Cid, he'll tell you to go to the desert to get his airship.

Once you obtain it, the Black Smith's daughter is inside. She then joins your team as you head to the castle. It appears that a curse has befallen the land, and you need to get a mythril ring from the princess to return everyone to normal. The only catch is you have to kill the Djinn.

Once you obtain the King's guard, you'll be off to the dungeon. Well, the game sounds pretty easy so far eh? Well you're wrong, here's where I put my game down for awhile I got so angry. You'll be prompted to enter the dungeon, once you get in, you'll find your first battle.

The battle consists of mummies and skeletons! So you go from fighting goblins who give you 1 exp each, to mummies and skeletons who give you about 25 each. You'll die a few times, or luckily win a battle and then go to immediately heal.

You'll do this for a half hour or so until your good enough. Then you go through the dungeon, find the princess, fight the djinn. All the sudden you're all teleported and obtain a job crystal! Now you can all have unique jobs.

It's an interesting system, but their really isn't much customization behind it. Yeah, you get a job, but everyone's basically the same. Yes the game is decent, but it really isn't worth all the money paid.

Graphics - 9/10 Nice Chibi Style
Music - Who cares, no one listens to it.
Presentation - 6/10 Good menu, but hard to click at times.
Repetitiveness - 8/10 The game gets very repeative, very fast, The job system is their attempt to lower this score.
Battling - 4/10 Simple A-Button Mashing to keep attacking.
Overall - 5/10 Nothing new, but a decent system overall. Maybe if they showed your armor and weapons on the map it might make the game a little brighter. Also, shook up the battles and tried a few things. But no, they just ported the original, Not-So great game.
Square-Enix has once again failed to give us a decent title.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 11/14/06)

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