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Reviewed: 09/29/08

Just a boring update that wasn't fun in the first place


I'm a FF fan and I played some of Final Fantasy "old school" games. To be exact 1, 3, 5, 6 (7, 8, 9 if those count). I know the experience and I enjoy them. I own 1 for the NES and it is fairly good. Jumping up to these features sucks. The upgrades are boring and unneeded.

Initial Gameplay: 3/10

Not much to ask for in this style of rpgs. I though jobs were stupid as well as well as some of the way the game used phoenix downs compared to other Final Fantasy games. The menus and scrolling are normal and everything works like it should. Yet somehow it is not nearly as fun as the first one. I couldn't help but think that this should be better.

The phoenix down issue just really pisses me off. My character dies so I can't use him. I use the phoenix down to revive him. After a while of battling and getting attacked by a overly unnecessary amount of monsters, my characters die before I can get healed at the well. So I use more. I ran out and couldn't not find a place to find any more. So I couldn't beat the game like I should. I was completely stuck without anything to do but die by the end of my experience. I did get kinda far but this held me back so much.

The jobs didn't work at all like I'd hope they would. In the Final Fantasy Tactics series the work fantastic, in fact they make the game to me. Now it feels like boredom and blatancy. There is no point in my eyes other than magic. Sure it makes your warrior better but as simplistic as this system is, it needs more simplicity.

Monsters are just breaded like rabbits in this game. You barely walk and you will get attacked, even in the first areas of the game. It takes away the fun and bores you so much because your going to want to get the quest done instead of this crap repeated over and over. Sure it needs to be random of it wouldn't be a proper rpg, but this many is just an annoyance.

Vast worlds in rpgs are great and help make the game, but extended worlds are time consuming and pointless. I don't feel proper comparing Final Fantasy IX to Final Fantasy III, but in IX the worlds were just so great. The overworld environments always set such a good mood. In this game, it feels repeated. The just extended green a brown a lot in my eyes, so don't expect a high graphics rating as well. Your probably thinking "why is this in gameplay?". Because it bores down the games playability, that's why.

Graphics: 6/10

Personally, I'm not feeling it. It doesn't have that old school feeling that it should have. The characters could have looked more elaborate as well. The repeated environments also bring down this score. The graphics are average at best. But at least it works and there are no glitches (that I know of). I was only impressed by the opening scene that you see at the beginning. By far some of the best graphics on the DS right there, yet that really doesn't count though.

Audio: 7/10

I usually end up barely hearing or even trying to listen to portable gaming audio because of its quality, volume, and where I am. From what I heard, it all works. The noises definitely make sense and the music fits.

Difficult Appropriateness: 5/10

Due to the phoenix down situation and the large numbers on monster attacks, it became overly hard. Luckily the game isn't too complicated (rendering the job system unnecessary) and it lives somewhat to the old school name. I really don't know the curve but as far as I got, it wasn't bad.

Replay Value: 1/10

I tried this game a few times and never could get it. But as most RPGs go, the replay value isn't always high. Usually, depending on the movie, you aren't going to watch to many times since you know the story. Of course there are always cult classics. There are some RPGs that are replayable and some that aren't. I don't like to rate this genre in replayablity because not all RPGs are fun to play again and that is o.k. in my eyes. The main reason is length of some RPGs. This one is one that is can't be played over and over for a bad reason. There is no fun to begin with.

Ending Notes:

Seriously pick up a different old school rpg. There are many better ones. This game should only be a last resort. I really don't like rpgs through "old school" and "new school" but due to the difference in rpgs today, I don't have much of a choice. I don't like most new school rpgs so I have to start referring to each of them differently. I guess it's the idiots fault who decided to broaden the term "RPG"

If there is any bad grammar sorry, I'm a hardcore gamer, I don't study.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Final Fantasy III (US, 11/14/06)

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